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Navy SEALS, Lt Behenna and the Haditha Marines

On  November 24th I wrote this article: Note To My Brothers: TAKE NO PRISONERS.  It is in reference to the Navy SEALS that selected to go under a Military Courts Martial other than take their lumps as handed out by some gay JAG libtard.  OK.  Maybe not "gay" as in homosexual but "gay" as in a happy libtard...get your mind out of the gutter.  The JAG Corps has turned into quite the libtard hang out in the United States Military and I would say that the vast majority need to be hung...that's the UCMJ way.

Back on October 22 I wrote the following article: Why Is Michael Behenna Still in Prison? I haven't received an answer yet and that is why quite a few of us are traveling to DC from January 5th through the 7th of 2010.

So, today, we have the following other blogs that are picking up steam.  Hopefully most of them will join us in DC as Mr and Mrs Behenna attempt a stay of travesty...Lt Behenna is so innocent it isn't even funny just like the three Navy SEALS.  When the libtards inside and outside the military take extraordinary stakes to crush the Will of our Troops, it makes my dander boil.

Heroic Navy SEALS face one year imprisonment

About a week and a half ago, I wrote about the Navy SEALS who are facing a court martial because they punched one of our most wanted terrorists. The media has been saying that the terrorist was punched in the lip, but the SEALS are being charged with punching him in the midsection.

Ahmed Ashim Habed, the alleged mastermind of the murder of four Blackwater operatives in Fallujah in 2004, was one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq. Either in the process of capturing him, or while he was in captivity,the terrorist claims he was assaulted. There is apparently no physical evidence to back this up, but the military is acting quickly against the three heroes responsible for catching this animal. The following video sums up the situation pretty well: [...]

[...] CNS News has more on the story, including information on how the attorneys for these heroes are getting denied their discovery rights, because the government can’t decide what’s classified and what isn’t. The SEALS face one year military confinement, discharge for bad conduct, and forfeiture of two-thirds of their pay for a year. [...]

Cassy Fiano: (GREAT pistol there!): Outrage: Navy SEALS face assault charges for punching a most wanted terrorist

If this doesn’t infuriate you, then I don’t know what will. These men are heroes, but in the newer, hopier, changier United States, heroes who capture a most-wanted terrorist responsible for the brutal murders of four Americans are charged with assault… for punching him in the lip.

Three Navy SEALS caught Ahmed Ashim Habed, the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Americans in Fallujah in 2004. Apparently, he got punched in the lip — and they’re now facing criminal charges. [...]

Jim Hoft: Powerful Ad – “Support The Persecuted Navy Seals” (Video)

The video is already posted above but here is a small take from Jim:

Support the Seals–
It was 2004: Fallujah, Iraq. Four civilian U.S. contractors were transporting supplies for a catering company. They were ambushed, killed, their bodies burned and dragged through the streets, then hung from a bridge on the Euphrates River.

A NAVY SEAL TEAM captured one of the military’s “most wanted” terrorists, the one responsible for the heinous crime. Now 4 of our bravest and finest are facing prosecution because the scumbag terrorist claimed he got a bloody lip while in their custody. [...]

Dan Riehl: House Republicans Seek Reprieve For Navy SEALs via Breitbart: Lawmakers rally to sailors' aid in court martial

21 Congress Critters have signed this letter fighting the inhumane treatment of the Navy SEALS that ALLEGEDLY beat up on a Islamofascist moron that murdered four US military men and hung them from a bridge in Fallujah.  Poor widdle terrowists...

Bob McCarty at Big Government: Retired Navy SEAL Questions Nation’s Priorities

Court-martial over a bloody lip?

The recent news regarding the U.S. Navy SEALs who are facing trial by court-martial raises many questions about the current mental state of America’s military, its civilian leadership and the thoughts and feelings of the American people in general.

Evidently, right and wrong have traded places on today’s moral compass.  What kind of military or government sends its finest, most well-trained warriors to capture a heinous terrorist, only to bring those special operators up on charges for “mistreating” the despicable enemy mastermind of the murder, disfigurement and desecration of the four Blackwater contractors in March 2004? [...]

Bob McCarty at Big Government: Six Important Facts About the Assault Charges Three Navy SEALs Face for Doing Their Jobs

In recent years, I’ve published too many posts about members of the Armed Forces facing undeserved charges:

  • First, it was the so-called “Haditha Marines” who faced trumped-up charges, thanks largely to idiots like Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) declaring them guilty before a mainstream media eager to paint them in a bad light.
  • Next, it was Army Ranger 1st Lt. Michael Behenna who was wrongly convicted of executing an Iraqi detainee, Ali Mansur, on May 16, 2008, and is now serving a 25-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
  • Now, I’m following the case of three Navy SEALs facing assault charges related to their capture of Ahmed Hashim Abed.  Who is Abed?  He’s the alleged planner of the March 2004 ambush, killing and mutilation of four Blackwater contractors in Fallujah, Iraq.  The SEALS gave this enemy combatant piece of dirt a fat lip while apprehending him.

As my first investigative reporting effort related to the SEALs’ case, I offer six important facts about the case you’re likely not to read about in the mainstream media supplied to me by a source whom I cannot name inside the Pentagon:

  1. The charges or accusations against the three Navy SEALs were not made from within the SEAL community.  Sources tell me they came from someone within the Navy’s Master-at-Arm community.
  2. The SEALs were presented with the option of going to Captain’s Mast for these charges but declined this form of non-judicial punishment and opted for court-martial instead.  Why?  Because they did not want to be judged by those outside of the SEAL community and believed the court-martial route would assure them the representation necessary to prove their innocence.
  3. At no time did anyone within the Naval Special Warfare community have any control over these accusations or events other than providing advice or guidance to the accused SEALs.
  4. The integrity of the chain of custody of the prisoner is at question.
  5. There are extenuating circumstances that indicate there is questionable evidence in some of the accusations made.
  6. Evidence will come out in a court-martial that might not have come out in a Captain’s Mast in favor of the accused SEALs.

Cross-posted at

So, in January I will also speak up about the Navy SEALS and compare all of this to the Haditha Marines that were wrongly saturated with The Murtha and his FALSE charges that he refuses to apologize for.  So it is for these Navy SEALS and Lt Behenna...false charges all.  Enough of this crap from the JAG Corps.

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Reader Comments (4)

Snooper, there is is real problem in parts of the US, and not just the JAG Corps, with these fricking Prosecutors. They are in it for the "win" and not for justice.

I'm finding in the work I'm doing that this "prosecutorial misconduct" barely gets a slap there. (In the UK, a prosecutor who pulled that shit would be in serious hot water and probably would get struck off). Because Prosecutors are elected in the States, many of these jackasses are playing to the baying crowd.

But we're talking about JAG Prosecutors. Is there an appeal happening on the ground of this failure to disclose evidence? I have the feeling Michael's mom knows better than most how to run a case. But as the mom, I know she'd never dream of running it herself. What I'm asking is do they need help finding and funding civillian lawyers with experience in dealing with military court martials?

I think both Michael and the SEALs need experienced, top quality civillian lawyers and they will need a fighting fund for that. Please could you let us know if a fund has been set up so we can do what we can to get the word out.

As for your support in person, I think that will be a great comfort to Michael and his family. Even if Michael is technically guilty - 25 years is an extremely harsh sentence for a young officer placed in impossible circumstances. LtCol Allen West's deal would probably be fair for Michael - not 25 years. Experienced lawyers can deal with this sort of mitigation.

Having said that, I seriously doubt these JAGs are going to be swayed by lay lobbying. They will "get it" when they lose in Court.

December 6, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterkris

Yes, there is a clemency hearing in January that we are going to but will spend the time before hand talking to the prosecutors, defense and congress critters before the hearing. Mr and Mrs Behenna are very dear to us all and, naturally, so is Lt Behenna.

December 6, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

kris. FYI;

Bev Perlson and Vicki Behenna apparently had some success in their recent trip to DC. The BTR show above discusses this in part.

As for donations there is a Defend Michael fund. The link can be found at the top of the page here.

December 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

Can't hardly wait to get to DC!

December 6, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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