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Alternet and Baloon Juice Just Don't Get It

The "alleged" breech of security recently at the Marxist House was a scam, plain and simple.  And, yes, Obama is in fact a Jihadi.  Is he a Jihadi as in Fallujah?  Someplace in the boondocks of Afghanistan?  Perhaps.  However, with his effervescent cabal of Marxist-sociopaths within his defective and Marxist-sociopathic disadministration, what are we to think?

See this artcle: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Time Is Now - Do You Hear Me?

Unlike anyone at Alternet and especially Balloon Juice, I and others like me are strict Constitutionalists.  We hold no political party aspirations.  Whoever is running for power/politics and they are strict constitutionalists, we are right there with them, no matter their party affiliation.  What does that mean?  It means exactly what it says but for some it needs to be explained.  It really is this simple.  Whatever the federal government wants to do it must first be considered under the United States Constitution.  Period.  Under the enumerated powers, there would never be a Marxist-sociopathic 2000+ page Bill for anything.  Now, we have several "amendments" that have been "ratified" under very dubious terms and the ratification of these alleged amendments were accomplished not by We The People but by Marxist-sociopathic idiots, namely the 14th, 15th and 17th amendments.

Under the 17th amendment, the 10th Amendment has been eviscerated and that is why Pelosi and Reid have said numerous times that the "will of Congress has been done".

So, the inadvertant or perhaps by choice, two people entered the "Democrats" only Tent Party that costs how much no one really knows.  However, that doesn't take away from the FACT that a known felon that wrote a book in prison was at the Marxist House and is in deep "cahoots" with the current unconstitutional federal health care Bill.  Have you read the article previously mentioned?  You should, really.

So, with Alternet and Balloon Juice decrying that the breechers were nothing more than a couple of two-bit punks that just decided to show up one day, one of them or both are highly connected to the Fallestinians.  So, Obam a is in fact a Jihadi Scum Bag - because he is one - period.

The abortion amendment to the unconstitutional federal health care Bill is a scant abstraction.  RediCoCare is in deep negotiations with others in his Marxist-sociopathic ways and means and one day soon, he is going to present a Bill that does have the 60 votes and all previous other Bills will be tossed.  Trust me.  And the United States Constitution?  Toss it.  With the PelosiCare, ReidCare and the Marxist-sociopathic Obama, who oin the hell needs it?  Didn't Obama say many moons ago that the USC doesn't go far enough?

Alternet.  Balloon Juice.  Asshats.

As an aside:

From The Black Sphere:

The man who has not had a real job in his life and couldn’t run a “donated cakes” bake sale for profit is going to provide ideas on promoting new jobs.  It is said that he will scour the country asking anybody and everybody how to create jobs. [...]

I saw the Asshat Obama say today that he is going to use the unconstitutional "left over" bail out money to "create jobs".  Now whenever has ANY presidential administration ever created jobs?  Never?  I thought so.

Obama.  Asshat.

NOTE:  I forgot to include this idiot: Rightbloggers Find the Real White House Gatecrasher Story: Obama's Radical Ties.  And this: Obama's Afghan Surge Proves He's Trying to Lose, Say Rightbloggers.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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