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More Data On the Marxist-sociopaths: Obama and Democrat Leadership: Out of Touch and Desperate

And there you have it.  One distraction after another with the only sight within their reach is to beguile all in this Nation and completely subvert what’s left of the United States Constitution.

Obama and Democrat Leadership: Out of Touch and Desperate

President Obama’s meetings at the Senate on Sunday, much like his visit to Copenhagen this week, are not indicators of inevitability; they are portents of panic.  The reports coming out of the closed door, Democrats-only, meeting of internal divisions that are still irreconcilable, despite the high rhetoric of historic moment, only make the point more vividly: can you say “desperation”? […]

You watch.  ReidCoCare will pull a Bill from his ass and get one passed.  And the USC?  Who in the hell needs one of those?  Send the USC to Iraq.  They could use one.  We don’t.

[…] While polls consistently show that Americans are increasingly concerned about jobs, reviving the economy, and managing our deficits, the Democrats fixate on health care, a relatively low priority for most Americans and anathema for many in this form.  The reforms the Democrats push are themselves unpopular, and for good reason.  Americans know that a government takeover of health care will diminish the quality of care, reduce our ability to control our treatment options, and drive up the premium costs for many Americans.  It’s not just the health care system that will suffer, but proposed reforms will also cripple one of the few sectors that have been creating jobs during the recession, create multiple new taxes and penalties, and further hamper the economy by creating massive new debt and entitlements. […]

Sounds good to us but for them?  Not a chance.

So, while the above gets penned, we have this…

Carrie Budoff Brown / The Politico: Public option deal takes shape.  Sounds like a damned distraction to me.  You?

Here’s one from Dan Riehl: Obama: Spend More Money For Highways, Infrastructure And “Jobs”

I watched the upstart Jihadi wannbe today talking about “jobs” like he knows what to do about it.  How about you let the industries take care of it themselves, Obama and stop meddling in like you know what you are doing because you don’t.

Did you think perhaps there was some money left over from TARP? Don’t think on it for too long. And what of recent reports suggesting the government might actually be paid back by more banks? Assuming it even proves true, how long do you think it’ll remain in the Treasury to offset trillions of dollars in disastrous national debt, now that Obama has more spending on his mind? […]

Obama.  Asshat.  Who was it that said that “we’d get paid back” from the banks?  Are you kidding me?

Here’s one for the idiot at Alternet and Balloon Juice…Donald Douglas: Now Democrats to Focus on Jobs!

President Obama was elected on economic issues, but the idiot’s wasted most of the year on his socialist takeover of the healthcare system, and not to mention his world apology tour for the “evils” of the United States.

So, maybe the dumb Democrats are finally getting a clue. From the Washinton Post, “Entering an election year, Democrats sharpen focus on jobs: Some fear that the most basic of voter issues has been crowded out”:


I keep telling Donald that Obama isn’t really an idiot.  He’s an ASSHAT.

Pat Dollard: Absolute Loser Piece Of Shit Rolls Out Bogus Jobs Program, Blames GOP For Unemployment, Probably Tells A Bunch Of Other Lies I Didn’t Catch

I do have to agree that I didn’t catch all the lies because I spent most of my time yelling st the screen…good thing I am home alone.

President Obama used his speech rolling out a stimulus-style jobs program Tuesday to point the finger at Republicans for allegedly facilitating the economic crisis and then foisting it off on his administration to solve.

While praising his own team for pioneering “ambitious” financial reform and “sweeping” economic recovery initiatives, the president took some pointed shots at Republicans who are now blasting the latest package as a spend-crazy “stimulus two” that will drill deeper into the deficit.

“We were forced to take those steps (to jump-start the economy) largely without the help of an opposition party which, unfortunately, after having presided over the decision-making that had led to the crisis, decided to hand it over to others to solve,” Obama said, starting his address with a history lesson on the roots of the recession. […]

What a damned liar Obama is.  Let’s see.  GWB had almost $500 BILLION dollar deficit which Obama has now tripled and he is blaming GWB for economic woes?  Is Obama daft or just a mentally retarded asshole?

Pat Dollard: Rove Takes A Shit On Obama’s Jobs Speech

Rush Nails The Mental Patient

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


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