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Golden Parachutes for Obama Republicans

Just in case some folks haven't noticed, the remaining GOP Senators are for the most part Conservatives or at least have some semblance of a remnant of Conservative traits about them.  The "moderates" or what we classify them, RINOs, are for the most part gone and they were replaced by DNC Senators that ran as Conservatives.  Why?  Because Conservatism wins.  Period.  End of discussion.  Why else towards the end of the Presidential Campaign did Obama "suddenly" talk like a Conservative?  Conservatism wins.  Period.  End of discussion.

Reid doesn't have his fillibuster proof Senate yet and Obama is working on that one.  Judd Gregg (R-NH) may not survive the 2010 election because, well, the political climate thanks to the drones of the public and the List of 45 as it comes to full fruition.  If the Marxists can persuade him to join the Marxist Politburo, the Socialist Governor can appoint a definite Marxist in his stead for the 111th Congress.  This will give Reid his 60-vote Senate.  What is the Golden Parachute to be offered?  Secretary of Commerce.

It is said that Judd Gregg has claimed that he will only accept the position if there is a guarantee that a Republican is appointed as his replacement.  If that deal is not agreed to, the offer will be declined.  Obama is looking for a bipartisan coup d'etat more than likely because his first  12 days as Marxist-In-Charge has been rife with nothing but his "I Won"  mentality.

I smell smoke and mirrors here.  Gregg is trying to rally support for the stimulus crap sandwich that Obama and the other Stalinists want to shove down our throats in spite of the fact that the stimulus crap sandwich has dropped to a 41% approval rating.  Making the public statement that he will join the team only if a Republican is appointed in his place in the Senate merely opens the door to place another RINO in the Senate ... more RINO-like than Gregg.  Some are saying that we need more "republicans like Gregg".  I disagree.  To me, he isn't making a stand.  Didn't we just have a similar situation in Chicago?  The difference here is that the wheeling and dealing is out in the open.  It also sounds like political black mail.  It seemed to me that making bargains for Senate seats was illegal or unethical.

There isn't any way to stop this.  We just need to make them aware that we are paying attention and watching their every move.

Source: The Hill


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