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Democrats Whining About Opposition

This is too much really but it isn't unexpected nor is it a big surprise.  The only time a member of the Leftinistra is "happy" is when everyone agrees with their pathetic and childish innuendos.  Case in point, Judd Gregg removing himself from the nomination to the Cabinet position of Commerce Secretary.

In a small blurb today written by Andrew Sullivan, he writes: The GOP Has Declared War On Obama.

Here's what the blurb opines upon:

This much is now clear. Their clear and open intent is to do all they can, however they can, to sabotage the new administration (and the economy to boot). They want failure. Even now. Even after the last eight years. Even in a recession as steeply dangerous as this one. There are legitimate debates to be had; and then there is the cynicism and surrealism of total political war. We now should have even less doubt about what kind of people they are. And the mountain of partisan vitriol Obama will have to climb every day of the next four or eight years.

Cry me a river.  Let's rewrite this factually, shall we?

This much is now clear.  Their clear and open intent is to do all they can, however they can, to expose the Americanized Marxism that we have fought for 40+ years.  We are so close to over-turning that outdated rag "constitution" that stands in the way of socializing the USA.  Damn them all.  They want us to fail.  They have exposed the lies about the last 8 years and dammit, they KNOW about where this all started and dammit they keep naming names like Barny Frank and Jimmy Carter!  DAMN!  DAMN!  DAMN!  They keep exposing the lie that we are fast approaching the Great Depression when it is painfully clear that the Carter Administration was responsible for a much worse economy than we are experiencing at this very moment!  How DARE they bring that fact up!  DAMN!  DAMN!  DAMN!  And, to top it all off, damn them all to hell, this unconstitutional Generational Theft Act is heading for the toilet because that damn token Republican dissed our blessed Übermessias Obama!  He dared say that er kann nicht seine Unterschiede mit dem Fuehrer versöhnen!! (he cannot reconcile his differences with the Fuehrer).  We are losing the political war because these IDIOTS are demanding that we speak the Truth and we cannot have that!  What will we do with the Truth?  Are they kidding me?  How can we "nationalize" and "socialize" the sheeple if they keep yammering about that outdated POS constitution?  For 8 years we have spread lie after lie after lie about President Bush and now, they DARE use that same "rhetoric" based in FACTS instead of emotional and childish BS?  DAMN!  DAMN!  DAMN!  Damn them all with their verifiable facts.  Dammit it all.

I think that about covers it.  Shut up Andrew.  I would rewrite the TPM drivel (drivel from an alleged "Hill Staffer") but it would be word for word of the above rewrite so, what's the point?  However, here is their "whine" about the timing:

It's hard not to think that Gregg's withdrawal, with the grumbling about the census and the stimulus, was not timed to cause the most damage possible to the Obama administration. Releasing the statement just as Obama took the stage in Peoria was clearly designed to undermine the President's event. The fact he scheduled a presser only seems to confirm it. The classy exit would have been to wait til tomorrow afternoon to quietly bow out. Basically Gregg decided not just to politely decline, but rather to blow shit up and burn the bridge behind him. Do not think this portends good things for the wider political climate.

If the larger GOP strategy can be describe as putting all of their chips on "FAIL", this has to be seen as a significant addition to that pile, no?

Shut up you unknown, unnamed, undisclosed souce.

UPDATE: It seems I beat Hot Air and JWF on this story by 10 days.

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Reader Comments (2)

LOL. Typical DemoRat-libtard spin.
Didn't botox-pelosi say screw a bunch of bi-partisanship not too long ago?

Bi-partisan from a DemoRat is nothing more than sucker -bait. About the same as peddling "Snake Oil" as a cure all when it is nothing more than a quack remedy.
Same old...same old

February 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

stop confusing people with the facts dammit

February 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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