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Dear GOP: You Know It and We Know It ... 

And they know itWithin this web site are two articles written by two separate individuals.  One is by Josh AllemThe other is mine.  The articles are in regards to the Conservative Icon, Rush Limbaugh, aka El Rushbo.  He is the Conservative Icon because he says what we all feel but do not have the medium of which to express ourselves as he does.  We count on him because we cannot count on nour politicians to represent us.  The unconstitutional stimulus package is a prime example of that.  Now, the Leftinistra are gearing up - again - to shut him up because they fear him.

Both articles are in regards to El Rushbo, affectionately named.  Rush Limbaugh scares the hell out of the Leftinistra whether they are a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or a morphed combination of the three.  They fear him.  That's why the Leftinistra want to stifle his constitutional right of Free Speech.  The Leftinistra call it the Fairness Doctrine or Localism or Radio Accountability. The term "fairness doctrine" leaves an evil aura lingering about so the terminology was changed to "localism".  Localism wasn't received very well because it was just another "ism" developed by political hacks.  So, it was determined to follow suit with the Übermessias Obama's "transparency and accountability" buffoonery and change the "fairness doctrine" to "radio accountability".

The complaint is as follows:

[...] Critics, however, view his broadcasts as divisive and inflammatory political propaganda, even dangerous demagoguery.

Time magazine's Mark Halperin has labelled Limbaugh an "American iconic" figure. Meanwhile Arianna Huffington, a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, dubbed Limbaugh and other conservative commentators "toxic curiosities".

Limbaugh appears to relish such notoriety. One of his many soubriquets listed on the official Rush Limbaugh website is "the Most Dangerous Man in America". Others include: "America's Anchorman; America's Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy". [...]

[...] Limbaugh has been credited with enormous political influence, particularly among grassroots Republican Party members. Ronald Reagan once sent him a letter, thanking Limbaugh "for all you're doing to promote Republican and conservative principles" and proclaiming him "the Number One voice for conservatism in our Country". [...]

[...] After the inauguration, Limbaugh declared on his radio show "I want Barack Obama to fail". [...]

[...] He reiterated the comment to Fox News's Sean Hannity, saying: "I want him to fail. If his agenda is a far-left collectivism - some people say socialism - as a conservative heartfelt, deeply, why would I want socialism to succeed?"

His comments prompted Mr Obama to urge Republicans not to listen to his comments in the interests of bipartisan cooperation.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," Mr Obama said. [...]

The Fearness DoctrineEnter Stage Leftinistra, the Fairness Doctrine which, by the way, is in fact UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Robert McDowell said in 2006, as he was addressing bloggers at the Heritage Foundation, that the FCC has already restricted Comcast from "engaging in certain internet practices".  Mr McDowell has been warning of a return of the Fairness Doctrine for as long as I can remember.  He warned of a potential move called a "net neutrality battle", whatever that might mean.  Your guess is as good as mine.

The "major complaint" is that the Leftinistra want to make talk radio "more fair".  For whom and why?  If the "liberal talk radio hosts" any any clue at all what they were talking about, why aren't they more popular?  If, as they claim, have the pulse of America, why then do their shows end in such dismal failure time and time again?  I know the answer but it will be like fingernails across a chalk board.  Please pay attention...


There.  Hopefully that statement will give some of the Leftinistra some irregular heart murmurs and take them out of the loop for a while.

A comment was left at the American Power blog and had this to say about El Rushbo and Sean Hannity: (the troll operates RADAMISTO)

It's about time serial liars like Limbaugh and Hannity are held accountable.

Incredible.  No facts.  Just a childish and emotional retarded comment by a member of the Stupid Club.  By the way, Steve J (we call IT Stevie) was nailed for blogging on the State of Arizona's resources while in the employ of one of the colleges out there.  Blogging on company time ... a blatant case of fraud waste and abuse of government resources.  Imagine that?  Miss Beth nailed him to the wall on that one.

The poor slugs which make up the Leftinistra charge Conservative talk radio with lying and never once call their own for their OBVIOUS lies and deceit.  Liberalism.  It's a mental disorder.

[...]  More and more Democrats in Congress are calling for action that Republicans warn could muzzle right-wing talk radio.

Representative Maurice Hinchey, a Democrat from New York is the latest to say he wants to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine," a federal regulation scrapped in 1987 that would require broadcasters to present opposing views on public issues.

"I think the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated," Hinchey told CNNRadio. Hinchey says he could make it part of a bill he plans to introduce later this year overhauling radio and t-v ownership laws.

Listen: Hinchey says he wants to make talk-radio more fair. [...]

Fair to the basic Leftinistra is hogging the air waves.  Just take a look at the syndicated news programs for the proof positive there.  Simply amazing.

As in and in much the same manner some alleged Conservatives have set aside the constitutional issue of Obama's "natural-born citizen status", they will do the same with this "radio accountability" idiocy and we must stand guard.  I know the Leftinistra don't give a rat's anal dropping about the Constitution but someone must defend and protect it.  And us in the process.

Some Conservatives have said in the past and some presently, that the "liberals woldn't dare upset the apple cart".  Hog snot!  From a logical point of view, that might be true.  We have all heard the expression that one bad apple ruins the whole bushel.  Well?  What about that apple cart now with the bad apples running the show?

One cannot reason with a liberal hack.  They are socialized Marxists.  Americanized Marxists.  They are multi-colored teenage mutant Ninja turtle turds with the collective reason of a gnat fart.  So using logic and reason with gnat farts is a futile endeavor, is it not?

Last November Patrick Ruffini wrote a provocative post entitled, "Crying Wolf on the Fairness Doctrine." Ruffini warned that conservatives were missing the big picture and wasting time and effort focusing on the left's interest in restoring regulation of political speech on the airwaves: [...]

Check the references link at the bottom of this post for excellent readoing material on this subject.

1) Fellow citizens, if you like what ACORN did to the home mortgage industry, then you're going to just plum love what the Democrats have in mind for talk radio.  For the past few years, hardly a week goes without some Democratic Party Senator or Representative throwing out the term, "Fairness Doctrine."  Hardly a month passes without a Democrat spurning the so-called "dangers" of conservative talk radio, often invoking Rush Limbaugh by name. [...]

2) Yet another figment of your overactive wingnut imagination. I always wondered if that Inhofe story about Hillary and Barbara Boxer kibbitzing about Fairness was true. Hmmmmm. Exit question: If Billy Jeff is so concerned about this, why didn’t he push it circa 1993? Click the image to listen. [END]

3) Even though no member of Congress has scheduled hearings on the Fairness Doctrine, it remains on a hot topic on both liberal and conservative shows.

Today, radio host Mario Solis Marich asked former President Bill Clinton if it was time for "some type of enforced media accountability."

"Well, you either ought to have the Fairness Doctrine or we ought to have more balance on the other side," Clinton said, "because essentially there's always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows and let face it, you know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he is saying things that I think are ridiculous...." [...]

4) For five days, Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s face has greeted visitors of

It may seem like an unlikely venue for a Michigan Democrat, but conservative television and radio host Sean Hannity has made Stabenow public enemy No. 1 in the conservative talk radio world. Hannity has plastered Stabenow’s face and office number on his site following comments she made last week about the Fairness Doctrine, telling liberal radio host Bill Press it may be “time to be bringing accountability to the airwaves.”

And then she mentioned the possibility of hearings, which sparked a make-my-day moment with Hannity, who said, “You want this microphone? Come and get it!”

Stabenow press secretary Brad Carroll has since backed off, telling Politico, “Sen. Stabenow is not calling for hearings.” [...]

5) You’ve heard me say over and over again that the reason that liberal talk radio doesn’t succeed isn’t because of “lack of ownership”, but lack of listeners. The fact is that the majority of Americans simply do not agree with liberals on most subjects. The second fact is that it’s also a matter of talent, and they have a decided lack there. Note Bill Press is such a hack. [...]

6) If you're looking for a break from those conservative voices that dominate talk radio, take time out today to listen to local station OBAMA 1260 AM. You'll hear the progressive voices of Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Lionel -- or, during morning drive, my own "Bill Press Show" -- providing welcome relief from the constant Obama-bashing by Rush Limbaugh and others. Unfortunately, today's the last day you'll be able to do so. [...]

Currently, I have 90+ articles on the subject of the "Fearness Doctrine".

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