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OOPS! A Little Truth Leaks Out About War Crimes In Gaza

What did Jimmy Carter say about HAMAS?  Wasn't it to the tune of HAMAS can be trusted?  What an idiot.  What an insignificant human being.  Note to Carter: They can but it isn't trust that can be attributed to anything humane.  Perhaps you,  Jimmy Carter can get that mental illness looked into.

With a Hat Tip to one of my BTR fans Karen O, we have a story in the Guardian UK: "Hamas murder campaign in Gaza exposed".

Islamist regime has killed dozens and tortured others as 'collaborators' with Israel in war's aftermath, Amnesty and Guardian sources say.

New evidence has emerged revealing the extent of the crackdown by Hamas during and after Israel's war in Gaza last month.

Amnesty International said Hamas forces and militias were involved in a "campaign of abductions, deliberate and unlawful killings, torture and death threats against those they accuse of 'collaborating' with Israel, as well as opponents and critics". It said at least two dozen men had been shot by Hamas since the end of December and "scores of others" shot in the legs, kneecapped or beaten.Amnesty gave detailed accounts of some of the cases and said there was "incontrovertible evidence" that Hamas security forces and militia were "responsible for grave human rights abuses". Hamas officials have admitted hunting for suspected collaborators, but they have denied this campaign of attacks.

Hamas apparently fears it lost some of its control in Gaza during Israel's devastating three-week war and launched a new and violent crackdown to enforce its rule, targeting not only those suspected of giving information to the Israeli military but also escaped prisoners and all perceived internal opponents. [...]

Call me crazy if you so desire but, this is how I see this Generational Theft Act in the long run...absolute control and absolute power.  Behold - where have we heard this recently?  "Inevitable Catastrophe and Extravagant Promises".  After you read the following, click the link above and read the rest.  Perhaps your eyes will shed the scales.

"The Minister [Skobelev] declared that ... the country's economy is on the brink of disaster. We must intervene in all fields of economic life, as there is no money in the Treasury. We must improve the condition of the working masses, and to do that we must take the profits from the tills of the businessmen and bankers’.  (Voice in the audience: ‘How?’)  ’By ruthless taxation of property,’ replied the Minister of Labour, Skobelev. ’It is a method known to the science of finance. The rate of taxation on the propertied classes must be increased to one hundred per cent of their profits.’  (Voice in the audience: ’That means everything.’)  ‘Unfortunately,’ declared Skobelev, ’many corporations have already distributed their dividends among the share holders, and we must therefore levy a progressive personal tax on the propertied classes. We will go even further, and, if the capitalists wish to preserve the bourgeois method of business, let them work without interest, so as not to lose their clients.... We must introduce compulsory labour service for the shareholders, bankers and factory     owners, who are in a rather slack mood because the incentive that formerly stimulated them to work is now lacking.... We must force the shareholders to submit to the state; they, too, must be subject to labour service.'"

Scary?  It should be because our own politicians in this country have recently stated the same sentiment almost to the letter.  So, tell me.  Who are the Defenders of Freedom and who are not?  Getting back to those "trustworthy" HAMAS members ...

What else can we trust them with?  How about going Green and recycling to preserve the planet?  Sure.  Why not.  "Hamas Goes Green... Recycles Israeli Medicine Bottles As Bombs".  Read more on the Green Terrorists here.  And then. there is always this from the trustworthy terrorists.

"The UN Admits Hamas Stealing Its Supplies".  We can trust HAMAS to steal humanitarian supplies from their enablers of the United Nations.  Ain't that grand?

"Hamas: Obama's Talks With Iran A Victory For Islamic Revolution".  Absolutely.  Go ahead and burn those American Flags seeing that Obama, your friend and our Enemy Within, doesn't respect that Flag either.  Allah Akhbar.

"Jimmy Carter: "Some" People Think Hamas is a Terrorist Group".  They are you bloviating blow hard.

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Reader Comments (2)

You understated me--I'm one of your biggest BTR fans, Snooper! I love your new site, too! I can't believe Amnesty International would ever criticize anybody but Americans.
Hope you are feeling better and didn't come down with pneumonia.

February 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKarenO

Fighting it Karen O!

February 17, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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