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Obama's First 30 Days - Historical Change or Status Quo Socialism?

List of 45 anyone?Here we are at the end of almost 30 days of an Americanized Marxist in the White House Marxist House and the folks that supported the flaming and in full bloom Leninist are just besides themselves over the "accomplishments" of the Übermessias Obama. Let's take a look at these "accomplishments".

1) Passage of a Stimulus Bill of near $800 billion for immediate relief of the economic crisis.

WOW! SHAZAAM! IMMEDIATE RELIEF OF THE ECONOMIC CRISIS! Praise be to the Übermessias Obama! ALL HAIL to The One The Czar!

Let's not recognize the fact that the "immediate" relief will not come for quite some time as was expressed by the "don't expect too much right away" statement by The One The Czar. Let's not recognize the fact that 90% of this Crap Sandwich which was rammed through CONgress, not "posted on-line" for five days PRIOR to any voting as promised, cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Let's not recognize the fact that the "working together" mantra was set aside when "deals were made". Let's not recognize that Nancy Pelosi said that she didn't come to DC to be "bipartisan".

Let's not recognize the fact that the vast majority of economists the world over know that the "Porkulus" will do more harm than good in the long run. The blind leading the blind.

2) The development of a $75 Billion Mortgage Relief Plan

This is yet another smoke and mirrors socialist idiocy, disguised under emotional tomfoolery, and will have a net affect amounting in big fat ZERO benefit. I am thoroughly convinced that there are people in this Nation that MUST take a Civics Test in order to get a license to vote.

The $75 billion is merely window dressing for yet another outlet in which to increase that number to the required amount which will actually be needed to fulfill the "promises" from Obama. The "initial" $75 billion is only for the banks. Today, it was announced that an ADDITIONAL $275 billion will be needed to BEGIN mortgage relief for idiots being loaned money because Congress TOLD the lenders to loan money to those incapable of paying back.

It is projected that when all is said and done, the $75 billion will be close to or over $1 trillion. Good job Obama voters. You chose a lying Americanized Marxist. When defective "homeowners" can now get 105% loans on current "bad debt", the world as we know it is over. Word is out that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Democrat Love Child they wouldn't allow the Bush Administration to "repair" eleven times in the last eight years, is said to be further relaxing loan repayment guidelines.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is THE source of this "economic" downturn, it is still broken, corrupt and useless yet, Congress is going to CONTINUE that "failed policy" for the last 30+ years. So much for that Hopenchange idiocy.

The development of Bank Relief Legislation (final details being ironed out).

Good job. Nationalizing (socializing) the banks. I wonder where that is within the United States Constitution. Feel free to quote chapter and verse if you are capable.

A relief plan for the American automobile industry.

Chapter and verse of the Constitution, please. And, what is that Plan? Does anyone know? The money is in the bill (and we don't have the money to "loan them") but where is it going? Congress is demanding the Auto Industry submit a Plan but Congress never does. Good job.

An executive order closing Guantanamo within a year

And he is waffling on that at this very moment. See federal court of appeals "ruling" on that one. See the reactions and responses from around the world on that one. No one will take the terrorists from Club Gitmo and this move was an appeasement move aimed at idiot moonbats that haven't a clue. Club Gitmo will remain open. Read the Executive Order people. The "out" is "in".

Appointment of a special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan and an initial visit already completed.

And this hasn't been done since the early 70s? The 80s? The 90s? Hello? This isn't a development that one can write home to Mom about folks. Sending someone to that particular region is an accomplishment? Good grief

Appointment of a special envoy to Middle East and initial visit completed.

76 TROMBONES LED THE BIG PARADE! HOORAH! The people sent are the friends of our enemies so this accomplishment is showmanship at best. Didn't citizens of the region protest and tell Hillary she wasn't wanted? Good grief.

The calling of a Fiscal Responsibility Summit at the White House

Snicker-snicker snort-snort. Have these people even read the stimulus bill like most of us have done? Well, at least made a dent in the 1,000+ page of the Porkulus? Where is the "fiscal responsibility" therein? It is AWOL.

A state visit to Canada.

OH MY! Such disclosure and such an honorable "achievement" that is! Heard of the NAFTA quagmire? The "buy only American" faux pas?

Invited the Prime Minister of Japan to be first foreign head of state to visit the White House.

Did this take an exorbitant amount of effort and cranial material to send an invitation?  STOP THE PRESS!  OBAMA SENT AN INVITATION!

Made decision on initial level of increased troop deployment in Afghanistan.

(flip-flop fizz-fizz oh what an idiot he is)  I guess he was toying with the decision  as to which group he will be facing and which group will be pissed off the most.  He certainly doesn't give a damn about the military seeing that he and his kind are directly responsible for the Troops KIA and WIA as those sucked up to the enemy.  Enabling and emboldening the enemy is a crime, you know...especially in a time of war.  And, this is a shooting war with real lead and steel projectiles.

Lifted by Executive Order the Family Planning Restrictions on Foreign AID.

Now THAT right there is indeed an accomplishment.  The message?  "It is quite alright to murder your unborn babies and to prove it, we will send you American tax dollars to aid you in controlling your chatter-box population."

Visited the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

HOLY COW!!  WOW!  I am underwhelmed!

Visited the State Department and Defense Departments in person.

Folks, this has never been done by any Administration ever.  Another moment of history.  (tongue in cheek moment)

Called dozens of world leaders.

ASSEMBLE THE PEOPLE!  DECLARE FROM THE MINARETS THAT OBAMA CAN USE A PHONE!  Which "world leaders" did he cal first?  The enemy, naturally.  The enemies of Israel, naturally.  Yes folks.  That right there is something to be proud of indeed...if one is an Enemy Within.

Went to the Kennedy Center to watch the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

WOOHOOOOO!  Boy howdy gee willikers!  Man oh man do I feel stimulated!

Went to Camp David.

No comment.

Returned to Chicago for Presidential Day weekend.

Traveled to Phoenix and Denver.

As the "economy was melting down" by the way.  Obsess much?

If all of the above are accomplishments of which to cause Americans to bow at the Czar's feet, I am sorely in need of a stiff Vodka Tonic.  There isn't enough liquor on this planet that could create the inner desire to accept anything this wannabe World President can or could dream up.  He is the very epitome of fraud, lies and deceit.  All those that have been taken in by this fraud - this man of highly questionable "natural-born citizen status" - deserves everything that befalls them under the leadership or lack thereof, of this Fraudobama.

NOTE: American voters should have to pass a Civics Test in order to vote. In an article I posted back in 2007 during the Stop Her (Hillary) Now campaign entitled, "Richard Collins Speaks Out at Townhall", a comment was made as follows:

Absolutely true... Unfortunately we have a LOT of Simpletons who are allowed to vote!!! There should be a CIVICS TEST to pass before voting.. after all if it is required to become a citizen, well voters should be held to equal standars!!

In another article written by Ever Vigilant (Shane Borgess) entitled, "Testing American Knowledge on Politics, Economics and History: Can You Pass It?", we find that even our politicians and those in Academia have no clue as to what the Constitution says about anything. We have taken this Civics Test and we scored in the 90s.  Most of America, primarily the politicians and "teachers" scored in the high 50s and low 60s.  I ask you, who are you going to trust?  Bloviating elected cockroaches or people that have actually done their research?

Read this indictment, in pdf format, on how dismally pathetic the levels of intelligence of the alleged elite dwell.  It is in fact an eye opener.  I scored a 93% because I missed the philosophy question and one other.  Frankly, I don't give a damn about what Socrates, Plato, Aristotle or Aquinas squabbled about.  I also missed #33.  It was a trick question I believe and I also believe their answer is wrong.  However, be that as it may, I scored much higher than any "learned" and "honorable" politician.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free ... it expects what never was and never will be." –Thomas Jefferson

That is some pholosophy I can hang with right there..

Here is the Report Card of 2008.  Try not to laugh too hard.  Take the Civics Exam if you dare.

and they want to lead? where to?

Spare us with the elitist crap please.  Obama's 30-day "accomplishments" is truly gag worthy.

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  • Source
    Seems just like yesterday that hundreds of thousands were going through metal detectors to attend the swearing-in of our new commander-in-chief. In fact, in terms of the Presidency it was almost yesterday. Yet in just thirty days since the Inauguration, President Obama, with extraordinary speed, has already built an amazing list of accomplishments, actions and legislation in progress. Can not remember when so much has been done in such little time. Most presidents are still attempting to figure
  • Source
    Wow, the struggling homeowners are excited. All that government help for those being threatened by foreclosure is on the horizon. The incredibly liberal NPR reports that Obama's Phoenix proclamation is a Forclosure Solution.
  • Source
    Now the Pew Center has published results of a recent survey of public knowledge. Their survey consisted of ten multiple choice questions propounded to a random sample of 1000 Americans. Their quiz was about 1/3 as long as ISI's and their sample was less than half as large. My perfect score put me in the 93rd percentile; the top 7%.

Reader Comments (4)

Baba Boxer sent me an email touting the greatness of this bill. I replied with a three word response; "Kiss My Ass".

They are just going to keep ramming this crap down our throats until millions of us show up on the steps of CONgress with torches and ropes ready to hang the bastards.

February 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9


Did you hear that Texas has jumped with the State Sovereignty issue?

February 19, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Louis Farrakhan: "If you look at Barack Obama’s [diverse] audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed from what they were. This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be a better place."

Here I've tried to collect all notable tributes paid to Barack Obama by peers:

October 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDawood

Obama. Asshat.

October 31, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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