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Date Line 1860 ... Are We There Yet?

Those that know me know this - I have been saying that this Nation is fast approaching a repeat of the times surrounding 1860.  An over bearing and control-freak government on the federal level.  Go ahead and color me crazy if you so choose to do so.

Glen Beck was on the morning show today and he was saying the exact same thing.

We are so close to 1860 I can smell it.

Look around you and pay attention.

Get of of the damn computer games and turn that retarded sitcom or some ignorant non-reality show off.

When the video of that comes out later this morning, it will be posted right here.

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    I am pleased that others are willing to carry the fight to the enemy and have no intentions of giving up to be counted as "fitting in". I don't want to "fit in" if it means getting along with those bent on destroying this Nation. Screw that and screw them all. If the fair-weather conservatives concede when the going gets tough, who needs them? The answer? The American liberal needs them and they might as well change shoes.
  • Source
    Consensus building is for wimps and soulless people who stand for nothing. Compromise is not about being tolerant: these days, it’s about giving up conservative principles.
  • Source
    What has happened to this Nation? When did we become this politically split? Not since 1860 and possibly a few years before have we been this politically split - two ideologies diametrically opposed. Which side is correct? The Litmus Test would be the United States Constitution. It would be wise for either side to determine if their policies currently in place and those being proposed and currently being campaigned upon pass the Constitutional Litmus Test.
  • Source
    If I have said this once, I have said it countless times; Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to command. He is unfit to command a garbage dump let alone the most powerful nation in the known universe. He has zero experience and has absolutely no accomplishments in life in general let alone politically. His taxing policies he wants to set forth are unconstitutional no matter which way one slices and dices and spins. His stand on abortion is much worse than the unconstitutional SCOTUS debacle called Ro
  • Source
    Keeping the above in mind, John Whitehead at Right Side News writes: Is it Time for a Rebellion? I would say most assuredly yes. It is our Constitutional Right to do so. We can do it one of two ways...via the ballot box or taking up arms. We have the Constitutional Right to "change our government" when it becomes our Lords and not our Servants. Our very Founding was exactly that. What was it Thomas Jefferson once said?
  • Source
    Call me cynical or anything you want but, knowing what I know having served my nation for decades analyzing people, places and things as well as having nearly memorized the List of 45, Barack Obama is being used as an instrument for the overthrow of the United States government. Do you want an American Civil War Part 2? Either elect or allow to be elected, The One, the Messiah that Farrakhan so declared.
  • Source
    Those that have read my articles, pieces and posts for several years now know that if there was one thing I and the associates here at The Snooper Report have said is this: one day there would be an American Awakening and that there would be a cresting of the Conservative Tsunami and that Conservative Tsunami would sweep the anti-Americanist thugs into that Abyss of Obscurity that we have been preparing for them. Now is that time.
  • Source
    I wrote an article at one time entitled, "We Had A Patriotic Nation Once". That article received a second place ranking of TOCB in comments totaling 140. It seems Patriotism, in this country, is considered to be arrogant and filled with blood-lust. The very notion that Patriotism has become a four-letter word is abhorrent to this DAV. Until this revulsion of Patriotism is neutralized, this notion of reuniting the Left and Right towards one gaol, primarily, to defeat this nation's enemy, is subje

Reader Comments (2)

I made an earlier prediction here:

"...The deterioration rate of America at this time is akin to that of the onset of both World War I and World War II.
America fought both of those wars on foreign soil against the totalitarian dictators that wanted to control the world. So now the tables are turned, we have dictators holding the majority of seats in Congress lead by a smooth talker also wanting to control the world. You won't have to worry about fighting on foreign soil because the dictators are already here. So let me be the first to predict World War III... Ready for this? How about 2010*...or there abouts! (if not WW III...Civil War Part II...the Liberal Socialist Democrats are pushing their limits and the bubble is about to burst!)

*It's just a guess but an educated guess at that...

Also: It looks like the Amero is still scheduled for 2010...
Obama will be having a G20 meeting this coming April 2nd to discuss this matter with Globalist Gordon Brown (PM Great Britain), Canada, Mexico, China, etc, etc.

I think it time for the folks to start a little rebel rousing.

February 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNorm

It's coming Norm.

February 22, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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