Texas National Guard On Alert?
Sun, February 22, 2009 at 23:58
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As the rumor mill has so stated, theoretically, State Sen Dan Patrick was on Fox News (don't know if it was local or national) and said that the State of Texas has "alerted" the Texas National Guard to take care of business on the Texas-Mexico border.

Whereas this would not surprise me, it is still unconfirmed as of now.  I have been monitoring the "chatter" at several forums and web site sites and there is still no confirmation at this point.  So, having said that, here is the initial report:



Texas State Senator, Dan Patrick, was on FoxNews this morning at 8:45am. He said he had some “breaking news to share”. Boy was it!!! The Texas State Legislature had been trying very hard to get the Obama Administration to respond to a critical situation on the Texas Border. The Administration had not gotten back with Texas as of last night. So the State of Texas told Washington D.C. basically they could go jump, and “we’ll take care of Texas!”. As of last night… the Texas National Guard has been put on High Alert!!! This is the first time in history! Texas tried, desperately to get Washington’s approval… but when they could not get it… they acted on their own. Which I say…. it’s about damn time!!! I personally applaud the guts it took to defy the Fed’s and act in our best interest! In case you are unaware of what the problems are …. Sen. Dan Patrick spelled it out nicely!

1) 100’s of PRO-DRUG CARTEL Mexicans were blocking the entrance to the United States, yesterday and today, banging cars, shouting and holding signs. 10 people were killed Wed. and 12 more yesterday at the border (5 of which were children!!!)
2) They aren’t sure … but they think the Drug Cartel is paying the demonstrators to do what they’re doing.
3) This will spill over into the States! Mr. Patrick, and the other State officials,. are convinced that road-side bombs and car bombs will make it across the border and WILL NOT allow that to happen!!
4) Mexico is breaking out in Civil War in the western part of the border and they expect it to spread the entire border with no end in sight.
5) The National Guard will be activated as the scenario worsens and is on Alert now and will remain so until (and IF) Washington does something to end the danger on the border (Yeah… like that’s gonna happen!).

FoxNews has yet to put this on their website which absolutely ticks me off!!!! I will post it IF they get the stones to do what’s right!

Let’s pray it doesn’t come to this…. but in reality… Texas could be in a Civil War (actually it would be an international incident) with Mexico very soon if this isn’t quelled. Just so you folks know…. the four Militia Groups that are here in Texas will be put on alert this evening. This has gotten REAL, REALLY FAST!

God help us… as we do what is necessary.

Stand by for confirmation...

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Still looking for confirmation but this is really nothing all that new.  There has been a war going on down there for years.  And, it is what the Neo-Marxists want so they can step in and do what they do best...BOHICA.

UPDATE: Fox News reporting: If Violence Escalates in Mexico, Texas Officials Plan to Be Ready

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