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For Whom The Bell Tolls

for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee..."

All Freedom Lovers within the United States are now officially at war, whether they know it or accept it or not.  We are at war with the un constitutional United States Congress and whoever that man is currently occupying the White House Marxist House, unconstitutionally.  We have several choices.  We can either roll over and accept the fact that we no longer have a Constitution and that taxation without representation is now the acceptable norm or, we can fight.  I choose to fight.

We have several choices in the way we fight.  We can march on DC and physically remove the unconstitional CONgress and "that other guy" and replace them by holding elections or we can remain cool, calm and collect and vote every single one of them out in 2010: ALL OF THEM.  If we choose the Voting Road, we MUST replace them with honest men and women.  Currently, none exist in the DISHONORABLE Halls of the largest collection of crooks and robber barons to ever amass in one location.

Yesterday, I wrote a review of the State of the Congress where I eviscerated the fool's obvious and blatant stupidities.  At one particular place, he said: "...Not because I believe in bigger government – I don’t. ..." which, is the biggest lie this liar has uttered thus far.  The entire speech was one color-coded lie after the other but that particular lie sticks out like a sore thumb.

As I was eviscerating the slugs lies, I did not explain the ins and outs of each and every "law to befall" but I did apply ideological norms.  The DNC ideology is 100% control of every facet of everyday life of the peasantry and this is most certainly not reconcilable with the United States Constitution.

During the day today, I managed to not blow my top as I witnessed the following; not one single politician alluded to, referenced or mentioned the United States Constitution.  They danced around the issue.  Why?  Why are they so afraid of making and taking a stand?  Didn't our Founding Fathers make a stand?  Didn't our Founding Fathers have the moral fortitude to do what it took to defeat tyranny and enslavement?  And, didn't our Foundng Fathers pay the ultimate price?

What is the difference between the Founding Fathers and the current crop of CONgress Critters?  Courage.  Spinal Pride.  Backbone.  Vision.  Moral Fortitude.  Conviction.  Pride in self.  Pride in country.  Patriotism.  All of these are absent in today's dishonorable CONgress.

It's the Constitution, stupid.  It's the Constitution.  Either we live by it or we don't.  Either we split the Nation up between those that want to live by the Constitution and those that don't or we have blood in the streets.  The choices lie within the actions of CONgress.  Currently, our CONgress and Marxist leader have the awesome responsibility to repair this Nation and it all stems from wandering away from that which founded this Nation.

Either they return to our Founding, or we will do it for them one way or another.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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    Below is the text as prepared and delivered by the Fraudobama, packed with deceit and out-right lies. Czarbie wouldn't know Truth if it was inserted where sun normally does not shine. He is the very epitome of consummate liar.

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