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At Camp Lejeune

As I shred the verbiage regurgitated by one of the most notorious frauds that ever trod on American soil, be advised that there might be from time to time, Grunt Speak.  I am a Troop.  I will always be a Troop, first and foremost.  Also, be advised that there will be no links in the body of this post.  All links and reference material will be contained in the Reference Tab at the bottom of this post, right under the video.

As I listened to the almost 30 minutes of droning, I couldn't help but make several comments and scribbled down some commentary as I went.  He did have some flowery moments but they don't add up to diddle-squat.  As I shred this speech, as I shred his State of the COngress Address, I will go paragraph by paragraph, sometimes sentence by sentence or, I just might run some paragraphs together.

My commentary will be in bold-face print, in italics and in quoted format.  Let the shredding begin.  Oh.  Yes.  One more thing.  I will edit the text where I see fit.  The changes will be in bold-face so you won't miss the changes.


In essence, this is The Obamimam's "Mission Accomplished" speech.

He just won't give credit where credit is due.


Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 12:42 pm
Remarks of [p]res**ent(no id) Barack Obama – Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq

Remarks of [p]res**ent(no id) Barack Obama – As Prepared for Delivery
Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Friday, February 27, 2009

Good morning Marines. Good morning Camp Lejeune. Good morning Jacksonville. Thank you for that outstanding welcome. I want to thank Lieutenant General Hejlik for hosting me here today.

Grunts in background under their breathe...STFU!  Are you done yet?

I also want to acknowledge all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That includes the Camp Lejeune Marines now serving with – or soon joining – the Second Marine Expeditionary Force in Iraq; those with Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force in Afghanistan; and those among the 8,000 Marines who are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. We have you in our prayers. We pay tribute to your service. We thank you and your families for all that you do for America. And I want all of you to know that there is no higher honor or greater responsibility than serving as your Commander-in-Chief.

Screw the Coast Guard.  Please disregard all that trash-speak I threw in your direction as I was merely appeasing to those moonbat fruit loop brigade people that I have dumped on recently.  They were just a tool I used to get elected so I can stand here and lie my out of my skin...again.  Oh.  That prayer thing?  Just get me a rug and I will be all set.

And, don't forget - that "tribute thing? - that's your taxes up your backsides but you are too stupid to know that, I hope.

And, that CIC thing?  WOW!  You ain't see nuthin' yet!  I'm going to gut your funding for sure.  Look how many people I can bribe with what I take away from you!

I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge Ryan Crocker, who recently completed his service as our Ambassador to Iraq. Throughout his career, Ryan always took on the toughest assignments. He is an example of the very best that this nation has to offer, and we owe him a great debt of gratitude. He carried on his work with an extraordinary degree of cooperation with two of our finest Generals – General David Petraeus, and General Ray Odierno – who will be critical in carrying forward the strategy that I will outline today.

Also, let's not forget the idiot before Ryan Crocker and that dummy Casey that really screwed things up and was eventually fired because thet were so inept that they nearly lost the war back in 2003 and 2004, OK?.  But, thank God for General David Petraeus that pretty much ignored the fool(s) and straightened out Tikrit and Mosul only to rile up the Ambassador at the time that reversed all of that.  But, let not your hearts be troubled.  The final battle will be fought in Mosul - again - that was won once before by General David Petraeus and the 101st Airborne Screamin' Eagles.  So, as we pull you guys out, after we send you there, rest assured that we will be back again.  Semper Fi.  (chuckle chuckle snort snort - Semper Fi - what does that mean again?)

One more thing.  I am offering up all of this praise to a bureaucrat and not you.  I was just thanking you because it is an obligatory obligation, or so my handlers informed me.  After all, this is a huge photo-op for me because every time I open my mouth, the markets tank.

And, as I outline this strategy, keep in mind that it is EXACTLY what the Bush Administration and General David Petraeus came up with but I am taking credit for it.  I am taking credit for it because, well, er, uh, because I want you to not recall that I really dragged you guys through the mud so I could get here today and ramble on.

Next month will mark the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq. By any measure, this has already been a long war. For the men and women of America’s armed forces – and for your families – this war has been one of the most extraordinary chapters of service in the history of our nation. You have endured tour after tour after tour of duty. You have known the dangers of combat and the lonely distance of loved ones. You have fought against tyranny and disorder. You have bled for your best friends and for unknown Iraqis. And you have borne an enormous burden for your fellow citizens, while extending a precious opportunity to the people of Iraq. Under tough circumstances, the men and women of the United States military have served with honor, and succeeded beyond any expectation.

And, I have fought for six years to lose this damn war but, you guys were just too bloody proud and too damn good.  I am sorry that I could not defeat you.  Rest assured, I will try my best to reverse all of your efforts because, that's the right thing to do.  I have moonbats to appease, you know.  Come on.  Just give me a chance.  OK?  Good.  Let's MoveOn.

Please don't remember how we tried to lose this war 45 times in 2006 and 2007 and pretty much ignored you guys for all of 2008.  We had an election to win and if your efforts had been made public in 2008, we would have been forced to admit that we were on the wrong side of this issue for political gain and we just couldn't afford that.  We would never have won this election, because of you and your efforts.  Damn you.

But, we lied for two years, emboldening the enemy; enabling the enemy and because of that, we were directly responsible for this war going as long as it had but, you guys just wouldn't lose.  We tried, through Code Skank and other anti-Americanist groups to finance the enemy but, we failed.

Because of that, we were also directly responsible for countless deaths and countless wounding of The Troops and our allies and the Iraqi people for political purposes so all of that is on your shoulders.  If only you had lost the war back in 2006 and 2007, I would not have to be in this dismal place.  Don't you realize that I could be out running around in shorts and no shirt having the media lick my lap?  Damn you.

About all of this bloviating and feigned fawning over your efforts - I have to say it to squelch the outrage that you must feel because of what I said for political gain for all those years.  I really did mean that you would all die in vain...the moonbat fruit loop brigades really liked that a lot.  I really did mean that The Surge wasn't going to work because I am so damn smart and you, well, you got stuck in Iraq because you did poorly in school.  Shame on you for proving us wrong ... again.  Damn you.

You know what?  You guys surprised the hell out of us and that damn Bush wouldn't bow to our bloviating Bravo Sierra.  He kept on believing in you and we didn't.  We still don't but we have to play the game - even though you don't think this is a game.  If you only knew.

As victims of that evil Bush-Cheney and yourselves, you should be grateful that I am here.  I am the Messiah, although I am in over my head.  You guys dared defy the Will of the Congress and brought an operational "Democracy" to the Middle East in an Islamic Region.  What kind of crap is that?  My cousin in Kenya wants to know if I have forgotten my roots!

Today, I have come to speak to you about how the war in Iraq will end.

Don't worry about losing or winning.  Just worry about ending.  It's a matter of semantics but you don't know that, I hope ... and change.  It's not about winning or losing.  It's how you play the game and how much power you can gain - not you, understand, just me.  You are my pawns to power.  Really stupid people support me because, after all, even my wife that is only proud now because of the obvious, said that I didn't have any experience so I have to at least pretend I know what I am doing.  Allah above knows that I do not, er, uh, I mean only God above knows that IO do not and that I am in way ov er my head.  But, don't I look pretty?  I feel pretty.

To understand where we need to go in Iraq, it is important for the American people to understand where we now stand. Thanks in great measure to your service, the situation in Iraq has improved. Violence has been reduced substantially from the horrific sectarian killing of 2006 and 2007. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been dealt a serious blow by our troops and Iraq’s Security Forces, and through our partnership with Sunni Arabs. The capacity of Iraq’s Security Forces has improved, and Iraq’s leaders have taken steps toward political accommodation. The relative peace and strong participation in January’s provincial elections sent a powerful message to the world about how far Iraqis have come in pursuing their aspirations through a peaceful political process.

I say "improved" because I have been informed that the term "Victory" is merely relative and if we said that horrid term, again, we would have to admit that the war really isn't lost.  We would have to say something in public about Harry Reid.  It was just one of those political footballs, regardless to the costs of lives lost in the process.  We really don't care about that and we still don't.  But, you didn't hear that from me.  I was told to say it so if you are offended, I am sorry you are offended, because what we said is how we feel.  And if you don't like it or accept it, screw you.

Remember, in 2006 and 2007, every time we tried to lose the war, violence in Iraq increased because our terrorist friends saw an opportunity to help us lose the war.  However, again, damn you, those efforts failed because of you.  So, I stand hear today, lying, to save face even though my body language gives me away.

By he way, that rabid blogging, writing and BTR Host Spook Snooper is writing a book about how many lives lost we are responsible for in 2005, 2006 and 2007 but my Goon Squads are hunting down his data.  It will never see the light of day - that information cannot be made public - ever.  Well, at least we hope that it works out that way.

We always said that your efforts and the Iraqi efforts would fail.  Thanks for nothing.  You guys won but we cannot bring ourselves to admit that due to Bush Derangement Syndrome.  You see?  If we give you guys the credit for - EGADS - "victory"  - oh man how we hate that term - we would also have to give President George Bush credit as well and we absolutely cannot have any of that.  I hope you understand.  If not, screw you anyway, that damn Bush.

Did you guys know that that damn Bush guy beat us at our own game in 2006 and 2007?  Judas Priest that pissed us off.  Don't you realize just how awful it was to give up trying to beat him?  That guy was so dumb, he beat us 45 times!  Oh.  Wait.  That doesn't say much for us but, er, uh, um, just disregard that last statement.  OK?

But let there be no doubt: Iraq is not yet secure, and there will be difficult days ahead. Violence will continue to be a part of life in Iraq. Too many fundamental political questions about Iraq’s future remain unresolved. Too many Iraqis are still displaced or destitute. Declining oil revenues will put an added strain on a government that has had difficulty delivering basic services. Not all of Iraq’s neighbors are contributing to its security. Some are working at times to undermine it. And even as Iraq’s government is on a surer footing, it is not yet a full partner – politically and economically – in the region, or with the international community.

And, while we are on this subject of Iraqi security, who in the hell do you think you are successfully fulfilling those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks?  Don't you realize that they were drafted with the sole intent of failure?  Damn it all and damn you all for making it possible for those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks to come to pass.  Now we have to start all over with yet another lame-brained plan to lose.  In the words of Achmed the Dead terrorist, HOLY CRAP!  We worked overtime writing that crap and you guys go and screw it all up by winning.

And, don't pay any attention to that "neighbors aren't helping and some are trying to undermine the efforts" thing.  We have been behind all of that all along and hopefully, you won't ever find out about it.  Just disregard any data that comes forward on that.  Whatever you guys do over the next year, STOP WINNING!  This will be the fifth year we have tried to lose.  Sooner or later we will win at losing and we need your help to do it.  For much too long, we have been losing at winning and we love to lose so please help us to win at losing.  That is why we will more than likely shovel (we like shovels and shovel ready talk) that damn SOFA deal that was made possible by the success of the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks and that damn Bush character.

Also, we all know the war wasn't about oil so, just ignore that's a political thing.

In short, today there is a renewed cause for hope in Iraq, but that hope rests upon an emerging foundation.

We are hoping that we can still bring about a loss and that renews and boosts our spirits.  As long as that damn Bush was in office, we just couldn't do it.  Oh.  In case you hadn't noticed, I like big words like "emerge" and "foundation".  It reminds me of my Communist, I mean Community Organizing skills.  ACORN loved it so that's what I am doing here today.  I think.  You didn't hear that fumble.

On my first full day in office, I directed my national security team to undertake a comprehensive review of our strategy in Iraq to determine the best way to strengthen that foundation, while strengthening American national security. I have listened to my Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and commanders on the ground. We have acted with careful consideration of events on the ground; with respect for the security agreements between the United States and Iraq; and with a critical recognition that the long-term solution in Iraq must be political – not military. Because the most important decisions that have to be made about Iraq’s future must now be made by Iraqis.

On my first day in office, after getting here by pulling the wool over the eyes of millions, not proving my credentials and spending well over one million dollars fighting the birth certificate issue, I issued orders to lose the war as soon as possible without actually making it look like I was trying to lose the war.  I need another distraction and my handlers said that I needed to look "presidential" even though I don't have what it takes.  Appearance is everything.

The Plan by Bush and Petraeus, unfortunately, worked and it seems that I cannot get out of it and we have to, for the time being, press on with that Plan.  However, I am taking credit for it.  If I do not, all I am is Bush III.  I'd have to slit my own throat.  So, we will work hard at rewriting that process so I can claim it as my own.

So, this draw down, as was planned and carried out just makes us Democrats look as dumb as we are.  Somehow, we will turn that around because if nothing else, we are great at spin, lies and deceit.  And, as far as I know, I still have the Obama Media with me.  We'll work together and make this work out for me. Screw you.

We have also taken into account the simple reality that America can no longer afford to see Iraq in isolation from other priorities: we face the challenge of refocusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan; of relieving the burden on our military; and of rebuilding our struggling economy – and these are challenges that we will meet.

Today, I can announce that our review is complete, and that the United States will pursue a new strategy to end the war in Iraq through a transition to full Iraqi responsibility.

Just like Bush and Petraeus formulated but you aren't supposed to know about this.  And that economy thing?  That's just smoke and mirrors, contrived to hide the real agenda.  That United States Constitution just has to go, dammit.

This strategy is grounded in a clear and achievable goal shared by the Iraqi people and the American people: an Iraq that is sovereign, stable, and self-reliant. To achieve that goal, we will work to promote an Iraqi government that is just, representative, and accountable, and that provides neither support nor safe-haven to terrorists. We will help Iraq build new ties of trade and commerce with the world. And we will forge a partnership with the people and government of Iraq that contributes to the peace and security of the region.

Don't bother to mention the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks.  That subject makes our skin crawl.

What we will not do is let the pursuit of the perfect stand in the way of achievable goals. We cannot rid Iraq of all who oppose America or sympathize with our adversaries. We cannot police Iraq’s streets until they are completely safe, nor stay until Iraq’s union is perfected. We cannot sustain indefinitely a commitment that has put a strain on our military, and will cost the American people nearly a trillion dollars. America’s men and women in uniform have fought block by block, province by province, year after year, to give the Iraqis this chance to choose a better future. Now, we must ask the Iraqi people to seize it.

Just what in the hell does "pursuit of the perfect stand in the way" supposed to mean anyway?  Besides, I just QUADRUPLED the deficit and I need that trillion that you guys should not have needed if you and Bush had let us win at losing FOUR YEARS AGO!!

Never mind the fact that what I am talking about has already been put into place prior to me and that just pisses me off.  Thanks a lot for screwing this all up for me.

The first part of this strategy is therefore the responsible removal of our combat brigades from Iraq.

Totally disregard the fact that we either win or lose.  Bush put into motion the formula for - EGADS! - "victory" - and we don't seem to know how to fight it or reverse it but we will try.  So, as you guys continue to win, we will try and reverse it at every turn.

As a candidate for President, I made clear my support for a timeline of 16 months to carry out this drawdown, while pledging to consult closely with our military commanders upon taking office to ensure that we preserve the gains we’ve made and protect our troops. Those consultations are now complete, and I have chosen a timeline that will remove our combat brigades over the next 18 months.

The terrorists BEGGED for a "timeline" but you guys and that damn Bush just wouldn't let us give them one.  I got phone calls and I couldn't sleep at night because if we had allowed a timeline, all the terrorists had to do was wait us out and less of their gene pools would have been thinned out, dammit!  Now, we have to try and fix that.  So, we are announcing a date certain - sort of - which will give them an opportunity to step things up to create an atmosphere for the moonbat fruit loop brigades to start yelling again at someone else other than me  now.

Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end.

Snooper commentary:  Dear Dipdunk; we would have been out in 2007 had your kind not screwed things up in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  All you did was feed the enemy energy and allowed anti-Americanists to FINANCE the enemy and you turned a blind eye.  F*** You!

As we carry out this drawdown, my highest priority will be the safety and security of our troops and civilians in Iraq. We will proceed carefully, and I will consult closely with my military commanders on the ground and with the Iraqi government. There will surely be difficult periods and tactical adjustments. But our enemies should be left with no doubt: this plan gives our military the forces and the flexibility they need to support our Iraqi partners, and to succeed.

Actually, I'm lying but I have to say this because this is the ORIGINAL plan.  But, after we screwed things up for political gains, we have to do and say something that sounds good.  We really don't want to succeed but we must give that overall impression.  You see, now the terrorists can effectively wait us out.  Sounds like a plan to me.  There is one difference.

The original plan was to exit after a complete victory (there's that horrid word again).  We will just give it an appearance of total victory (EGADS that damn word) and when the terrorists sweep back in, we will blame YOU GUYS and that DAMN BUSH!  HA!

After we remove our combat brigades, our mission will change from combat to supporting the Iraqi government and its Security Forces as they take the absolute lead in securing their country. As I have long said, we will retain a transitional force to carry out three distinct functions: training, equipping, and advising Iraqi Security Forces as long as they remain non-sectarian; conducting targeted counter-terrorism missions; and protecting our ongoing civilian and military efforts within Iraq. Initially, this force will likely be made up of 35-50,000 U.S. troops.

Never mind that combat ops would have been done by now if that evil Bush nut let us lose long ago!  He had to go and make it so you guys cold win.  And those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks keeps popping up.  Reminds me of Nancy Pelosi the other night.  Got on my nerves and made me nervous, too.

About that statement "as I have long said" thing.  That was just a lie.  I can't help it.  I'm a Democrat and we are supposed to lie but, when we do it, it isn't a lie.  That's a rule that we made up years ago and those stupid Republicans haven't figure it our...except that GD Snooper Spook.  Damn him and his body language shit.

Through this period of transition, we will carry out further redeployments. And under the Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government, I intend to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. We will complete this transition to Iraqi responsibility, and we will bring our troops home with the honor that they have earned.

Never mind that the 2011 number, I mean year, was already planned.  Remember.  I won and so now I am taking credit for your work because you guys are just stupid people with guns.  The moonbat fruit loop brigades and the Clintons told me that.  So did Reid.  So did Murtha and that sweet man Schumer.  Screw you people.

As we responsibly remove our combat brigades, we will pursue the second part of our strategy: sustained diplomacy on behalf of a more peaceful and prosperous Iraq.

You can read that as "when we bug out and let the terrorists move in" but don't tell anybody.  Also, remember, Wimplomats suck and they need a job, too.

The drawdown of our military should send a clear signal that Iraq’s future is now its own responsibility. The long-term success of the Iraqi nation will depend upon decisions made by Iraq’s leaders and the fortitude of the Iraqi people. Iraq is a sovereign country with legitimate institutions; America cannot – and should not – take their place. However, a strong political, diplomatic, and civilian effort on our part can advance progress and help lay a foundation for lasting peace and security.

It will also send the terrorists a message and Iran is correct.  I am a dufustard, weak and I have no clue just WTF I am doing.  If the Iraqi people get run over, screw 'em.  I need this money to reign in Americanized Marxism and you guys are in the way.  By the way, when I manage to install myself forever as Chavez North, each of you will get a free copy of my version of the Little Red Book.  It will only cost you 5 or 6 viles of crack and an evening with your women.

Oh.  I just had to pretend here for a moment that the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks never existed and haven't been accomplished because what I just said IS IN THERE someplace and it friggin' worked!  DAMN DAMN DAMN!

This effort will be led by our new Ambassador to Iraq – Chris Hill. From his time in the Peace Corps, to his work in Kosovo and Korea, Ambassador Hill has been tested, and he has shown the pragmatism and skill that we need right now. He will be supported by the courageous and capable work of so many American diplomats and aid workers who are serving in Iraq.

What we have here is a Career Moron that sucked up to me.  I like that.  He also sniffs the chairs I fart in and I get a kick out of that.  He will be a good and useful idiot just like that moron that almost succeeded in losing in 2003 and 2004.  It takes courage to win at losing and he's da man!  He almost did it too.  He disbanded the Iraqi Police, the Iraqi Army and told the Troops to sit back and watch the madness.  Nice guy that and hopefully, this next clown will be equally inept.

Just TOTALLY disregard that we are still in Kosovo, Korea, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, etc etc etc.  It means nothing.  By God, we will be out of Iraq once and for all, consequences be damned.  So there.

Going forward, we can make a difference on several fronts. We will work with the United Nations to support national elections, while helping Iraqis improve local government. We can serve as an honest broker in pursuit of fair and durable agreements on issues that have divided Iraq’s leaders. And just as we will support Iraq’s Security Forces, we will help Iraqi institutions strengthen their capacity to protect the rule of law, confront corruption, and deliver basic services.

Ah, yes!  The United Nations.  That outstanding organization whose hard work brought about the last national elections in Iraq.  Man, that made me proud.  Naturally, you guys did all the hard work but we must give credit where it isn't due and take credit away from those that did the actual work.  We're Democrats so you cannot be given any credit.  Ater all, the UN had nothing to do with those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks succeeding.  They didn't like them either so when they came to pass, we had to appease the UN and toss them some bones like the latest elections.  Appearance is everything.

And that bit about law and order, corruption and basic services?  Well, just disregard all of that.  We are the Party of Corruption and we are going to teach the Iraqi people how to cheat on their taxes, go on corporate jets and then bitch the owners out when it becomes exposed in the public - we're really good at that.

Diplomacy and assistance is also required to help the millions of displaced Iraqis. These men, women and children are a living consequence of this war and a challenge to stability in the region, and they must become a part of Iraq’s reconciliation and recovery. America has a strategic interest – and a moral responsibility – to act. In the coming months, my administration will provide more assistance and take steps to increase international support for countries already hosting refugees; we’ll cooperate with others to resettle Iraqis facing great personal risk; and we will work with the Iraqi government over time to resettle refugees and displaced Iraqis within Iraq – because there are few more powerful indicators of lasting peace than displaced citizens returning home.

Even though Diplomacy merely postpones the inevitable and we really have no idea what we are doing because of your success, dammit it, we have no earthly idea how we are going to pull this off and make it look like the Democrats were behind this effort all the way.  So, we are going to wing it and speak in flowery verbiage, thereby baffling our followers with Bravo Sierra because we cannot dazzle them with brilliance.

The situation could have had a very different outcome but, through your efforts and - EGADS! - Patriotic Duty, you were able to bring about a thriving and self-reliant people.  How dare you!  We had it, at one time, all sown up for our friends the terrorists and you guys blew it for us.  Thanks.

All those "misplaced" Iraqis dared return to their homes and regions after Al Qaeda, our friends, were decimated and run out of the country they wanted as HQ for the Caliphate and now we must present them as victims of the Bush Administration.  If you had only lost, we wouldn't be where we are today, dammit.  It is internationally embarrassing having to grovel like this but, man, the current situation sucks for us.  We are in some serious damage control and we have to reverse all of what you have done so we can at least make it appear that we were not on the wrong side of this war from the start.

Now, before I go any further, I want to take a moment to speak directly to the people of Iraq.

Indeed.  How dare you.  How dare you work in conjunction with the Troops and bring about a "victory" (oh how I HATE that word) so we have to acknowledge President Bush and give him credit.  We will get you for this.  Mark my words.  Let me be perfectly clear.  Revenge is such sweet, er, uh, um, well, you know where I stand.

You are a great nation, rooted in the cradle of civilization. You are joined together by enduring accomplishments, and a history that connects you as surely as the two rivers carved into your land. In years past, you have persevered through tyranny and terror; through personal insecurity and sectarian violence. And instead of giving in to the forces of disunion, you stepped back from a descent into civil war, and showed a proud resilience that deserves respect.

Doesn't that word "enduring" sound so grand?  Doesn't it suck that you guys stole that word from the Democrats?  Enduring Freedom has a nice ring to it but, we will see about all of that.  Just you wait 'enry 'iggins.  Just you wait.  And, I will never include "we" when I talk about enduring anything except when I redefine terminology like, Enduring Struggle Against Terorism.

We tried to keep you under the regime of Saddam Hussein, no relationship to myself, naturally, but the Troops screwed all of that up.  So, because of that, now we have to at least make a stab at making it look like we give a damn about you so all this flowery rhetoric really means nothing because, well, you guys just blew it for us.  Now, we will work hard at getting what Iran wants and that is a pathway to Saudi Arabia.   The 12th Imamma is here and is waiting.  We tried to get him sooner but the Troops and the Iraqi people really screwed up and won the war.

We tried to foment a Civil War and even had the moonbat fruit loop brigades, including the media believing that there was one - which was huge lie, I know - but we couldn't make it stick because of that damn Bush, Petraeus and the Troops.  DON'T THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE?  DAMN DAMN DAMN!!

Respect.  HA!  Right.  Screw you all.  The only ones deserving of respect around here is me.

Our nations have known difficult times together. But ours is a bond forged by shared bloodshed, and countless friendships among our people. We Americans have offered our most precious resource – our young men and women – to work with you to rebuild what was destroyed by despotism; to root out our common enemies; and to seek peace and prosperity for our children and grandchildren, and for yours.

And about of all that what I just blathered out.  I wouldn't have to be here at all if that "Bush Doctrine" that "Petraeus Doctrine" and worse of all that "Troop Doctrine" of -here we go again with that EGADS! - "victory in Iraq" crap - hadn't succeeded.  Because of all that, I am forced to stand here today pretending I give a rat's ass about any of this and it really pisses me off.  I will get you all for this and your stupid dog Toto, too.  Do you think I enjoy this crap?  This is just a distraction to cover up the fact that I am trying to trash the economy so world socialism will come to pass.

Damn I hate doing this.

There are those who will try to prevent that future for Iraq – who will insist that Iraq’s differences cannot be reconciled without more killing. They represent the forces that destroy nations and lead only to despair, and they will test our will in the months and years to come. America, too, has known these forces. We endured the pain of Civil War, and bitter divisions of region and race. But hostility and hatred are no match for justice; they offer no pathway to peace; and they must not stand between the people of Iraq and a future of reconciliation and hope.

Indeed, and I at least tried to make all of this not so and I ain't done yet.  Not by a long shot.  You'll see.

We are really pissed off that it wasn't the Democrats that pulled all of this off.  We tried to wrestle all of this away from that damn Bush guy but we were not allowed to screw it all up enough in time.  Now, I will be able to muddle things up enough so when we rewrite the history books, it will appear that we Democrats were the ones that "won the day in Iraq".

How dare the Troops do this to we Democrats.

So to the Iraqi people, let me be clear about America’s intentions. The United States pursues no claim on your territory or your resources. We respect your sovereignty and the tremendous sacrifices you have made for your country. We seek a full transition to Iraqi responsibility for the security of your country. And going forward, we can build a lasting relationship founded upon mutual interests and mutual respect as Iraq takes its rightful place in the community of nations.

Yep.  There's that Bush Doctrine thing all over again.  Thanks for nothing.  Do you know how hard it is to say these things when the entire world knows I am a pompous lying ass?  Let me be clear.  You know where I stand.  Words mean nothing but don't tell me words don't matter.  This is all just words and just speeches.  It means nothing.  You know it.  I know it.  The world knows it but, we will try and make all of this go away as time goes on.  You'll see.  Damn you for winning.

That leads me to the third part of our strategy –comprehensive American engagement across the region.

This is code-speak and poli-speak for the following: We will bend over backwards to apologize for winning the war, dammit.  And you will pay for this, trust me.

The future of Iraq is inseparable from the future of the broader Middle East, so we must work with our friends and partners to establish a new framework that advances Iraq’s security and the region’s. It is time for Iraq to be a full partner in a regional dialogue, and for Iraq’s neighbors to establish productive and normalized relations with Iraq. And going forward, the United States will pursue principled and sustained engagement with all of the nations in the region, and that will include Iran and Syria.

A Free Iraq, as a testimony to that GD Bush and the GD Troops and that GD Petraeus cannot be allowed to be and remain a beacon of Freedom in this region.  We are in the process of stripping every American of their Freedom and here you are thinking that you have your Freedom.  This cannot stand.  Let me make myself perfectly clear.  Screw you.  This has damaged our attempt of forever and ever destroying that silly notion of Independence.  Are you kidding me?

Look.  Iran and Syria have huge plans for Iraq.  That's why we ignored Hizballah and Iranian Troops and at times HAMAS troops trying to undermine this whole GD Bush thing but The US Troops saw straight through it and kicked their asses three ways to Sunday.  This cannot go unpunished.  You know where I stand.  Soon, Iran and Syria will join us as we undo and reverse all of these GD accomplishments so we can have the final word and say, "See?  We told you this would not work!"  Mark my words.

This reflects a fundamental truth: we can no longer deal with regional challenges in isolation – we need a smarter, more sustainable and comprehensive approach. That is why we are renewing our diplomacy, while relieving the burden on our military. That is why we are refocusing on al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan; developing a strategy to use all elements of American power to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon; and actively seeking a lasting peace between Israel and the Arab world.  And that is why we have named three of America’s most accomplished diplomats – George Mitchell, Dennis Ross and Richard Holbrooke – to support Secretary Clinton and me as we carry forward this agenda.

Fundamental truth: isn't that such an awesome and very flowery term?  Well, here's some fundamental truth for you.  We suck and we know we suck but we must pretend that we don't.  And, because of Rush Limbaugh, we cannot get anything done because he stirs up constitutional issues which we just cannot tolerate or allow it to MoveOn.  We must squelch all dissent because for Freedom Lovers, dissent just isn't Patriotic.  Just ask Hillary.  She knows what dissent is.

Don't worry that diplomacy doesn't work...I have to put thousands of them to work and give them government jobs in order to bribe them into loyalty so that they can screw things up really bad so, again, we can say, "See?  We told you Iraq was a mistake."  You know where I stand.  Whatever I can do to make this Bush Thing go away, the better it is for me.  Damn Bush anyway.

All of this that has taken place in Iraq is really stupid to us.  We do not understand the concept of Freedom so we must stifle it and any Hate Speech that exposes us as the cads that we are.  Screw Freedom and screw you.  We are smarter than you will ever hope to be so we know better what is best for you.  Trust me.

And, that talk about nukes and Iran?  Secretly, we like the idea.  Israel is also in the way of the Caliphate for these nice peace-loving and religious men and women.  We just ranted about Iran's nuke program under Bush because, well, er, uh, um, it was politically expedient to do so.

I like appointing people that hate Israel and to stress that point, I even have an unconstitutionally confirmed Secretary of State that absolutely loves that mythical group called "Palestinians".  She really does hate Israel as much as I do - even more than the terrorists do.  But, we have to work together for a common purpose and that is Israel's doom.  It really is not that far off

Every nation and every group must know – whether you wish America good or ill – that the end of the war in Iraq will enable a new era of American leadership and engagement in the Middle East. And that era has just begun.

Yeah.  Thanks to that stupid jerk Bush and his cabal of Patriotic Troops led by that mean and nasty Petraeus and his COIN Doctrine.  Screw them all.  We SHALL have our revenge and our day in the sun.

Finally, I want to be very clear that my strategy for ending the war in Iraq does not end with military plans or diplomatic agendas – it endures through our commitment to uphold our sacred trust with every man and woman who has served in Iraq.

Yeah, I know.  That was all of bunch of Bravo Sierra and you see right through it.  However, I had to say it.  The speech writers and monitors all were talking in me ear piece telling me to say this because it sounds real flowery, even though by actions present and past, I have said exactly the opposite.

My strategy for "ending the war in Iraq" has nothng to do with recognizing -OMG! (victory) - but it has everything to do with not acknowledging it.  I hate that term unless it has something to do with me and Americanized Marxist principles.

And you can feel free to think that you have enduring "relationships" but, that is just a pipe dream and we will see to it that you all pay for your successes.

You make up a fraction of the American population, but in an age when so many people and institutions have acted irresponsibly, you did the opposite – you volunteered to bear the heaviest burden. And for you and for your families, the war does not end when you come home. It lives on in memories of your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who gave their lives. It endures in the wound that is slow to heal, the disability that isn’t going away, the dream that wakes you at night, or the stiffening in your spine when a car backfires down the street.

I might add that we hate you all for what you have made us look like.  We have been and still are on the wrong side of this issue.  We have been and still are responsible for the current battles throughout the region but we are trying to make it appear that we aren't and have not been.  Spin is our gods.

All I am saying today is merely a tool to try and convince you that I know what the hell I am talking about even thouigh it is obvious that I don't know and that I could care less about any of you.  You are merely a cog in the wheel that is in my way.

I have no respect for any of you and that is plain as day but, the cameras are on so I must go through the motions.  What I am trying to do is convince you that you are victims of Freedom and True American Patriotism - and that has to stop here and now.  Screw all of that lunacy.  The New True American Patriotism is listening to me, not what some old white guys wrote 200+ years ago.  That is in the past, let's MoveOn.

You and your families have done your duty – now a grateful nation must do ours. That is why I am increasing the number of soldiers and Marines, so that we lessen the burden on those who are serving. And that is why I have committed to expanding our system of veterans health care to serve more patients, and to provide better care in more places. We will continue building new wounded warrior facilities across America, and invest in new ways of identifying and treating the signature wounds of this war: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as other combat injuries.

Remember, the only "grateful nation" members are those that think like you.  The rest of us don't give a damn and we will use the media to prove to you that you have been victimized by failed policies started by those old white guys.  This Freedom thing is just a myth founded in total stupidity.

Now that I am in charge - unconstitutionally by the way - it is now quite chic to increase the size of the military.  Had that idiot Bush tried this, there wold have been hell to pay and we let him know about it to.  We were all ready to loose the hounds on his ass over it but, we didn't have to.  So, now I can get credit for this and make it appear that I care...HA!  Man did I fool all of those morons that voted for my non-natural born American self.  KUDOS to stupid people all over the land.

Oh.  Yes.  Now that Bush is gone, we will know pretend to care about the treatment of the wounded and our veterans, even though for decades we did everything we could to screw them over the red-hot coals upon every and any chance -and, LOL!, blame Bush for it.  Sometimes, Americans really are stupid which proves the Academians are in fact doing their Americanized Marxist jobs.  Well done Comrades.

About those "signature wounds of this war" - that is poli-speak for none of this has ever happened before and morons will actually believe us.  Isn't socialized medical care for those idiot Troops fantastic?  Expect more of the same in the future.

We also know that service does not end with the person wearing the uniform. In her visits with military families across the country, my wife Michelle has learned firsthand about the unique burden that your families endure every day. I want you to know this: military families are a top priority for Michelle and me, and they will be a top priority for my administration. We’ll raise military pay, and continue providing quality child-care, job-training for spouses, and expanded counseling and outreach to families that have known the separation and stress of war. We will also heed the lesson of history – that those who fight in battle can form the backbone of our middle class – by implementing a 21st century GI Bill to help our veterans live their dreams.

Please throw away those uniforms and be sure to disavow that lame Oath you swore.  Under my new Americanized Marxist philosophies, those old uniforms and Oaths are hereby declared passe and verbotten.  There is a New Dawn in the USSkkkA and we ill be sure to indoctrinate all of America in this New New Deal.

We will socialize the military and make them loyal to the New Party of Lunacy and Anti-Freedom, much like the old USSR treated their military.  The military must swear allegiance to The Party and not some stupid piece of paper that is slowly but surely being legislated out of existence.

The old way must give way to the New Way and that New Way is me.  Haven't you seen the pictures?

As a nation, we have had our share of debates about the war in Iraq. It has, at times, divided us as a people. To this very day, there are some Americans who want to stay in Iraq longer, and some who want to leave faster. But there should be no disagreement on what the men and women of our military have achieved.

And during those debates, we revealed what contempt we had on you Troops but don't remember all of that.  We honor the Pol Pots and the Hitlers of the world.  Just ask Durbin, Murtha and Schumer.  How dare you all prove us wrong!  Don't you know that we are never wrong and that we are the masters of deceit?  We can apologize by not apologizing and if you question our ideals and principles. you are a damn Bushie McChimpie.

And, I am just pandering to you when I mention what you have achieved.  Against the odds, because we tried to lose this war 45 damn times, you guys sucked it up, did the right thing and made us look like the asses we are.  And, for that, we will make you pay.  Trust me on that.  You know where I stand.

And so I want to be very clear: We sent our troops to Iraq to do away with Saddam Hussein’s regime – and you got the job done. We kept our troops in Iraq to help establish a sovereign government – and you got the job done. And we will leave the Iraqi people with a hard-earned opportunity to live a better life – that is your achievement; that is the prospect that you have made possible.

As I try and use Nixonian rhetoric; as I try and claim Reaganesque and Lincolnesque tones and ideals, know this.  I hate them all.  And, I hate you all for doing to us what you did...made us out to be the jerks and anti-Americanists that we are.  Pay backs are going to be hell.

I don't mean anything I just said butm because of what you have done and some say accomplished, I have to act all [p]residential and all of that crap when all I want to be in First Czar of the New USSkkkA.

Remember, you made the Bush-Petraeus Doctrine come to fruition and the Iraqi people love you for what you have done for them.  Also remember this, screw you for all of that.  We had a plan and you screwed it up for us.  Damn you all.

There are many lessons to be learned from what we’ve experienced. We have learned that America must go to war with clearly defined goals, which is why I’ve ordered a review of our policy in Afghanistan. We have learned that we must always weigh the costs of action, and communicate those costs candidly to the American people, which is why I’ve put Iraq and Afghanistan into my budget. We have learned that in the 21st century, we must use all elements of American power to achieve our objectives, which is why I am committed to building our civilian national security capacity so that the burden is not continually pushed on to our military. We have learned that our political leaders must pursue the broad and bipartisan support that our national security policies depend upon, which is why I will consult with Congress and in carrying out my plans. And we have learned the importance of working closely with friends and allies, which is why we are launching a new era of engagement in the world.

So, it all begins anew.  I will have my Civilian National Security Forces and I will, in some manner, merge the US Military into it and they with you and I will raise up an Army of the USSkkkA and bring about Americanized Marxism - Lenin and Stalin would be proud.  What you accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan has delayed that but, know this.  My day will come.

I will redefine American Exceptionalism because that damn Bush Crap in this regard just got in the way.  We will align and merge with the Caliphate, of which you fought against and won.  I will fix all of that.

The starting point for our policies must always be the safety of the American people. I know that you – the men and women of the finest fighting force in the history of the world – can meet any challenge, and defeat any foe. And as long as I am your Commander-in-Chief, I promise you that I will only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, and provide you with the equipment and support you need to get the job done. That is the most important lesson of all – for the consequences of war are dire, the sacrifices immeasurable.

So, stand by to raise hell in the New USSkkA.  We must silence all dissent and you will be my tools to accomplish all of this.  My Czarbie CNSF (Obama's Civilian National Security Force) will sweep the Nation much like the SS, Stasi, KGB, GRU and similar organizations, and we will all be the same soon.

You know because you have seen those sacrifices. You have lived them. And we all honor them.

That's poli-speak and I really could care less.

"Semper Fidelis" – it means always being faithful to Corps, and to country, and to the memory of fallen comrades like Corporal Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter. These young men enlisted in a time of war, knowing they would face great danger. They came here, to Camp Lejeune, as they trained for their mission. And last April, they were standing guard in Anbar. In an age when suicide is a weapon, they were suddenly faced with an oncoming truck filled with explosives. These two Marines stood their ground. These two Marines opened fire. And these two Marines stopped that truck. When the thousands of pounds of explosives detonated, they had saved fifty Marines and Iraqi police who would have been in the truck’s path, but Corporal Yale and Lance Corporal Haerter lost their own lives. Jonathan was 21. Jordan was 19.

Yuk yuk yuk!  Someone in my ear piece told me what that silly slogan meant earlier today.  What a bunch of crap.  Always faithful.  HA!  To what?  Freedom?  That silly outdated, and flawed Constitution that you swore an Oath to?  HA!  I swore an Oath as well but in my mind, I had my fingers crossed.  It means nothing.  The only thing that matters is what I say from day to day.  All you have to do is disregard what I said yesterday because that is in the past and we must move forward at all times.

I used that term again because I am with Marines because my handlers said that I had to be.  I really don't care about any of you.  Just check my record (if you can find it, lol) and view all of those You Tube videos (that my Goon Squads are in the process of removing) and you will know exactly where I stand.

In the town where Jordan Haerter was from, a bridge was dedicated in his name. One Marine who traveled to the ceremony said: "We flew here from all over the country to pay tribute to our friend Jordan, who risked his life to save us. We wouldn’t be here without him."

I know.  More PC stuff to fool the stupid.  My speech writer out this crap in here.

America’s time in Iraq is filled with stories of men and women like this. Their names are written into bridges and town squares. They are etched into stones at Arlington, and in quiet places of rest across our land. They are spoken in schools and on city blocks. They live on in the memories of those who wear your uniform, in the hearts of those they loved, and in the freedom of the nation they served.

And, through me, my words of "they will die in vain" will become a reality.  You'll see.  As you all broke us, we will break you.

Each American who has served in Iraq has their own story. Each of you has your own story. And that story is now a part of the history of the United States of America – a nation that exists only because free men and women have bled for it from the beaches of Normandy to the deserts of Anbar; from the mountains of Korea to the streets of Kandahar. You teach us that the price of freedom is great. Your sacrifice should challenge all of us – every single American – to ask what we can do to be better citizens.

Snooper Note: indeed.  I have my story.  If you only knew what I know.  And, no mention of the American Revolution?  No mention of the Civil War (War Between the States over States Rights)?  No mention of the War of 1812?  What kind of historian is Obamimam's speech writer?

Better citizens, Obamimam?  What the hell are you babbling about now?  Your moonbat fruit loop brigades and your Goon and Truth Squads await your commands.  What a fraud you are, Czarbie.

You make me ill.

There will be more danger in the months ahead. We will face new tests and unforeseen trials. But thanks to the sacrifices of those who have served, we have forged hard-earned progress, we are leaving Iraq to its people, and we have begun the work of ending this war.

Not to mention that the Bush and Petraeus formula for success just gets on my nerves, by the way.  Because of them and you Troopers, I have to act this way.  Pay backs are a bitch.  Remember that.

Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America. Semper Fi.

Commentary:  I am not a Marine.  When I use the term "Semper Fidelis", I do so in complete and solemn respect to the man or woman I am addressing.  I never use the term outside of speaking with a Marine or in casual chit-chat.  As I reviewed the text of this speech and watching the video, I detected a slight and unintention grimace on the face of The One.  Itv was all from the heart, this callous address to honorable men and women.  Obama has no honor and does not deserve to be in the presence and company of men and women in the US Military.

Obama is a fraud.



The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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    nothing worthy to excerpt here
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    No need to respond with the obvious point; Romney already made it eloquently today at CPAC. Here’s The One’s surreal address at Camp Lejeune this morning, announcing a hard and fast deadline of August 31, 2010 for the end of our “combat mission” in Iraq.
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    Another key Republican, Representative John M. McHugh of New York, the ranking minority member of the House Armed Services Committee, said he was reassured by Mr. Obama that he would revisit his plan if circumstances on the ground change.
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    Republicans may seem like the party of “no” on domestic policy these days, but they’re finding they like Barack Obama as commander in chief.
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    Shocking. Not that he’d insist he was right all along, all evidence to the contrary — a hallmark of the Iraq debate on both sides — but that he’d offer such a feeble defense. What can this possibly mean?
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    Earlier today, Jake Tapper did some fact-checking on Barack Obama’s assertion that he always said that an additional 20,000 troops in Iraq would have some positive effect on security. Tapper couldn’t find any evidence to support that assertion, especially in the time frame of the Congressional debate over the plan. William Amos found a speech from November 2006 that makes clear Obama’s faulty judgment on what more troops and new strategies and tactics could accomplish:
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    "It is in spite of Barack Obama's stance that the troops are coming home in victory — not because of it," he told CPAC.
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    Thanks to commenter (and ex-blogger) Seixon for catching this. Not a huge deal, but a nice reminder of what a cynical poseur The One is. Here he is last night during the bracelet exchange, sonorously declaring that no soldier dies in vain who follows the orders of his commander-in-chief:
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    And so I want to be very clear: We sent our troops to Iraq to do away with Saddam Hussein’s regime – and you got the job done. We kept our troops in Iraq to help establish a sovereign government – and you got the job done.
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    Actually, it was met with embarrassing response. Obama entered the room at the Marine base as the band played Hail to the Chief met with complete silence as a skeptical crowd offered no response to the Commander in Chief’s presence:

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