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Jihadi Speech Code 101 For Dummies

The following post is a repost from when I was at A Newt One.  That web site has closed down and fortunately, I saved everything I did over there.  I am slowly finding posts to refer to here at the new place.  This is one of those posts and it goes hand-in-hand with the recent posting I published in regards to Obama's uneducated statement of banning the phrase "War On Terror".  The post following was originally published on June 4th, 2008 at 0450 hours.

There is an arising and very heated debate about which terminology to use for terrorists. I use Jihadi Islami Haji Scum Sucking Murdering Thug Fascist Moe Sucking Terrorist Rat Bastards myself but that might offend some.

There are some that have partaken of politically correct ignorance and stupidity and seem to think that being nice-nice to the enemy is one way not to give them the credibility they so crave. Excuse me. Through the years, NOT addressing the problem of the Islamist Jihadi lust for world domination via the Caliphate has given them the credibility, thank you DC for a whole lot of nothing worth mentioning.

There are many articles, pieces, blog posts, dissertations, treatises, books and tomes on this subject and the vast majority of the people on this planet just don't seem to understand what Islam is all about. It isn't because they don't know because the data is readily available. The problem lies in that the vast majority either choose to ignore the data in the hopes that it will just go away or, they just cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that by ignoring the lust of the restoration of the Caliphate, the proponents of said-same Caliphate have come to be a staunchly powerful enemy and have become able to strike where and when they want to. Or, they will not come to terms that we are in a "religious war" with Islam. We are in a "religious war" with Islam and not by our choice, I will add. The Jihadis brought this war to us on 91101 because "we" weren't paying attention.

As I mentioned there are many writings on this subject and recently, the heated debates are at the American Thinker in two pieces. One is entitled Strategic Collapse in the War on Terror by Joseph Meyers and Would a Jihadi by Any Other Name Smell as Foul? by Raymond Ibrahim. I have been aware of Ibrahim's book The Al Qaeda Reader but have not purchased it. That has changed. I decided to actually buy it just a few moments ago.

A  pdf document which can be viewed and downloaded here, is entitled Words that Work and Words that Don't: A Guide for Counterterrorism Communication. This kind of State Department buffoonery gets people killed. Then again, from my experience, that is what the US State Department does best...gets people killed all in the name of Diplomacy. There should be a law against that...I think it is called involuntary and voluntary manslaughter. So, what words work and which ones don't and who is it that the words don't work on? And, who is it that decides this? Whose job is it to define the enemy? Some misfit sitting behind a desk in a building with no windows because the fourth floor of the building is actually UNDER GROUND in an obscure place in Virginia? Or, is it the place of an intern located on the 7th floor of a special building occupied by higher grade GS misfits?

I have been stating this for years but I am not a recognized "scholar"... I am merely a grunt having faced this enemy, unlike the Wimplomats and other GS level misfits that "seem to know better" because they have letters after their names. So, I will quote the following which can be located in the links provided above. (I'll not tell you which one...if you have a hard-on for the link, go read the pieces at the links and find out yourself).

[...] Clausewitz noted that in war the moral factors are perhaps the most important, and we have just demonstrated we neither have the moral clarity or moral fortitude to comprehend the nature of the war we are in. Dr. Antulio Echevarria of the Army's Strategic Studies Institute stated once that the "US military does not have a doctrine for war as much as it has a doctrine for operations and battles" and we have just demonstrated we don't have the comprehension of this war as much as we can comprehend its operations and battles. [...]

Exactly so. Did not the attacks since the early 1970s get more and more sophisticated? Did not the attacks get more and more organized through the years? Did not the attacks become more and more lethal year by year, attack by attack? Did not the attacks become more and more bolder? Did not the attacks go unchallenged...until 91101? Will it take yet another such attack? Was not the attacks on 91101 the ultimate in coordinated attacks yet in the history of terrorist attacks? Did not Usama Bin Laden declare open "hostilities" - read that as war - twice prior to 91101? Where was the US State Department then? What were their recommendations? When a war is declared, what it the proper response? Is it bend over and grab your ankles or is it bed-wetting and nail biting? I am not as gifted in written communications as the men that I have cited above or provided links for but, I know for a fact that when one takes a turd of any stripe or origin and paints it a color of one's choosing, the fact remains that the turd painted is yet still a turd. It may be a pretty color turd but a turd is a turd no matter the color. And, Islam, is an infectious turd and no matter the color one tries to describe it as, the fact remains that Islam is what Islam ideology that is foreign to most rational thoughts, wishes and desires.

The enemy has declared that THEY are in a Jihad. That is what we must face, accept and address. A room full of misfits coming up with some lame excuse to call Jihad, Jihadists or whatever something else in the hopes that the enemy will be nicer because "we took their credibility away" is tantamount to the most ignorant stupidity than I have seen in decades and I raised three sons. Since when does an American Thinkless Tank determine what a Jihadi should think and/or act like? What kind of arrogant garbage is that? I have said this thousands of times and I will say it until my last breath on this planet...the United States State Department is under the illusion that they and they alone are the United States Government. There has been a political coupe in this Nation and we are finally witnessing the results thereof.

Nothing else matters in this Nation if we lose this war. The economy doesn't matter. That stupid show American Idol doesn't matter when the Real American Idols are fighting the war the State Department started so YOU can watch that stupid show and all the other mentally draining shows Americans watch daily. The fuel costs don't matter. Your job and career won't matter. The food you eat won't matter. Your internet connections won't matter. Nothing. Nothing will matter if we lose this war because some idiot in DC or in the general area of DC decides that if we don't identify the enemy properly all will be OK. That. Is. Simply. Dumb. My Dad used to call that Stinkin' Thinkin'.

[...] Also the schizophrenic activities of our government in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood in America that has declared itself engaged in "civilizational jihadist process" to destroy our way of life and replace it with an Islamic model, and repeated examples of one arm of the government attempting to prosecute elements of the Brotherhood while the other half vets their actions and cultural sensitivity programs against the same organizations. Or recall the DHS booth placed next to the Islamic revolutionary organization of Hizb ut-Tahrir at another Islamic conference. [...]

This is why I have a gathering of data I call, Global Cultural Jihad. I get it. I got it. And, it is high time you got it as well...before it gets you.

Many years ago, in 1971, there was a visiting Imam that came to our school for a World Religions Seminar conducted in our school auditorium. Cutting a very long story short, he was open for questions afterwards and I hung around because even at that age, I smelled a rat. Years later that rat scent would be Jihadim...Islamic Conquest. As each of those that stayed after to ask questions (we got "extra credits"), we were instructed to kneel on the prayer rug provided to ask forgiveness from Allah and to pray. I asked why and was told that I need to get used to it because "one day, Islam will take over America". 1971. 37 years ago. I didn't kneel on his damn rag and I didn't get extra credit either. My studies in Islam started shortly thereafter and I still haven't learned all there is to know.

However, I do know this, no matter what you call it, they will cut your head off or kill you in some manner if you defy them. And, the "radical" Muslims are those that do not participate in Islamic Jihad.

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