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Barack Hussein Obama: A Clear and Present Danger

New and Improved Club GitmoSome are saying that Barack Hussein Obama is leading the Nation down the primrose path of destruction and one of many items of interest are obvious.  When the blind lead the blind, everyone eventually falls into the ditch.

James Lewis at the American Thinker writes: Obama may become a disaster.  May?  May become a disaster?  The disaster has already been achieved.  His stimulus pet project is tanking.  His letter to the Little Man from Iran backfired.  Democrats concerned over the next election are beginning to waffle.  His SoH seems to think that 500,000,000 jobs per month will be lost if they don't "hurry up".  There are 17 lobbyists in his Cabinet and Staff after he said "just say no to lobbyists".  Democrat tax cheats are falling from their perches.  The Gitmo "crisis" is biting him on his butt.

The Gitmo issue is beginning to look like his first flip-flop but before we get into that, here is an excerpt from James Lewis:

By their actions ye shall know them. By now we are seeing an ominous pattern of actions by the O administration. We know that President Obama is a very slick liar indeed, but then so was Bill Clinton. But Clinton had a smaller majority in Congress, and was forced to compromise after the Gingrich Congress was elected in 1994. It is still possible that Obama may turn toward the mainstream. But the early omens look dark. [...]

Whereas James Lewis writes very well, at times he states things that just don't jive.  For instance; "It is possible that Obama may turn toward the main stream."  Not so much.  Know this.  Obama thinks that he is the main stream.  Just ask him.  The entire article is very good but it just isn't Grunt Speakish enough for my blood.  Perhaps that is why my submissions to TAT don't get published.  Having said that, let us continue.

Club Gitmo.  In a previous post, I received several comments from those that apparently have little to no understanding of the United States Constitution - just like Obama.  If he had any understanding of it at all, Clinton, Salazzar and Gregg would not have Cabinet positions and he himself would not be in the White Marxist House.

In the previous post on Gitmo, I referenced an article from al-"Roiters" that stated that Obama was reconsidering the disposition of the detainees terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.  Seeing that he is the current leader of the pack that are clueless about The Law, he is able to baffle the dumb with doublespeak and glittery verbiage which seems all pretty, warm and toasty.  He states such pseudo-noble utterances such as, "But what I can guarantee is that if we don't uphold our Constitution and our values, that over time that will make us less safe. And that will be a recruitment tool for organizations like al-Qaeda."  Sounds all flowery doesn't it?  To the unlearned and the uneducated, perhaps but not to this Grunt.  I know better.  Unlike the Czar, this Grunt has seen these people in combat and I know what they are all about.  Negotiations to them is a sign of weakness.  So, moving on...

In the comments section, I received this comment:

You excel at knocking down straw men. And changing the subject.

Where in the constitution does it say that the military can detain people indefinitely? And how do you know that all of the detainees are terrorists? The Supreme Court has ruled that the suspected terrorists have the right to challenge their detention.

Perhaps you feel that the 5 justices that voted in favor of that decision are wrong, and I have certainly disagreed with some decisions that have come down from the court, but that's the law of the land at this point in time.

Just so we're clear I'm not advocating releasing them all. If we have evidence that they've committed a crime they should be tried. If the Supreme Court decides they can be given a military trial so be it.

And there you have it.  A serious student of history will immediately detect the flawed logic.  I don't know or understand how people can live with themselves when each and every day history starts the minute they wake up and everything the day prior never happened.  Just ask Nancy.  She seems to think that the Vatican started 50 years ago.

SCOTUS has nothing to do whatsoever with the Military.  SCOTUS is not the Commander In Chief nor is SCOTUS Congress nor do they have the jurisdiction of legislation.  Period.  No discussion required or needed.  Read the US Constitution.  It speaks for itself.  In addition, SCOTUS is not the Law of The Land.  The US Constitution is.  Period.  End of discussion.

Obama and his underlings, or handlers, seem to think that our Constitution extends to everyone in the known universe.  That's why the preamble says, "We The People of the world...." - OH!  WAIT!  That's not how it goes.  Is it?  I think it starts thusly, "We The People of the United States of America...".  The terrorists being held at Club Gitmo are not US Citizens.  The terrorists being held in Gitmo were plucked from the battlefield in a war zone and not only are they not afforded American Constitutional Rights neither are they afforded Geneva Convention rights.  Read Articles 3 and 4 of the Geneva Convention and let me know what you discover.

When the Czar issued his EO on Gitmo, he not only violated the US Constitution, he usurped "Due Process" of the Military Tribunals.  NOTE: tribunals and trials are not the same thing, fyi.  He was said to have ordered a stop to the tribunals when in actuality, it was a request.  That in itself was confusing.  For almost forever, all we heard was DUE PROCESS!  DUE PROCESS!  DUE PROCESS!  And now that Due Process is taking place, he says to stop it?  I suppose that is why the Judge told Obama the Tribunals will march on, full steam ahead.  Now, what will he do about Rendition?

Obama is stuck.  If he doesn't follow through with his promises to the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades, he is toast.  If he agrees with the Bush Administration in why Gitmo cannot be closed down, he is toast.  If he releases the terrorists at Gitmo and they return to the battlefield, and get caught, as they always do, he is toast.  Especially if they kill Americans, allies or themselves all in the name of 72 virgin gay Rotweillers.

Got popcorn?  He should just let the Troops deal with the terrorists in accordance with the Geneva Convention, Articles 3 and 4 and then there wouldn't be any need for Club Gitmo.  It would also send the appropriate message to Haji.

Yes.  Obama is indeed a Clear and Present Danger and I have been spouting this for a very long time.  So far, everything he has tried has either backfired or failed.  What a GREAT first 14 days.

Hey!  Barack!  Just play Sting's Desert Rose, pal.  Haji loves it.

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February 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTed

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