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Live Free Or Die

Disclaimer: I do not hate Barack Hussein Obama.  (disclaimer presented here so some idiot of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades that claims I do will get trounced and treated as the slime balls that they are).  This Disclaimer was inspired by Duane Lester.  Moving on ...

I want Barack Hussein Obama to fail and fail miserably.  He is already Carteresque so he might as well complete the cycle as the worst President Marxist in history.  I want him to fail so miserably that by the time he is either found to be ineligible to be in the White Marxist House, impeached, run out of town on a rail or gets horribly defeated in 2012, he is 5 feet shorter than he is at the moment and he has a head of hair grayer than gray and he needs a walker to exit stage left.  And he can take his disbarred tag-along with him, too.

His "transition team" is nothing more than an Americanized cabal of the Soviet Politburo.  Corruption is their game.

If Obama is allowed to succeed, the Nation falls.  I have yet to see any references to the United States Constitution that supports and reconciles his proposed Plan(s).  The same goes for both Houses of CONgress, R, D or I.  Period.  I triple-dog dare anyone to present in the comments section the Constitutional chapter and verse which supports ANYTHING the Marxicrats, (R, D or I) has been presenting in CONgress.  Bring it.

Live Free Or Die.

OklahomaNew Hampshire.  These two States demand their State Sovereignty returned to them.


[...] The resolution's language, in part, reads: "Whereas, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows: 'The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people'; and Whereas, the 10th Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that specifically granted by the Constitution of the United States and no more; and whereas, the scope of power defined by the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states specifically to be an agent of the states; and Whereas, today, in 2008, the states are demonstrably treated as agents of the federal government. … Now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives and the Senate of the 2nd session of the 51st Oklahoma Legislature: that the State of Oklahoma hereby claims sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States. That this serve as Notice and Demand to the federal government, as our agent, to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers."

Key's resolution passed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives with a 92 to 3 vote, but it reached a bottleneck in the Senate where it languished until adjournment. However, Key plans to reintroduce the measure when the Legislature reconvenes. [...]

New Hampshire:

HCR-6 New Hampshire Bill to reassert State Sovereignty.

The People of the Nation-State of New Hampshire as defined in the Articles of Confederation are asserting their right to Nation State-hood Sovereignty with Bill HCR-6. This legislation intends to reverse the erroneous conclusions of the Supreme court and the Federal Government as a whole that the Federal Government is the supreme authority and law of the land. This legislation is the first step towards putting the federal government back on it's lease as a servant of the Sovereign inhabitants of the several Nation-states; not the subject/Citizens of the Corporate UNITED STATES. Americans are a free people with no reservations created through BAR attorneys operation for the interests of the City of London.

Leading by example the people of New Hampshire have boldly put the federal government on notice with HCR 6
- A Resolution affirming States' rights based on Jeffersonian principles. [...]

And here we have the beginnings of telling the "elected cockroaches" in DC where to stick their multitude of Big Brother intrusions.  Screw DC.  The vast majority of the American Electorate are flat-out dumb.  They do not know their Constitutions, both State or Federal.  It isn't taught anywhere anymore and they listen to the politicians talk about the Constitution and seen to trust them.  Those of us that have studied the Founding Documents for decades see what is happening and this is why I write and network like crazy.

Pay attention people.

I want the 111th Congress to fail.

I want Obama to fall flat on his morphed Marxism (Americanized Marxism - Stalin, Lenin, Chairman Mao, Engels and Marx) face.  Period.  I do not recognize his authority nor will I abide by any unconstitutional idiocy oozing from the pits of the very dishonorable void-of-understanding halls of CONgress.  Period.

And, yes.  This post will be forwarded to my Representative and my Senators, State and federal.

Texas is ripe to secede and I am all for it.

Long live the Republic of Texas, the Lone Star State.

Virginia Rebel - US Civil Flags -

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Reader Comments (2)

Amen brother. Well said. 'Cept, I'll go one further, I DO in fact HATE Barack Obama and all he stands for. It's not personal, it's politics.

February 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJenn

I understand your stand Jenn. I'll not support the puke and I hope he fails dismally.

February 5, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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