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"I Won"? What? A Crap Sandwich?

Credit to Club For GrowthThe Czar Obama - Czarbama - Czarbie.  Yes.  The one and only Snooper has coined these phrases.  Seeing that he has yet to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt as to his viable natural-born American citizen status that that POS United States Constitution so stipulates, folks that are recognizing him as "president" have failed the first Constitutional test in 2009.  I am not whining, merely stating the obvious even to the oblivious.

Also, seeing that the average attention span of your average American is close to 3 x 10-34 nanoseconds, I will remind people of a certain "incident".  Remember, "I won"?  What exactly has our first Czar won?  Yesterday and today, the Czar occupying what is now the Marxist House, came out and scolded whined about people not going along with the largest sell out of our Nation since FDR.  The "dude" that now has been placed in the singularly highest and most powerful position, as far as politics goes, has virtually imploded in a record time of eighteen days.

So far, his Gitmo thing has backfired on him.  All of the "concerned citizens" of the world have rejected the request of taking Gitmo detainees terrorists into their countries.  I wonder why that is.  The vast majority of Americans don't want them in this country except for that dufus Murtha.  Then again, he sees an opportunity to bring in some pork spending to build the maximum security prison which would be required.  His district doesn't have one of those.  So, what will Obama do now?  Eat some waffles?

His approval and sanctioning the murder of the unborn has angered the Vatican and millions of former Catholic supporters.

Terrorism has not ceased as he promised.

His Cabinet and Staff is rife with lobbyists and unpatriotic citizens (they didn't pay their taxes).  The others are "suffering" from ethics violation investigations.

Yep.  Hopie Changie.  Good job.  This is what happens when you lie to so many people.  It wouldn't be so bad if the lies were the same to everyone.  His problem is he told various lies to the many special interest groups that he has forgotten which group he promised to take care of first and to which group and which lie was designed for them.  Oh.  Wait.  Those were "campaign" speeches and they really didn't mean anything and we cannot hold him to those.  Yep.  Hopie Changie.

The Czar's Op-Ed has been exposed and shredded.  My 14-year old son writes better than that and my son can maintain continuity of thought between paragraphs better than the Czar can.  And, my 14-year old son doesn't contradict himself as he writes either.  Our Czar cannot claim that ability.  All three of my sons can cite you chapter and verse of the United States Constitution on political issues.  Our Czar cannot make that claim and neither can anyone in his Politburo.  If they could, they would have settled all argument by now.  If this rape of America is Constitutional, chapter and verse shall be cited and brought forth.

Don't hold your breath.

The Czar's "chat" with Iran failed dismally.

Nine States in our Union have started legislation to disavow DC.

He lied about tax cuts and tax increases and we got the very first unconstitutional tax increase of 2009 called SCHIP.  SCHIP itself is unconstitutional.  Period.  Prove me wrong if you dare.  Merely quote chapter and verse if you are goig to try that wrestling match.  I have provided links in the upper right-hand side-bar for you.  Also remember to consult Madison's notes.

He has appointed three Cabinet members uncontituionally: Salazzar, Clinton and Greg.  Hint: emoluments clause.  Read it.  It is self-explanatory.

No one is truly clear if the Czar is indeed an idiot or merely inept at this point.  What IS clear is this; his approval ratings are tanking and seeing that the American Leftinistra crap by the polls, they should be frightened.  And, apparently they are.  Many economists have now recognized the Czar as the Leninist he is and that I have been soap-box dancing upon for years - yes, I was watching his rise from 2006.  Then again, it wasn't PC back then.  I wonder why it is PC now?  Has the Czarbama Bubble burst?  Has the leg-tingle syndrome subsided or something?  Hell, even the angry wench Michelle said that he hasn't done anything yet and now the flake Czar is above his pay grade.

Good job, America.

The Czar says this like to garner sympathy, ""The economy keeps me up at night".  You were expecting a Rose Garden?  Oh.  Wait.

Hell!  Even moonbat fruit loop brigade members are after his hide and are now calling him a war criminal.  Then again, he is a war criminal but not for the reasons they are yammering about.

While we are on the subject of war for a spell, in his complete ignorance or purposeful intent 0 hard to tell the difference seeing that he has no viable loyalties to this nation - he has violated HR 5959 and in a move of appeasment, declared the term "War On Terror" as taboo and renamed it "Enduring Struggle Against Terrorism".  (Reference this, this and this)

The Czar's desires will destroy the nation's economy but don't accept an "Uncle Tom's" word for it.

As a good Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Marxist would do, he attacks private citizens and his Obamatards froth at the mouth.

I could go on and on but, suffice it to say; Obama is out of his league.

Yep.  Obama owns his first Crap Sandwich.  Got milk?

For a gathering storm, check this out.

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Reader Comments (2)

Great post. How does that crap sandwitch go with his pork & redistributed beans???

February 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFaultline USA

How does it go with his all out assault on the Traditional American way of life? This crap sadnwich is an attack on Christianity and Freedom of Religion.

February 7, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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