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Barack: Awash In A Sea of Inadequacy

Where does one begin describing the ultimate in International Embarrassment?  If former President George W Bush performed as the first Czar of the USSA has in the last 19 days, the media would have been in a feeding frenzy.  Where are they now?  They are stuck.  As I have written about many times, the Leftinistra always paint themselves into a corner with no clean way out.  Obama is no different.Credit Michelle Malkin

He colored himself in the colors and tints of Hope and Change when he was actually continuing on with the same lame idiocy that has gotten this country in the fix it is in.  In my opinion, it all started with Woodrow Wilson and FDR merely carried the Guidon to a new level.  The next driveling fool was Lyndon Banes Johnson that might as well have considered himself FDR incarnate.  Soon thereafter came Jimmy Carter.

Mr Hopie Changie has fallen flat on his face.  He lost control, if he had any to start with, when he said, "I won".  Ever since the "rebel" Republicans didn't suck the lint from his trouser crotch when uttering the "I won" bit, Obama has been in the "presidential" whine mode.

When one takes the time, as I do, to read article after article, blog post after blog post, from all sides of the political spectrum from overseas and here at home, one begins to detect a personality trait of The One Obama.  And, seeing that his eerie cult of personality has been discussed and discussed ad nauseum, it isn't hard to see which personality disorder rises to the top.  One particular personality disorder was revealed called NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder but, it is more accurately described as Inadequacy.  He isn't up to the task before him.  He knew it in 2004.  His wife expressed the same in 2006.  And the media elected him.  Amazing.  All because of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Because of his obvious inadequacies, he is unsure of himself and quite conscience of his short comings yet covers them up with fluff-speak.  Why else would he attack a private citizen for exercising their Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech?  Many of us saw this from the very onset of his campaign and witnessed how easily led the uneducated were attracted to his virtual emptiness of rhyme and reason.  Our Czar is a full-grown child pretending to be a full-grown man...the Pied Piper as it were.  Or, perhaps Peter Pan living in Never Never Land - an interesting analogy to Michael Jackson.

Many of his followers, and if I were to make an educated guess, most of them have been taken in my his fluffiness.  For instance, one woman thinks that because Obama is in the White Marxist House, this year she will be rich.  What kind of a "leader" would allow that kind of obvious foolishnessto continue?

Mark Steyn writes at NRO, "Obama, All at Sea" and in part, describes the cult of personality as follows:

[...] Yeah, sure, no previous occupant of the White House has been able to walk on water—your Eisenhowers and Roosevelts, your Chester Arthurs and Grover Clevelands and whatnot. But Barack Obama didn’t run as just another of those squaresville losers. He was gonna heal the planet, and lower the oceans. So, even if he couldn’t walk on water, he should at least be able to paddle in it. “He is a community organizer like Jesus was,” said Susan Sarandon, “and now we’re a community and he can organize us.” [...]

[...] A president doesn’t have to be able to walk on water. But he does have to choose the right crew for the ship, especially if he’s planning on spending most of his time at the captain’s table schmoozing the celebrity guests with a lot of deep thoughts about “hope” and “change.” Far worse than his cabinet picks was President Obama’s decision to make the “stimulus” racket the all-but-sole priority of his first month, and then outsource the project to Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Harry Reid. Appearing on The Rush Limbaugh Show last week, I got a little muddled over two adjoining newspaper clippings—one on the stimulus, the other on those octuplets in California—and for a brief moment the two stories converged. Everyone’s hammering that mom—she’s divorced, unemployed, living in a small house with parents who have a million bucks’ worth of debt, and she’s already got six kids. So she has in vitro fertilization to have eight more. But isn’t that exactly what the Feds have done? Last fall, they gave birth to an $850 billion bailout they couldn’t afford and didn’t have enough time to keep an eye on, and now four months later they’re going to do it all over again, but this time they want trillionuplets. Barney and Nancy represent the in vitro fertilization of the federal budget. And it’s the taxpayers who’ll get stuck with the diapers. [...]

America's Response to DC PorkObama, in 19 days has managed to piss off all of Europe and then some.  You see ... they read the stimulus package also and it will all but bankrupt the EU.  So much for licking EU's lap dogs.  I can only surmise that Obama "forgot" that he was to still appease the EU and some Asian nations as well.  Now that they have read their crap sandwich sent via FedX and as a "by the way, screw you" import (no pun intended) Obama's credibility is in the tank.  At least it took the Leftinistra nearly 6+ years to convince the world that GWB had no more credibility due to their incessant lies and emotionally charged and driven lunacy.  Obama did it all on his own in 19 days.  Hopie Changie.  Perhaps being more French will work.

Obama has made totally unfounded remarks on the economy and is constantly having to be schooled on the subject.  Even Joe Biden isn't sure about the stimulus crap sandwich.  The CBO is most adamant the Plan will be a dismal failureIgnoring the Truth merely bolsters the inadequacy.

Obama claims to be a Christian yet caters to those of his Muslim roots and youth as he attacks Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded.

No matter which way the spin is aplied, it always comes back to Quinn's First Law: "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent."

Name one "liberal" program or policy that worked and was beneficial.  I haven't seen one yet that wasn't mired in corruption and duplicity and decay, festering like rotting flesh in the hot dessert sun.

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Reader Comments (2)

Great article! Obama is clearly out of his depth and that’s why he’ll have to lower the oceans (expectations) before he attempts any more water-walking!

February 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFaultline USA

Thank you and indeed he is way out of his league.

February 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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