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Economy Is Worse Than The Depression Era - Leftinistra Party It Up

Ain't They Cute?While the economy flounders or, as the Democrats say, spiraling into the Depression Era and 500,000,000 jobs are going to be lost a month if we don't hurry and pass the unconstitutional stimulus package crap sandwich, the democrats "retreated" and started their celebratory party for reigning in the era of Americanized Marxism.  I suppose The Czar and the Czarina will be getting it on in some fashion or another.

From the Washington Compost:

House Democrats let it all hang out last night.

They danced, sang, drank and whooped it up at their annual retreat in Williamsburg until after midnight, forgetting, for a few hours at least, the misery of the free-falling economy, punctuated by the grim news that unemployment is hurling toward Great Depression levels. [...]

WOW!  I wonder who paid for all of that?  Surely they wouldn't have tax dollars pay for all of that and then turn around and whine about CEO bail out recipients spending zillions of bail out funds on extravagant parties!  Unless, naturally, steaks are actually free these days and Congress actually is entitled to their pay raises while they restrict CEO salaries while the economy tanks.  I smell dead fish and the math isn't adding up.

From Chicago Ray:

The democrats new slogan should be "the rules for me are not for thee" since they have no trouble whatsoever openly conveying their flaunting of power and influence by continually sticking it in the faces of the Americans they're trying to convince the country is in a depression worse than any time ever seen..seen any of these lately? I sure haven't [...]

So, Congress.  Are we in the cisterns of economic collapse or is this all a ruse to cover up the DNC's contrived shenanigans?  Don't answer that, please.  We are tired of the lies.  Those of us that have been paying attention, the direct cause of the current "quagmire" has been Democrat Party policies and programs and it started, in recent times, with Jimmy Carter and that "emotional" housing nonsense.  Fools.  And, the "quagmire" is in fact a ruse.

As the Democrats whine about the national debt, they want to add $1.6T to it to stimulate it.  The Liberal Mind.  A mental disorder.  Thye mental disorder explains why Fannie Mae is going to further relax loan policeis.  Those exact same loaning policies that started this "quagmire".  The war is lost.

Now, I know this is old news but, the TARP bail out failed miserably so explain to me once again how this new "non-TARP" bail-out stimulus package crap sandwich is supposed to work again.

Remember: Despite Air-Raiding Villages, Closing Gitmo, Pi$$ing Off the Vatican & Berating GOP Leaders ... AP Claims Obama Avoided Divisive Stands His First Week

It's the end of the world as we know it.  Perhaps now Obama can explain why $20M of tax payer money went to HAMAS.  Then again, Obama has lost control and the Leftinistra are lamenting their Messiah.

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