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Milton Friedman Says Obama Is Full of Crap

I have ordered this book to add to my library and will read it when I get done with the other 6 on the agenda and the To Read list: Free to Choose: A Personal Statement.  Mr and Mrs Friedman wrote it and I hear it is a must read.

I found the videos below first at Patterico's Pontifications, and then Instapundit and then at MacsMind.  The follow on video was at Instapundit.

Comment from MacsMind:

[...] Donahue is left speechless.

It’s the argument that conservatives should be putting forth to the American people now, because it’s the truth.

We know now that it wasn’t capitalism that caused the sub prime mess. It was liberals trying to legislate business, making banks loan to those “have-nots” so they could be like the haves, even though they had not the resources.

What is going to save America now, isn’t more government intervention and socialist mechanisms, but people who with the motivation of survival will create new avenues and approaches to capitalism.

It isn't all that difficult to befuddle a member of the Leftinistra with facts.  Facts to a socialist is like finger nails across a chalk board.

The follow-on video rom SNL, poking fun at the Porkulus.

Comment from Patterico's Pontifications:

In the below video, Milton Friedman takes Phil Donahue to school on the value of free markets. He expresses what not so long ago were America’s guiding economic principles. These principles may rise again, but not, I fear, before much “stimulating” damage has been done. [...]

After viewing the primary video above, feel free to read my article entitled, "The List of 45: Something You Should Consider As You Choose Your Elected Officials".  Further reading of the List of 45 is equally "entertaining" and scales will not only fall from your eyes, they will leap off and run away.  And they scream like libtards, too.

What we are witnessing in DC today, is the final throes of our Founding Fathers sliding into the Abyss.  It is up to us, True American Patriots, to do whatever it may take to get this country back on the tracks of the Freedom Train.

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