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Democrats Rush To Stupidity, And Beyond

Rush Limbaugh has not only spent a successful career showing the left to be hypocritical and more than a little deranged, he's also invited them to showing the world how little imagination they have (in case you haven't figured that out after enduring their 1960's platform during the 2008 election). The Democrats started a contest to find a slogan they could slap on a billboard in Rush's hometown. After putting 80,000 of their most fanatical minds in a blender, this is the best slop they could come up with:

Pathetic. One has to wonder if some clever Republican agent didn't have something to do with picking a slogan that does more to embarrass Barack Obama than reveal Rush Limbaugh.

Americans didn't vote for a rush into historical debt.

Americans didn't vote for a cabinet full of tax cheats and ideologues.

Americans didn't vote for a plunging stock market reeling from a lack of leadership.

Americans didn't vote for backhanding our British allies and negotiating with Taliban "moderates."

American didn't vote for America haters like Chas Freeman to lead our National Intelligence Estimates.

America didn't vote for 8,000 earmarks and a congress that throws out the rules to ram through unread bills.

America didn't vote to have its leaders attacking a radio host when the economy is tanking and the world is watching.

This country faces great challenges, but we are obviously not serious about confronting them. We elected a man with no executive experience at a time we are desperate for it - instead we've got a Chicago thug who treats those who oppose him as unpatriotic and dangerous. Can you imagine what the reaction of the left would have been if President Bush had attacked those that labeled him a Nazi? Who accused him of willfully murdering Americans for profit? Who stood on the senate floor and accused him of planning a war for oil from his ranch in Texas? For seven years Bush endured deranged hatred and hysterical partisanship from people as thoughtless as Nancy Pelosi and as patronizing as Peggy Noonan - but he never reacted with anything but class. It got so they had to concoct charges of 'pressure' and 'intimidation' by Rovian neocons, but even Naoli Wolf in all of her delusional paranoia couldn't make it sound believeable. But Barack Obama? He's as thin skinned as a bully in schoolyard, only he's proved all too willing to use his power to shut down his enemies. I though dissent was patriotic, Mr. President?

At a time when America needs to lead the world, we're withdrawing from it, and in fact, are looking to mimic the failed actions of European nations who only exist today because of our ability to subsidize them. Barack Obama promised bi-partisanship, but he's only a mouthpiece crooning for a voracious congress that knows a novice when they see one. He promised no more earmarks and an end to the corruption that inspires them, but behind closed doors he signed an omnibus bill so fat with earmarks it was like an grossly obese Mr. T weighed down with golden trinkets. He promised to hit the 'reset' button and restore America's reputation around the world, but he's keeping Guantanamo open, launching predators from Pakistan and enforcing laws signed by President Bush he once deemed unAmerican. President Barack Obama says one thing and does another - his words are just that; empty words. What will happen when he finds out that words are not enough? What will happen when something terrible happens and, untested, he takes into his hands the most powerful military in the world?

America didn't vote for a rush into insolvency, incompetence or isolationism. Put that on a billboard.

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Reader Comments (3)

MOST excellent, once again Shane. Well done. This will be sure to piss off some libtards.

March 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Yup. The libtards will be biting themselves in the ass over this one, once they figure out exactly what it is the sign says. HAHAHAHAHA.

Kinda like that badge hillroy was sporting in Russia. HAHAHAHAHA.

Nothin' but a bunch of clowns. The Supremo DUFUS leading the dufus-dufus.

March 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

As always, the libtards reveal they have no forethought...only think in the present. In the long run, the billboard will be true and Czarbie and his drones will wind up in that Abyss of Obscurity.

March 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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