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Obama Goons Are Everywhere

STFU Czarbie!Thou shalt not criticize His Hineyness Barack Hussein "Insane Imam of Obam" Obama and thou shalt not criticize any of his Goon Squad Members even if they are judges.


Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals: 'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about'.

I am so far beyond even contemplating "going along" with the Fair Weather Asstards in this country that whine about "not being like the libtards". They can kiss my ass, too. There is one difference between True American Patriots and your basic Neo Marxist libtard...we have FACTS to back our allegations up and your basic troll-libtard demonic asswipe-libtard has nothing and never offers up any substantiation for their mentally deranged assertions. Ever. Never. Not once has any libtard I have slammed and beaten at their own game either in the blogosphere or face to face presented any viable and verifiable evidence to solidify their emotionally charged and driven bravo sierra. Not one. Ever. Never. And don't look for one to even come close to trying. Ever. Never.

Obama is the Daddy-Bro of American Fascism. Period. End of discussion. Case in point (of many examples):

A Washington, D.C., man who believes Barack Obama probably isn't eligible to be president – and colorfully stated as much to a federal judge who dismissed a case challenging Obama's residency in the White House – says he got a visit from U.S. marshals for his exercise of free speech.

Jesse Merrell told WND he was reacting to Judge James Robertson's decision to throw out a case challenging Obama's eligibility because the issue had been thoroughly "twittered."

Merrell sarcastically gave the judge a "good-for-you."

"How dare people use a flimsy thing like the Constitution to darken your sanctimonious door!" he wrote to the judge. "The insane idea that a blue-gum baboon slashing our Constitution has to prove U.S. citizenship – as our silly old Constitution demands – is too absurd to consider in the sacred chambers of the tiny tin gods of the Potomac, adorning the royal purple and sipping Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

"Thanks to smug, slimy shysters like you, Obama gets a free ride – snootily stomping on our foolish Constitution, which supercilious idiots like you have long ago shredded for their own stupid opinions!" Merrell continued in the letter, a copy of which he provided to WND.

He finished with his speculation on what "ought" to happen to the judge, a physical act not appropriate for a family-oriented report. [...]

What did he get for his "trouble"? He was visited by the US Marshall's Office. It seems the judge has thin skin and more than likely voted for the Fraudbama.

[...] "After reading your story about Federal Judge James Robertson dismissing a suit challenging Obama's natural born citizenship, and suggesting sanctions, I wrote him a very critical letter," Merrell told WND. "Two U.S. marshals came to visit me, making threats to silence me. [...]

I have made contact with WND asking if this man would accept an invitation to come onto my show. We will see if that comes to fruition and I REALLY love what he wrote to the judge after his visit from the Obama Goons of the US Marshall's Office:

[...] "I told your Gestapo goons, of course, that unless the First Amendment had been repealed, or they were there to arrest me, that we had nothing to talk about.," Merrell's letter said ."One of your Brown-Shirt Nazi bullies, however, could not resist threatening me with some obscure law – one he didn't know where it was, or when it was created – which he said made it a crime to say something that caused a federal judge 'emotional distress.'

"Emotional distress? What unbelievably unadulterated horses---!" Merrell wrote. "What about the repulsive, stomach-turning 'emotional distress' you black-robed baboons speciously dish out to the American people daily – haughtily spitting on our precious Constitution with your nauseating, decency-stomping, judicial-jack--- slobber!

"If it is illegal for a Constitution-loving citizen to chastise a Constitution-scorning judge, who has spitefully spat on America's consecrated moral bedrock, then the slimy, steel-laden tentacles of unspeakable tyranny are already wrapped tightly around helpless citizens – awaiting the final hideous strangulation.

"But not as long as one end of my red-blooded tongue is loose!" Merrell's letter said.

He put the challenge directly to the judge:

"The Constitution clearly states, with no possible ambiguity – in Article 2, Section 1 – that 'No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President,'" he wrote. [...]

Priceless! However, there is ANOTHER example of an Obama Goon and this one is at Fort Campbell! The following example reveals just how frightened the Obama Fart Residue Sniffers are of the True American Patriots finall rising and making quite a bit of noise and making the natives nervous.

Military demands details on soldiers' private guns: Fort Campbell command reversed under pressure

A military commander at Fort Campbell in Kentucky demanded his soldiers give him the registration numbers of any guns they own privately and then reveal where they are stored.

The order was stopped, according to base officials, when it was discovered the commander was not "acting within his authority."

The original order was issued on the letterhead of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment and said effective March 11, any soldier with a "privately owned weapon" was required to submit the information, along with any information about any concealed carry permit the soldier may have, and what state issued the permit. [...]

This outrageous attack on Second Amendment constitutional rights was reversed and the moron that issued the unconstitutional edict was severly "talked to" and I can only imagine how the conversation went. I have an audio clip that just might paint a picture in your mind:

Click to enlargeOne never knows.

[...] Further, the rule warned, "If any soldier comes into possession of a Privately Owned Weapon following the effective date of this memorandum, he is required to inform the Chain of Command of the above information."

One soldier who objected to the demands circulated the memo, commenting that he lives off post.

"It just seems a little coincidental to me that within 90 days the most anti-firearm president in history is inaugurated, some of the nastiest anti-firearm laws are put on the table in Washington, and then the Army comes around wanting what amounts to a registration on all firearms, even if they are off post, and doesn't provide any reason or purpose as to why," the soldier said. [...]

The memeorandum was rescinded and an Army Spokesman said that "it was all a mistake". It certainly was.

[...] Mistake or not, the commander's order comes on the heels of a Department of Defense policy that limited the supply of ammunition available to the private gun owners by requiring destruction of fired military cartridge brass.

That policy already had been implemented and had taken a bite out of the nation's stressed ammunition supply before it was reversed this week.

Mark Cunningham, a legislative affairs representative with the Defense Logistics Agency, explained in an e-mail to the office of Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., that the Department of Defense had placed small arms cartridge cases on its list of sensitive munitions items as part of an overall effort to ensure national security is not jeopardized in the sale of any Defense property.

"Upon review, the Defense Logistics Agency has determined the cartridge cases could be appropriately placed in a category of government property allowing for their release for sale," Cunningham wrote. [END]

As my cousin Paul Harvey used to say, "stand by for news!"

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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