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I Want To Bear Michele Bachmann's Babies!

I love this woman!  Why?  She actually gives a DAMN about the United States Constitution where most other DC turd burglars (95%) do not.  I know, I cannot bear children but, if you aren't a moron, you get the drift.  If you don't, you must be an Obama fart residue sniffer.

Donald Douglas posted two articles on this subject and he even sent the articles to, evidently, Fair Weather Conservatives that have done nothing with the material.  Well, that's because they want to fit in and don't want to make waves.  That's fixin' ta change, as we say in Texas.  Being a member of ACTIVE (not in the inner circle), our goal is to bowl over any and all opposition and the Fair Weather types can watch our smoke as we regain the Constitutional Republic that has been overthrown by the Neo Marxists and their foolish tools which comprise the Fair Weather types.

First Article: Yuanization of the American Economy?

There's a big outcry on the left in response to Representative Michele Bachmann's congressional resolution that would prohibit the replacement of the dollar by a foreign currency as the unit of exchange in the United States. Greg Sargent and Matthew Yglesias, respectively, have riduculed Ms. Bachmann as a "colorful" personality and have attacked her resolution as more "madness." The Hotsheet has jumped on the bandwagon, indicating that Ms. Bachmann's demand for the truth from the Obama administration reflects confusion "about calls by China for a so-called 'international reserve currency'." In other words, leftists are attacking Representative Bachmann's alleged policy buffoonery. [...]

Second Article: Leftists Launch "Currency Trutherism" Against Bachmann

Are conservatives interested in standing up for Michele Bachmann? I sent out my post yesterday to a number of top bloggers but heard nothing. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Maybe she's indeed the extremist that the leftists keep portraying her to be. Can it really be that top right-wing bloggers are willing to let Bachmann hold down the fort on her own? Not me. I don't buy the meme that she's dog-whistling to the black-copter crowds. Bachmann's speaking more clearly about things that are half of the top conservative opinion makers in the Washington press corps (Brooks, Frum, etc.). [...]

And there you have it.  I have taken the audio from a two-part video and combined it into one audio link which can be heard below.  I did this because knowing the reputation of the Obama Yoots Goons, they will assail You Tube and say that the video is "bad for business" and the video just might be taken down.  So, I always grab the audio.

[...] Perhaps Matthew Yglesias and some of his allies on the left might have reasoned through the full implications of this before dismissing Representative Bachmann's proposal as a "dog whistle to the “end times” folks." [END]


[...] There's nothing stupid about Michele Bachmann's concern for American sovereignty or her distrust of the Democratic financial manderins in Washington. What is not so smart is how conservatives, at least as demonstrated by the lack of response to the left's "currency trutherism" against Ms. Bachmann, aren't taking these atacks seriously. (But thank goodness for William Jacobson's exceptional essay, "Yet Another Cheap Attack On Michele Bachmann.) [END]

The libtards HATE the United States Constitution because it is in the way of their Neo Marxist march to perdition and they also HATE the United States Armed Services.  Why else would they try and get the Obama National Civilian Security Forces up and running.

One more thing.  As the libtards whine about Michelle Bachman, they seem to have forgotten Rep Inslee that is openly calling for a civil war if anyone drills for oil in Washington State or offshore.  It must be a DNC moron libtard marxist double standard thing.

I find it "odd" that the libtards say that Rep Bachmann is insane.

[...] No matter. Matthew Yglesias is on the hunt, "Bachmann and Beck Double-Down on Currency Conspiracy Theory." And Steve Benen diagnoses Ms. Bachmann as insane:

Bachmann simply isn't well. Were she not an elected member of the U.S. Congress, she'd probably be shouting conspiracy theories and holding cardboard signs on some sidewalk somewhere. But what I find especially interesting is that her paranoid delusions are so detached from obvious truths. If Bachmann wanted to complain that a 39.6% top rate was the epitome of Marxism, she'd be just another conservative. But she's convinced herself that the Obama administration will "move us to an international currency," due entirely to her breathtaking stupidity.

Gird your loins, conservatives! [...]


Get Some!  Damn that Constitution!

You Tube 1 and You Tube 2

The foolish trolls of the Obama Yoots and Goon Squads have simply lost their minds and there is NOTHING of which they yammer and prattle on about that can be reconciled with the United States Constitution.  Nothing.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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