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Leave Obama Alone

He's really tired. Screwing up the Nation and getting caught at it is really tiresome. Let's give him a chance. He is losing sleep over the economy and made him use poor judgment with Prime Minister Brown from England. He thought that he was back in Chicago what with the snow and the chores of organizing a bunch of people dependent on hand-outs. Wouldn't anyone want a whole bunch of DVDs? Come on!

It's tiring scouring the budgets for earmarks when there are parties to host and attend. It's tough being reminded that he promised to eliminate earmarks and trying to convince people that it's too soon to totally overhaul the earmark process. It's tiring having to fulfill those campaign promises and it's tiring putting up with Rush Limbaugh - he can't get anything done, dammit!


It's tiring trying to give the appearance that he is presidential when all he is is a little boy trying to have his cake and eat the bloody thing too. Doesn't everyone know that he won? It's tiring trying to figure out where all those doors and closets lead to and it's tiring smacking your head on those damn helicopters, too!

It's tiring trying to remodel the United States after the fashion of Saul Alinsky and other "radical" communist pinkos only to have the "fist-bump" cool stuff made public. It's tough being in way over his head and pretending he isn't.

It's tough trying to explain why he has 18 lobbyists on his inner circle of socialists and then trying to not explain why they are there.

It's tough surrounding himself with tax cheats and then dispatching them to go after all those evil tax cheats in the country and then have to justify it all.


It's tough being a liar and getting shown to be one. It's tough trying to convince people in a burning house to stay put because the fire really isn't all that bad and to stop listening to people saying something different.

It's tough holding his first State of the Congress Address packed full of so many lies that it is hard to track them all and to remember exactly what he said. And, it's even more tough dealing with those damn people actually pointing out all the lies! It's tough dealing with speech writers that are dumber than a box of turtle turds, man!

It's tough going up against that damn Bush who was adored by The Troops and when he went to Camp Lejeune, it was obvious those damn Marines didn't want him there. Damn it all. It's tough giving a Show Speech to The Troops when the speech was so disingenuous, it was another international embarrassment, in a long list so far and more to come. After all, he has that idiot Clinton screwing things up with Russia and everyone else and then there is always Joe Biden. It's tough, I tell yas!


It's tough pushing forward what is known as the Generational Theft and Rape of America Act of 2009 only to find out that the Plan sucks, no one knows what it is and it is having the opposite affect from the one projected. Damn that Quinn's First Law anyway.

It's tough pushing forward a Plan having an adverse affect on the Nation because of the affect stated and then having people find out the Truth that the current affect IS the actual desired affect to create another Lincoln Moment to enable the complete overthrow of the United States Constitution.


The Snooper Report. Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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  • Source
    Barack Obama's offhand approach to Gordon Brown's Washington visit last week came about because the president was facing exhaustion over America's economic crisis and is unable to focus on foreign affairs, the Sunday Telegraph has been told.
  • Related
    PRESIDENT Obama's first hosting of a foreign leader, the UK's Gordon Brown, was a diplomatic disaster. — Obama failed to hold a joint Rose Garden press conference, the usual protocol when a US president and a British prime minister first meet …
  • Related
    PRESIDENT Obama's first hosting of a foreign leader, the UK's Gordon Brown, was a diplomatic disaster.

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