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Copy Cat Frauds of the IAVA

In typical libtard fashion, once again due to the libtards across the globe having not an original thought in their pea-brains, they find it necessary to copy the web site that ACTUALLY helps, supports and promotes a positive message for The Troops of Vets For Freedom.  The pathetic organization site called Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is geared towards "indoctrination" into Obama's Marxist ideologies.  The organization called Vets For Freedom is the exact opposite - they promote freedom and patriotism, something foreign to moonbats.

Behold the screen shots:

web site named IAVA

web site named VFF

From Pat Dollard and Do The Right Thing and Black Five and Liberals Like Christ and Black Five again and check out why veterans are leaving the group in droves.

Click here to read why one former IAVA member left the group. To quote: “Today I’ve come to realize they are another hack organization masquerading as non-partisan.”

An insidious, treacherous, anti-military, anti-democracy and anti-capitalist organization called “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America”, IAVA, is posing as a veteran’s aid and support group in an attempt to turn the last non-Leftist bastion of America into the Left’s mightiest arm of real force.

They are dedicated to one mission, and one mission only: indoctrinate the average service member into a Leftist ideologue loyal to George Soros’ and Obama’s neo-Marxist revolution. Go to this link and scroll down to the bottom, and you will see the IAVA’s “report card” on politicians’ performance as supporters of the troops. John McCain is given a D, Barack Obama a B.

George Soros is a financier of the IAVA. ( From Blackfive: But Burden says what really bothers him about IAVA’s report card is its insistence that its grades are nonpartisan. He points to IAVA’s funding: Jonathan Soros, son of liberal financier George Soros, is sponsoring the group’s annual dinner next month. At the same time, the IAVA uses technology provided by Democracy in Action, a self-described “progressive nonprofit” that provides discount services to liberal groups. And, Burden points out, Rieckhoff once delivered the Democratic response to one of President Bush’s radio addresses.) They used to operate under the moniker Operation Truth before they came up with the less radical sounding IAVA. Blackfive did an expose on Operation Truth.

The IAVA, led by Paul Rieckhoff, claims to operate as as a “non-partisan” group, but as you can tell by both the report card linked above, and the fact that Rieckhoff blogs exclusively for the Huffington Post as the face of the IAVA, they are anything but. You can put the fact that Rieckhoff makes such a bluster about his alleged “firecely non-partisan” stance into the “Me thinks thou do protest too much” file.

Anyone who operates behind such a curtain of blatant deception is a coward, a predator, and fits the vernacular appellation of “weasel”. Don’t presume that the term “traitor’ hasn’t come to my mind, either.

From Rieckhoff’s propagada machine:

Paul Rieckhoff is the Executive Director and Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). A non-partisan, non-profit founded in 2004 with tens of thousands of members in all 50 US states, IAVA is America’s first and largest organization for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. IAVA’s mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their families.

Rieckhoff served as an Army First Lieutenant and infantry rifle platoon leader in Iraq from 2003-2004. He is now a nationally recognized authority on the war in Iraq and issues affecting troops, military families and veterans.

Rieckhoff has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs. Recent appearances include: NBC’s “Nightly News,” ABC’s “World News With Charles Gibson,” CBS’s “The Early Show”, PBS’s “Tavis Smiley” “The Charlie Rose Show,” and “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the “Dr. Phil Show” and numerous NPR programs.

He is a contributor to the New York Times, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Newsweek and a regular blogger for The Huffington Post,, and Scoop 44.

They will have a special place in hell for what they are doing.  Who knows.  I might have the opportunity to assist with their travel arrangements.

Here is their deceiving crap in video: Predatory IAVA commercial

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

Vets For Freedom is truly non-partisan as you and I both sat through speeches at a VFF function from Democrat Reps Baird and Marshall. VFF is certainly all about the troops, and I don't think you will ever read anything like what was posted here from an "ex VFF member" (don't even think they exist actually).

God bless Pete Hegseth, David Bellavia, and all the other HEROES who make up Vets for Freedom!

April 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterCP

AMEN CP! The poor frauds and cowards just cannot seem to be able to bring any originality to the table, can they?

April 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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