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Cranial Rectilitis: Obama's 100 Days

NOTE: I swiped the title of this article, fair and square from Stanger73 on Cyber Pastor's BTR show last night.  All credit for Cranial Rectilitis goes to Stanger73.

From the American Thinker, 1.26.09, by Rick Moran, Obama's first week: The good, the bad, and the ugly

It is probably too early to get a good handle on what kind of president Barack Obama will turn out to be. After all, it's been less than 4 days since he took the oath for keeps.

Still, the study of the American presidency is an examination of the exercise of power in a democratic republic. How does Obama turn his comfortable electoral victory into actionable policies and programs? [...]

[...] Obama made it quite plain what that means when Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) went into a critique of the new president's "stimulus plan." Reportedly, Obama waited for Cantor to finish and then said, simply "I won." Obama's two word put down trumped the discussion. (Glenn Reynolds points out that if George Bush had tried something like that, he would have been considered arrogant.) [...]

NOTE: Dear Rick Moran, we are not a democratic republic.  We are a constitutional republic.  There's a difference.  Setting that issue aside for now, that "I won" childishness comes from the insecurity of a man void of conscience with the proof and substantiation of that is exactly what Glenn Reynolds mentioned.  Had any republican dared to utter such verbiage, impeachment would be in the air.

From Gateway Pundit, Saturday, January 24, 2009, Despite Air-Raiding Villages, Closing Gitmo, Pi$$ing Off the Vatican & Berating GOP Leaders... AP Claims Obama Avoided Divisive Stands His First Week

[...] In his first week as president Barack Obama already banned harsh interrogations, closed Gitmo, passed legislation to fund foreign abortions, pi$$ed off the Vatican, stared down a reporter, pi$$ed off Pakistan, bombed an ally, killed civilians, snarked at GOP leaders and bashed Bush and the AP claims he mostly avoided divisive partisan and ideological stands.
Yeah, right: [...]

[...] It must be nice being the teflon media messiah. [END]

From Chicago Ray, 1.22.09, More Grief At The Ball That The False Messiah Blew Off, George Clinton Unintentionally Offends Vets and Some Bolt

[...] Seems like a sad misunderstanding, and the Vets definitely we're not in a good mood BEING KISSED OFF BY THE HALFRICAN MESSIAH and his Caboose known as Michelle. That much I certainly understand.  I would've been too, as I am as mad about it as anyone obviously, and I'm not even near being an honorable wounded Vet. They get dissed enough by many liberals, they don't need any disrespect from the so called president now do they? [...]

From Chicago Ray, 1,21,09, Obama Visited The Dead Unknowns, But Kisses Off The Live Medal Of Honor Recipients

As we posted on Inaugural Obamination day, Obama was the first to visit the Tomb of the unknowns on this strange choice of days, who's only known reasoning to do so on the day of the inaugural was for the certain "fake patriotism & easy military friendly phot ops" the "in the bag" Obama propaganda arm media would assign to the visit, which of coarse they did like good little Obama soldiers. In fact the visit could have even been to cover up the later snubs of any military related inaugural evenst where live soldiers might somehow prove embarassing for the newly crowned king of loons.

Of coarse they didn't file one single solitary report that for the first time in 54 years or 14 inaugurations, a president KISSED OFF the living medal of honor recipients at the American Legion "Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball". I guess he was too busy sneaking crack hits at the Fiddy Cent ball or the Iced T Ball, no was at the BET ball for all the bruthas and sista's...sure couldn't miss that one could the Halfrican fake brother, who were much more important than the men and women who will now take marching orders from the Halfrican American Usurp Commander in Cheat. [...]

From Chicago Ray, 1.21.09, A Cheap Shot From Obama at the new

[...] Now Obama is in the line of fire and we'll get him too eventually with the facts that today remain well and guarded as old friends turn foes and begin to unpeel the layers of scum beneath the smooth and cool wrapper that has all these loons creaming in their designer jeans over the Messiah.

This little piece of information gleaned from the dim dem version of lies already up and running displaying this cheap shot of bullspit at president Bush. A fine man of proven honor who just went out of his way to facilitate the most friendly and orderly transition of power in our history to the Halfrican fraud, a courtesy not extended as we know to Bush from Slick and his minions as I reported and mocked in this post the other day.

So this is how Bro Bama and his buddy Rham Emmanuel who's slithery fingers are all over this propaganda and misinformation above Obama's name pay back the president of dignity, by repeating liberal folklore like fact on a government website like this?

This man has no honor. [...]

The next segment requires a preamble.  For years now we have heard that GWB was shredding the United States Constitution every day and was even accused of calling the Constitution a GD piece of paper.  The proof of the charges of shredding the document and calling the Constitution what the BDS crowd said he did never materialized and it never will because he didn't and the evidence is in the demented mind of a fool.  With that said, back in December, a moonbat drew a political cartoon of Obama piecing the Constitution back together.  I wonder how the idiot feels about all that now, seeing that several laws have been passed that do not pass muster against the same Constitution that he is allegedly piecing back together.  I wonder how the fool feels now that Amendment Six of the Bill of Rights may very well be legislated out of existence, unconstitutionally. Photo credit to MsUnderestimated.

From MsUnderestimated, 12.28.08, Mike Luckovich, AJC’s Cartoonist, Dreams of Obama’s First Day

[...] Yeah, right. He’s only “repairing” it so he can either amend it to death or break it down totally. Just watch. This man has NO sense of the Constitution, in fact he even called it a “charter of negative liberties.” He has no regard for it himself. And his admiration in the liberal media, will only carry him on his lofty goals while Americans sleep-walk and dare to do nothing to stop him. [END]

I could not have said it better myself.

From Chicago Ray, 2.8.09, What Time It? Don't Ask Perpetually Late and Inconsiderate Obama

[...] Barely two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama has made a clean break from George W. Bush in several high-profile moves, including reversing a number of the 43rd president's policies.

He's also reversed an unwritten but much-noticed Bush policy: Be on time, all the time.

Obama has been routinely late to events and news conferences, including the ones at which he reversed Bush's orders. This has led to an already familiar refrain from the Obama camp: 'He's running late.'

The president was 45 minutes late Friday for a ceremony in which he introduced a team of outside economic advisers. He was 10 minutes late Thursday to a memo signing at the Energy Department. He was nearly 30 minutes late Wednesday for the ceremony at which he signed a bill to expand children's health care.

Even before the inauguration, Obama wasn't a punctual sort; he arrived late to a Jan. 8 news conference on the economy that was aired live by broadcast and cable networks."continued [...]

He is STILL late and tardy to appointments.  Yep.  The international embarrassment has time issues.

From the American Thinker, February 10, 2009, Change: The First Three Weeks, By Randall Hoven.

Far be it from me to criticize Barack Obama before he's even had a chance to rule.  Well, he's had almost three weeks in office as I write, and some patterns are beginning to emerge.  Here is a list of accomplishments 20 days into President Obama's first term.

Prior to taking office.

    • Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Commerce "under pressure of a federal investigation into how his political donors landed a lucrative transportation contract." 
    • In December, President-elect Obama introduced a $775B stimulus plan, which  enjoyed a 79% approval rating in the polls at the time.
    • By January 12, the cost of the stimulus was up to $850B and "43% of people surveyed called it a ‘good idea,' while 27% said it is a ‘bad idea.' The rest didn't have an opinion," according to the Wall Street Journal. [...]

And that ain't all.  Due to the length of this particular article, I will only place the lead-ins to the remaining article.  You will have to travel to TAT to read the details.  However, the astutue will recognize the issue(s) at hand.

January 21.  Day One in office, or "Clean Government Day."
January 22, "Be Nice To Terrorists Day."
January 23, "Be Nice To Abortionists Day."
January 26, "Help the US Automobile Industry Go Broke Quicker Day."
January 27, "Be Nice to Terrorist Lovers and Tax Cheats Day."
January 28,  "Bipartisan Schmipartisan Day"
January 29, "No Statute of Limitations on Anything Day."
January 30, "Payback the Unions and Keep Joe Busy Day."
February 3, "Being President is Hard Day."
February 4, "More Socialized Medicine Day."
February 5, "Community Organizing, Low-Flow Coffee-Makers and Trade-War Day."
February 6.  "Be Even Nicer to Unions and Terrorists Day."
February 8.  "Moderate Republicans, Not So Moderate Jihadis Day."
February 9.  Day 20, or  "Fear, Not Hope Day.

Impressive, eh?  Yeah.  To anti-Americanists for sure.  It continues...

[...] President Obama also said many words in these first 20 days: press conferences, speeches and op-ed pieces, but I left these out of the above list in order to concentrate on actions rather than words.  (To my knowledge, Obama did not complete another autobiography in the last three weeks.)

I probably missed a few things, but I think you get the drift.  Undo whatever Bush did.  Expect appointees to obey the law, with a mulligan given for first-time offenses less than $128,000.  Pay back Democratic special interests like unions, trial lawyers and Planned Parenthood.  Define "bipartisanship" as inviting Republicans to lunch and telling them, "I won."  Spend really, really huge amounts of other people's money.  Make terrorism a law enforcement issue instead of a national defense issue.  And watch terrorists and nuclear proliferators be released, from Pakistan to Yemen to Gitmo.

President Obama has lived up to my expectations.

I believe these first 20 days could best be summarized in the immortal words of Mark Steyn, who said, "We have nothing to hope for but hope itself." [...]

There's 80 more days of this, folks.  Stand by.

From American Power, 4.19.09, Rule 5 Rescue: Ashley Swearengin

[...] Actually, I'm looking forward to Obama's last 100 days, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share the success of Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin's first 100 days (with a politically-relevant Rule 5" entry, as per Stogie's request). [...]

From Gateway Pundit, 4.10.09, In First 100 Days Under Obama... US Deficit Reaches Record $1 Trillion

Change! Obama lands the largest budget deficit in history.  In March the budget deficit nearly reached $1 trillion. [...]

[...] Obama will quadruple the deficit this year.  The US budget deficit will reach $1 trillion dollars in April.  Breitbart reported: [...]

[...] Obama's budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, and adds more to the debt than all previous presidents -- from George Washington to George W. Bush -- combined. [END]

From Douglas V Gibbs, , April 23, 2009, The Polarization Effect

As the First 100 Days of the Presidency of Obama come to a close, Barry has achieved a lot more than I expected.

You read that correctly. I attribute Barack Obama with a lot of achievement as president of the United States.

Barack Obama, despite the claims that the polarization crown belonged to George W. Bush, is the most polarizing president in recent history. That is quite an achievement, if I do say so myself. As he works on creating the greatest federal deficit in American history, another wild achievement, while setting his sights on the federal government taking control of private industry, the partisan gap between Republican and Democratic approval ratings for the Leftist messiah stands at 61 points - ten points greater that when the gap was at its worst for Bush.

The great unifier has unified many people, but they are, for the most part, on the Liberal side of politics. Barry, however, has angered everyone else. And he realizes this, which is why he tried so hard to get at least a few Republicans to vote in favor of his Stimulus Package, when in reality, the Democrats could pass it without any help from the Right. Barack Hussein Obama wanted to be able to say he united the parties, and everyone was working together in the Stimulus. [...]

The great unifier has turned out to be the greatest divider of a nation since the American War Between the States.  I am sure that if he could, he would write to the whiteness side of him and tell mommy dearest all about it.

From Gateway Pundit, Thursday, April 23, 2009, Obama Gets An "F" For First 100 Days (MSNBC Poll) ...Update: VP SHOCKER! Biden Less Popular Than Darth Vader Cheney

After destroying the capitalist economy, putting America in massive debt for generations, and obliterating our national security and standing in the world, 40% of 2.7 million voters gave Obama an "F" for his first 100 days in office. [...]

[...] Gaffetastic Joe Biden is less popular than the Darth Vader Dick Cheney.  Real Clear Politics reported: [...]

From Gateway Pundit, Friday, April 24, 2009, 2 Polls Today: Obama Less Popular Than GW Bush After 100 Days.

Two different polls released today show that radical Barack Obama is less popular than George W. Bush was after 100 days.

A FOX News poll admits Obama is less popular than Bush.
FOX News reported:

The president's approval is nearly identical to the job rating George W. Bush received at the same point in his first term, as 63 percent of Americans approved and 22 percent disapproved (April 18-19, 2001). One noticeable difference is that approval of Obama is much more divided along partisan lines today than Bush's ratings were eight years ago.  But, Gallup was not so open about their results. Judith Apter Klinghoffer discovered this today:Gallup reports that 56% of the public believes that Obama is doing an excellent/good job. Gallup reported 62% approved of George W. Bush's job performance after the first 100 days.  For some strange reason this point did not make it into the Gallup press release

Gee.  I wonder pertinent data didn't make it to the Obama Pollsters releases?  I wonder what Forest Gump would say about that.

From Michelle Malkin, 4.24.09, 100th Daygasm: Obama ‘asks’ networks for hour of primetime during sweeps

Here’s your feelgood story of the day: President Obama is saying “thanks for all your support” to the media behemoths who carried his water during the campaign by swiping a valuable hour of time during May Sweeps [...]

[...] I hope Obama ends up “requesting” time every night in prime time — so much so that even Mussolini would think he’s overdoing it on the media control. It’s the least the networks deserve. [...]

If the sports addicts get short-changed, I wonder if that will have an adverse affect someplace.

From Jammie Wearing Fool, 4.25.09,  Networks Balk at Another Primetime Obama Egofest

You would think the most overexposed president in history would be satisfied with the nonstop slobbering media coverage and magazine covers. Although in the case of Barack Obama, his vanity knows no limits. Now for the fourth time in his brief presidency he asking the networks to shelve primetime programming during sweeps month so his TelePrompter can congratulate him on how wonderful his first 100 days were. [...]

The news groveling networks have created this behemoth leviathan and are now paying the Reaper for it.  After all, even they know that capitalism is their bread and butter - until the Obama Marxist Good Squads nationalize the news industry as well.

From Macsmind, 4.25.09, Obama’s First 100 Days - Grade D

How well has Obama performed his first 100 days?

Not well at all. The New York Post has an oped with people like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and others grading him. 100 Days, 100 Mistakes.

Of course there’s still 1360 days to go, that’s a lot of mistakes to go. Let’s hope that one of them doesn’t get us all killed.

If and when Shari'a Law comes to the USA, the Obamabots will be among the first to fall in a public demonstration as to how hated they truly are among the Jihadis.  The rest of us that know what Obama is and represents will be too busy taking the country back to be bothered coming to their rescue.

From Michelle Malkin, 4.25.09, The only 100-day retrospective you need to read

[...]The NYPost commemorates Barack Obama’s milestone with 100 days, 100 mistakes.

Seems like it has been a hell of a lot longer than 100 days, hasn’t it? [...]

It feels like being at the timeclock at work , ready to punch out and join the Beer 30 club and the punch out time never arrives and we are stuck forever - waiting to get the hell out of there!

From Gabriel Malor, Via Ace, 4.25.09, NY Post: 100 Days, 100 Mistakes

Governor Palin makes an appearance at number 17. Joe Scarborough at 22. Dana Perino at 51. And Glenn Beck at 97. [...]


The article is 17 pages long and I will be reading them on my BTR show today to commemorate the WORST.  REZIDENT.  EVER!

From Jammie Wearing Fool, 4.26.09,  Obama's 100 Days a 'Hallmark Holiday'

Maybe since they're naming it after a greeting card company they can send out some bereavement cards commemorating the death of capitalism.

"All new presidents get the benefit of the doubt for the first three months," adds Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas. "That benefit of the doubt will evaporate shortly when the impact of his policies becomes better known." [...]

From Gateway Pundit, 4.26.09, Location of Obama 100 Day Town Hall Meeting Announced-- Fox High School In Arnold, MO 10:20 AM (Updated)

The most transparent and accountable administration in history finally announced the location of the town hall meeting scheduled in the St. Louis area on Wednesday.

Team Obama chose Fox High School in Arnold Missouri as the site of the meeting. President Obama will be at the rural St. Louis school at 10:20 AM to brag about his first 100 days of destruction.

Thousands of Missourians already spoke out against the president's policies earlier this month. [...]

Apparently, there is a move on to replicate the Tea Party atmosphere and Gateway is urging everyone to come show some appreciation to the nation's first Usurper.

[...] It looks like it's time to organize a welcoming party for the president.

UPDATE: Jean S. has an idea:

Please tell me that 100 of you folks in Missouri will make 100 posters, each displaying one of Obama's first 100 failures since taking office, and picket out in front of the hall.

UPDATE 2: Yes. It's official. We are currently planning a protest for Wednesday night. [...]

From Gateway Pundit, Sunday, April 26, 2009, Sick. Liberal Nutjobs Will Coronate Obama at Union Square

These lunatics just won't stop.  In celebration of his first 100 disastrous days in office liberal goons will crown Obama in messianic imagery at New York City's Union Square on Wednesday.  World Net Daily reported: [...]

Thankfully, the artist's evil depiction of Obama as The Christ will not be displayed or shown.  I guess we are still a Christian Nation after all, eh, Barry?

Oh, NBC, CBS and ABC will also be airing "Lie to Me," the Obama version.

From Gateway Pundit, 4.27.09, FOX Won't Air Obama's 100 Day Press Conference-- Will Show "Lie to Me" Instead

Think Progress does not see the humor in this [...]

[...] UPDATE: Ladue Pundit posted this clarification:

Thanks for clearing that up. [AMEN]

Screw Think Backwards.  If they cannot tell or, if they REFUSE to acknowledge that Barack Hussein INSANE Obama is a psychotic liar, that isn't our problem.  That dog is theirs and theirs alone to hunt with.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  Let us know how that ditch works out for you, OK?

From Macsmind, 4.27.09, Fox to Obama - You’ve been Replaced by Lie to Me

OUCH!  That has just GOT to sting!  Naturally, the libtards will pretend this never happened.

How funny and appropriate. After all Fibber Obama has been laying them thick for a while now. Fox has had enough. [...]

[...] I’ll bet, and it’s a matter of time before NBC, CBS and ABC follow. This airtime for a first 100 days is unnecessary - like who cares about your 100 mistakes in 100 days - and it cost the networks BIG cash to allow Captain Teleprompter an hour to craft his image.

Bravo to Fox. [END]

I can just imagine the squirming libtards plotting their vitriolic "tolerant" reprisals against that EEEEEVIL Faux News!

From Jammie Wearing Fool, 4.26.09,  The First 100 Mistakes

The New York Post chronicles an exhaustive list of the first 100 mistakes of the disastrous Obama presidency. My only thought is why stop at 100?

Number 100:

"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother." -- Obama to Rep. Peter DeFazio, after the Democratic congressman voted against the stimulus bill.Good to see someone's keeping score. I doubt the networks will be chronicling this list.

True.  That's what we are for - to keep track of this idiot's lies and deceptions.  The problem is, there are so many it is hard to keep track of them all.

From David Zublick, America Talks Radio, 4.26.09, One Hundred Days Of The Dragon

Barack Obama marks his 100th day in office this week, having taken this nation so far to the left in such a short period of time that it has literally made conservative heads spin.

In a whirlwind fashion, his ambitious agenda has taken the nation by storm, putting forth a budget that will bankrupt this nation, and place our children and grandchildren in a position which will force them to pay an exorbitant tax rate of well into their working lives, and perhaps preventing them from ever being able to retire.

The so-called stimulus package which was rushed through Congress like crap through a goose and which neither they nor Obama read, actually does nothing to stimulate the economy and create the 4 million jobs Obama promised.

In the most important job that Obama is charged with, the protection of our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, Obama receives a failing grade. He has eliminated the term "war on terror" from the lexicon, and replaced it with "overseas contingency operation". And there are no such things anymore as terrorist attacks. They are now "man-made disasters".

Obama has reached out to our enemies with an olive branch, pledging to talk with Iran about their nuclear ambitions. He has cozied up to Castro and Chavez. His apologies to the world for the arrogance of our nation, designed to make the Europeans like us more, has in fact made us appear weak. We don't need other countries to like us. We need them to respect us. And Obama has destroyed any chances of them doing either.

Obama's behavior throughout these first days in office has been reminiscent of a dictator. His narcissistic attitude and his holier-than-thou demeanor is enough to sicken any critical thinking human being. Yet he continues to enjoy a 62% approval rating.

Obviously there's still plenty of Kool-Aid to go around.

Indeed, Mr Zublick.  Well said.

From Policy Watch: Holding Democrats Accountable

If the following graphics don't bother you, you don't need to visit this web site for any reason whatsoever.  You will have to either be clueless or a Marxist slut to not understand any of this.


From Jammie Wearing Fool, 4.27.09, The 100 Daze Celebration: Bumbling Submorons Apologize for NYC Flyover

The incompetents at the Obama White House today apologized for the incredibly idiotic flyover stunt that scared the daylights out of lower Manhattan.

Just imagine the wailing had the Bush White House, or any other for that matter, had ever done something like this there'd be mass firings, Congressional hearings and years of mockery.

Obama? Eh, he'll get a pass. [...]

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (5)

Even Canada an the UK tell us this is bad. Why don't our leaders listen? Because they can better control us with socialism. Wake Up, Sheeple!

April 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFoxwood


April 29, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Since your post is so long Mark, I was unable to determine if you mentioned this little gem that exemplifies President Obama’s ability and leadership!

“…In the wake of the G-20 meeting, Obama, Sarkozy, and Putin were walking around a beautiful lake. In the middle of the lake, there was an island. "Let's go there," Obama suggested, and started walking on water to it. Sarkozy followed him. Medvedev also followed, but started sinking.

"Should we tell him where the stones are?" Sarkozy whispered to Obama.

"What stones?" Obama replied. “~ Ivan Krastev

Gosh that's just... GREAT!

April 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDumbe

He has no leadership qualities. He is a follower. A leader doesn't need a teleprompter. A leader speaks from the heart. When zippy's teleprompter craps out on him, he is lost and has chats with the electronic gadget. If that is your idea of a leader, no wonder you and your kind are so demented.

April 29, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

When you are in uncomfortable position and have no cash to go out from that, you will need to receive the mortgage loans. Just because it should aid you unquestionably. I get secured loan every time I need and feel myself great just because of that.

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAngelinaWEST

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