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What Is It About the American Liberal

The American Liberal is pretty much a pathological liar.  They believe their own rhetoric to such a degree that when they are called on their pathetic "look at what I accomplished" nonsense, they get "angwy".  Here are some examples of it.

Iran denies US claims of meeting: Hillary says that they met and had a good time.  Somehow, the Iranians don't remember the meeting.  Curious.

Iran has denied that a meeting took place between their main representative at an international conference on Afghanistan and a senior US official.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinto
 n had said that Richard Holbrooke and Mohammad Mehdi Akhoondzadeh had an informal but "cordial exchange".

She said the US had given the Iranian delegates a letter, but Iran's foreign ministry "categorically" denied this.

The US had welcomed Iran's presence at the meeting as a "promising sign".

On Tuesday, Mrs Clinton said that Mr Holbrooke and Mr Akhoondzadeh had had a brief meeting on the sidelines of the conference in the Hague.

She said the meeting had been unplanned but that the men had agreed to "stay in touch".  [...]

Which one or, which ones are lying?  Seeing that no one can really distinguish between you basic democrat politician and a terrorist, no one can truly pinpoint the liar.  Imagine that?  Oner side says there was a letter and one side says there wasn't.  I suppose if there had been sniper fire in the area, all of this would be cleared up in no time flat.

In the Politico, we read this headline: Code Pink changes its hue.  Yellow would be appropriate I am sure.

For the past seven years, the women of Code Pink have waved their fuchsia flags in what they called a “desperate” plea for the U.S. military to “get out.”

They wanted soldiers to get out of Iraq; they wanted the U.S. to bug out of Afghanistan. They even protested for Marine recruiters to leave the city of Berkeley, Calif.

But with its cardinal mission not yet accomplished and Iraq now back seated by the domestic economic crisis, Code Pink is broadening its protest efforts and engaging in a two-front war of its own.

Is the mission now survival?

Like other peace groups whose support and interest have waned as the economy has taken center stage, Code Pink is trying to stay relevant by shifting its focus. [...]

Relevant?  Relevant?  Code Skank couldn't be relevant at any time, no matter how many Boobs for Peace parades they conduct.  I am wondering when the TREASON chargesd will come against the Code Skank whores for aiding and abeting the enemy in a time of war.  I know.  A wet dream.

Remember when the congressional spat raised its ugly head over State Executives denying unconstitutional "stimulus" funds?  Remember how congressional "leaders" said that there was a provision in the unconstitutional "stimulus" bill that gave Congress authority to bypass the Executive and go directly to the State Legislatures?  Remember that they said federal statute trumps States Soveriegnty issues?  Remember how we stated time and time again that this was 100% unconstitutional?  Remember why the Tea Parties sprang up all over the Nation, ignored by the Lame Stream Media?  Well, apparently, State Soveriegnty is a Big Deal.

Big Victory for Sanford Over Stimulus Funds

The White House acknowledges that yes, governors control how stimulus funds are used in their states, not state legislatures:

In an important victory for the nation's governors, the White House is acknowledging that state legislatures across the country can't wrest control of $48.6 billion made available under the new federal stimulus law to help states cope with their budgets.

White House budget chief Peter Orszag says there is no provision in the stimulus law for state lawmakers to accept that money without approval by the governor. South Carolina's Republican governor, Mark Sanford, has said he may decline more than $700 million in stimulus money because the White House won't let him spend the money to pay down his state's debt.

Orszag wrote in a letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., that Sanford controls those purse strings. The White House also urged Congress to change the law to avoid what it called unfortunate and unintended consequences.

Unfortunate and unintended consequences?  Have they started to pay attention to that now?  I can hardly wait for them to lay claim on that terminology as their own invention.  Libtards.  Not a single original thought in their pea-sized cranial cavities.  And that includes Lindsey Graham, by the way.  Damn democrat in drag he is.

Obama and the rest of the Neo Marxists are undertaking the largest power and control grab both in modern and past times.  Newt Gingrich explains in this audio clip: NOTE to the Neo Marxists - we are more powerful than you are...we have 80,000,000 guns.  Think about that.  Really.


Here is a story of an idiot that isn't paying attentio to her constituents and hasn't a clue about the Tea Parties all over the Nation.  Go figure.  Shea-Porter Staff Seeks “Refuge” from Tea Bag

Refuge from a tea bag?  Truly snort worthy I am sure.

Taxpayer tea parties have rattled some politicians in Washington, as thousands have gathered in cities across America to object to President Obama’s spending policies. But no politician was rattled as severely as the staff of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) was yesterday.

After opening an envelope containing a teabag and marked “Tea Protest” in the Congresswoman’s Manchester office, Shea-Porter’s staff called Capitol Police and city police and firefighters.

The authorities instructed Shea-Porter’s staff to seek “refuge” as they performed field tests on the substance contained in the tea bag. It turned out to be green tea.

The culprit was a Pelham, NH man named Michael Yannetti, who objects to $3.6 trillion in new federal spending. Charges will not be filed against him, police say.

There was no indication that the whole affair was an April Fool’s joke. UPDATE: A reader observes that it is unclear from news reports whether the tea was in a bag or loose in the envelope.

Fire Department?  Police?  For a tea bag?  I wish I had been a fly on the wall for that one.  It isn't the tea these idiots should be worried about.  Just try and visualize what the Iraqi politicians have been living through for the last few years as they made good on those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks which were drafted and issued which were designed to fail.  Use your imagination.  Would our politicians have the courage to go to work?  Hell.  They only work three days a week as it is.  I laughed at the video:

snort snort

I can just hear the whiners now.  They said nothing as the anarchists and Neo Marxists set fire and vandalized government and personal properties at their "protests".  Seen London recently?  You watch.  NO MORE TEA PARTIES!  Y'ALL ARE TOO VIOLENT!

The Brits took due note of the 12-member TOTUS Brigade.  Snort Snort

Here's another snort snorter ... Praise for Prez Who Trashed 'White, Blue-Eyed' People?!?

"That's my man right here," President Obama said this morning at the G-20 summit as Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva approached him. "Love this guy. He's the most popular politican on earth. It's because of his good looks."

Obama sent a white blue-eyed dude to sooth the ruffled feathers - Joe Biden.  Unbelievable.  Jake Tapper says Lula ain't  no looker so, Obama must have lied and bestowed the "good looking" thing due to his racism.  Birds of a feather, don't you know?

N. Korea Threatens to Retaliate With 'Thunderbolt of Fire' ... and who is to blame for the NORKS to have this capability?  Democrat Party Executive leadership.  That's who.  Who gets the blame?  President Bush.  Oh.  Wait.  Isn't that called selective finger pointing?  Oh.  Wait.  Obama said the time for finger pinting is done.  Why is that?  Curious.

SEOUL, South Korea —  North Korea's military on Thursday threatened immediate retaliation if "even the slightest effort" is made to intercept a long-range rocket it has begun fueling and that it plans to launch in the next few days.

President Barack Obama warned the liftoff would be a "provocative act" that would generate a U.N. Security Council response, but North Korea's military threatened those who opposed the launch with a "thunderbolt of fire" if they interfered.

A Korean Central News Agency report made a veiled threat against the U.S. In an apparent reference to American warships that have reportedly set sail to monitor the launch, the Korean-language version of the report said: "The United States should immediately withdraw armed forces deployed if it does not want to receive damage." [...]

Our Imam said that he would call AND write a letter to the UN Security Council.  There.  That will fix it.

A tax cheat explains things: Geithner On Ousting CEOs, Reviving Economy

Days after GM's CEO Rick Wagoner was forced out by the Obama administration, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner left open the possibility that such moves could happen again.

In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, Geithner acknowledged the government has had to do "exceptional things" – citing AIG as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

"We have changed management aboard," he said. "And where we've done that, we've done it because we thought that was necessary to make sure these institutions emerge stronger in the future." [...]

Note the constitution chapter and verse referred to

Five banks have now said, "Screw you and your stimulus crap, Timmy".

And the last item of interest for this article; a democrat in drag lashes out: Romney: Don't root for Obama to fail

He's another one that doesn't get it.  If Neo Marxism takes hold, blood will flow.  If Obama succeeds, the Nation, our Constitutional Republic falls.  When Obama flops like a smelly fish out of water, the Nation, our Constitutional Republic survives.  Carry on.  Shut up Romney.  I always knew there was something fishy about you and it isn't your Mormonism either.  It's your moronism.

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    Lula, it should be noted, is hardly the George Clooney of the G-20. But beyond that, the moment was quite telling in terms of the understanding that these leaders have for one another's domestic political considerations.