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And the Dumb Keep Getting Dumber

The last paragraph in an article in The Guardian UK entitled, "America's unemployed need help", reveals the "udder" ignorance and total stupidity of the alleged learned.

[...] But it is a stopgap measure, one that allows people to survive at subsistence levels while they look for work. It does not allow for the kind of spending that will be necessary to break the recession. UI could stand to see changes that would deal better with cyclical downturns, but welfare alone won't fix the current crisis. [END]

UI are the initials for unemployment insurance, another failed democrat party economic failure due to federal government intrusion, power and control.  It is another socialist program that the federal government mandated and forced upon the individual states to comply with, or else.  Not only is it unconstitutional, it was doomed to fail as all socialist give-away programs will do.

The author also whines that welfare doesn't work, either.  Imagine that?  Yet another unconstitutional mandate forced upon the individual states, or else.  FDR.  Such a dismal failure.  What I would like to see is a politician anywhere in the USA that can point to any federally mandated social program that has worked and has had a positive influence.  So far, none have taken me up on that challenge and the reason for that is simple.  No examples exist which leads one to believe that all have failed to one degree or another.  There is no evidence to the contrary.

It should be apparent by now, even to the mentally deficient, that government programs that cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution do not work nor shall they ever work.  End of discussion.  I have beeen waiting for decades for evidence to the contrary but not one single person has been able to present any.  And, even people like Michael Paarlberg who wrote the article admits to that fact while trying hard not to.  I find that ironic.

Yes, America's unemployed need help and the most needed help that America's unemployed need is zero government intervention.  The help they need is a return to our Constitutional Republic and let the individual States take up whatever issues there are with their people directly.  The people from State to State are different and that federal government broad brush stroke that everyone is the same and must be treated the same is a dismal failure and must cease and desist immediately if not sooner.

All federally mandated programs that cannot be reconciled by chapter and verse of the United States Constitution must be immediately rescinded.  That way, the dumb can begin to get smart.

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