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Anti-Obama talk worries some on right

Too damn bad.  It is people on the "right" that have gotten this nation where it is today - on the brink of a bloody civil war because of culture marxism, aka political correctness.  Screw PC and screw the whiners on the right.  Replace them all with strict adherents to the United States Constitution.

From the Politico with a HT to Pat Dollard:

While Washington policy makers coped with 21st century political problems this week, some conservative talkers were dredging up 20th-century “-isms.”

Glenn Beck, who graced the cover of The New York Times on Monday, teased Friday’s episode of his increasingly popular new Fox News show with images of Stalin, Lenin and Hitler, while telling audiences on Wednesday’s show that he was wrong to have said the Obama administration is leading America to socialism — it’s actually fascism.

“They’re marching us towards 1984,” Beck said. “Big Brother, he’s watching.”

Although Beck’s brand of libertarian conservatism has generated a strong following, some members of the right-leaning commentariat openly doubt whether such heated rhetoric is helpful to the Republican Party or the conservative movement at large. [...]

Dear Politico.  We don't give a rat's ass what you think, what the PC elite think or whether or not anyone thinks that Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh or any other Constitutional Warrior is damaging the conservative movement or the republican party.

The republican party is packed full of infiltrators that used to be called RINOs but are nothing more than democrats in drag.  Screw 'em.

From Pat Dollard:

Many of you will recall that a few nights ago on “The Jihadi Killer Hour” I told you that there were certain members of the Republican Elite, including organizations, who had a shortsighted investment in keeping Cultural Marxism alive, and keeping the Conservative Movement in victim status (precisely analagous to Jesse Jackson keeping racism alive, and blacks in victim status), because this was the entire mechanism by which they were able to pry money out of the pockets of their billionaire Conservative benefactors. I told you they were partially responsible for our current socio-political situation because they had empowered the enemy by not only intentionally not fighting him hard enough, but by even intentionally aiding and abetting him. In short, they are treasonous, to both party and country.

Lo and behold, a few days after I inform you of this, comes this story from Politico: [...]

(the entire Politico BS is at Pat's place)

Traitors are traitors and whiners are whiners.  There's a fight coming and it will not be pretty.

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