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Barack Hussein Obama the Surrogate

Obama shows his assIn the three years that I have been covering this young Americanized Marxist hack maroon, I always knew that he possessed an element of complete stupidity and an air of kenetic arrogance but I never knew or suspected that it went this deep.  To the Obama flatulence residue sniffers that come this way, know this.  You aren't any better, no matter who you are or what you may think you are or want to be some day.

In the picture presented here, the body language of the Saudi King and the smirks of politicians that know Obama just committed one of the gaffes of the century is readily evident and obvious.  It is said among the spin-masters that this wasn't a bow.  I guess he was either just falling down or trying to take a peek under that robe of the Saudi King.  I suppose we'll never know seeing that few of us know how to be a community organizer in the slums of Soutrh Chicago and none of us in the real world thinks every place on the planet is a suburb of South Chicago and needs to be organized.  The video is all too clear that the actions of the Idiot Obama is in fact a bow.  Americans bow to know one.  Especially if we are not subjects.  Portent?  HT Fausta

The trangression is about 55 seconds into the video.  One more nail in the coffin of the largest and singularly evident international embarrassment in this nations' history.

Spin that.

From Political Vindication:

President Obama makes a subservient gesture to the king of Saudi Arabia, you can check out the video over at Fausta’s blog just how this happened. Bowing is an act which only loyal subjects of the King are supposed to do in his presence. The very inexperienced former legislator from the state of Illinois just made all of us Americans look like a bunch of asses in front of the world at the G20. Betcha ya won’t see this on your local 5 o’clock news tonight!

I suppose all of the protocol officers hired by the #1 Moron of America (BHO) are also from the slums of Chicago and are products of the America Putrid Indocrtrination Centers, government run.  I do believe it is also known as the Public School System.  Michelle hugged the Queen of England which was yet another huge gaffe.  Simply amazing.

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Reader Comments (2)

Whoa. Wait a minute. I thought obambi was the chosen 'One', the messiah, the 'One' who deems himself leader of the free world, the 'One' who will lead us out of the ruin.
Why is he bending over for the Saudi princes?
Shouldn't they be bending over kissing his smelly arse?

April 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

The Czar is ashamed of America's successes and accomplishments.

April 5, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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