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Chief KOSmonoff Inciting To Riot

Everyone knows who and what Markos Moulitsas is.  The who is well known but The What is a matter of explanation.  To those that are paying attention, which groups across the country openly advocate and approve of violence?  The "anti-war" groups, the "peace" groups or the pro Troops groups?  Which groups "demonstrating" across the land have consistantly vandalized government and private property?  The "liberal" groups or the "conservative" groups?

Which organizations across America were praising deaths of cops and US Military members?  The "liberal" or "conservative" organizations?

And now, the Chief Moonbat of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades, aka Daily Kos, has stated that the deaths of police officers in Pennsylvania is due to "conservatives".  The individual (cannot classify him as a man for the obvious reasons) Markos Moosetwit Moulitsas is a lying ass and thrives on deception because he is a liar and a coward.  He has no shame and that is what attracts others of his ilk to such dementia.

[...] Diaries and comments at DailyKos indicting conservatives as inciters of murder are utterly commonplace. And not just at DailyKos. To a whole wing of the Democrats it’s axiomatic that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck cause violence. I’m reminded of a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, wherein he and his panel claim that the invective and hyperbole of conservative pundits is so excessive and that it invites harm on Obama, and then equate Glenn Beck with Nazi sympathizer and apologist Father Coughlin. Yes, all in the same segment. Yes, Keith “YOU’RE A FASCIST, SIR” Olbermann.

It’s very telling. Calling conservatives Nazis isn’t even hyperbole to their minds. But calling Obama’s socialist policies socialist is an incitement to murder. [...]

I find it interesting how the Leftinistra seem to get away with classifying others in the file that they themselves belong in.  Behold the Chief Retarded Libtard trying to regain credibility among his fellow retards:

the guy is a loser on top of being a coward

Redstate - American Power - Hot Air -

This isn't anything new.  The libtards will try and politicize anything and everything to promote their lies and deceptions.  Americans are finally waking up to this.  All we need now is for the turds in DC to do the same.

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