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Chief Moonbat and anti-Americanist: Markos Moulitsas Zuniga

This pathetic slug wouldn't know his ass from from his mouth if it was shown to him in a mirror.  Hell, the odor from either just has to be indistinguishable one from the other.  IT encourages ITS pathetic anti-Americanist followers to vandalize and cause havoc and disturbances every where they go and claims that conservatives run around shooting people.  What a moron.  Talk about an intellectually void and "udderly" dishonest punk bastard!  Just look at the mug of his!  Damn.  I bet his momma wishes she had believed in abortion now.  Sure has an uncanny similarity, doesn't it?  I mean, which picture is him?  Poor thing.

Anyway, the poor deluded neo marxist punk, a lad that has zero understanding of the United States Constitution yammers and prattles about a wide variety of topics and reveals ITS total dysfunctional resonance with reality.  He has written many articles that expose his anti-Americanistic trait of loser over and over again and it seems that the only folks that listen to him are the cowards of IVAW and other organizations consisting of cowards and liars.  No wonder he is so popular among the easily deluded.  For example:

Whooeee! The teabaggers are bringing out the heavy artillery: Alan Keyes.

By all means!  Alan Keyes is da man!  He is one of the very few that are willing to stick their necks out for the United States Constitution and he gets beat up for it.  That in and of itself reveals the deep-rooted hatred for what this Nation was founded upon; Judeo-Christian values.  You know.  God, Country, Family.  What a pathetic ass the Chief KOSmonoff is indeed.  The next one is even more humorous.

If you give the Pentagon more money, you are "gutting" it, but only if you are a Democrat and pretends that the Secretary of Defense wasn't also Bush's Secretary of Defense.

Another disingenuous and retarded comment.  Very few of us liked Gates from the start, you jerk stick and yes, he is gutting the military just like Clinton did to try and stem the flow of unconstitutional expenditures.  Retarded liberals - libtards.  Mo matter the spin, punk, the fact remains that the military is yet again a target of the neo marxist Leftinistra.  There's more.

I swell with pride when I see how many people want to be Americans.

Naturally, the fool seems to want these folks as part of the new voter pool because libtards have managed to murder approximately 3,000 Americans a day before they ever get born.  Like I said.  He's a punk.  I am also proud that people want to become Americans when they do it legally and not some trumped up bullshit "comprehensive" bullshit, libtard mind game.  Why is it that libtards always have to bribe people for their loyalty?

This week in blackness. A lot going on in blackness -- black president, black GOP leader, black mortgages taking down the economy, etc.

Now that is funny.  Especially in the light of how the Russians think of the non-black dude living in the White House Marxist House.  You haven't seen that one yet in the Lame Stream yet have you?  Obama selling ice cream, just like a pedophile.  Here kiddy kiddy kiddy!  Ya want some ice cream?  Non black?  Indeed.  He is a half-breed.  Black and white but no one is really sure who his mommy and daddy really are at this point.  I call him gray because he is neither black or white but he pretends to be black because he shed his "whiteness", because of his mommy perhaps.  He pretends to be black and claims that he is black which, is a lie.  He is a mutt like the rest of us.  Moonbats.  Always trying to redefine reality and redefine terminology to confuse the easily confused.  Then again, when dealing with such folks that are void of the simple task of cognitive reason, what is one to expect?

To add self-inflicted insult to injury, the pathetic cretin goes on and whines about the victory soon to be had in NY20 and claims that the folks on the Right are over-doing their claims to victory yet, when it appeared that it just might be a democrat victory, they were salivating and counting their chickens before the rooster went around screwing the hens.  It ain't over yet and if the democrats get their way, the military ballots will not be counted.  The Leftinistra HATE our military unless, naturaly, the scant few that are democrats agree with them.  Reference the recent embarrassment for Obama in Iraq.  1500 invited and 600 show up out how many Troops?  Amazing.

How about this one?

Dear Conservatives,
If having hilarious tea bagging parties keeps you guys from shooting people up, then I heartily endorse them.

Hugs and kisses,


I guess the idiot troll hasn't been paying attention recently with the latest findings.  I'll let the coward stew on that one for a while.  I suppose it is quite alright with the child Markos that his followers lob fire-bombs and destroy anything and everything in their path at their "rallies" and "demonstrations" and vandalize monuments to the Fallen like it is their patriotic duty.  And, I do question their patriotism.  It isn't clearly defined what they are patriotic about or towards and neither is it clear who they swear their allegiance towards.  Then again, they wouldn't know what loyalty is or means.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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