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Redefining The Center or the Moderate

The True PS GraphIf I have said this once, I have said it thousands of times.  The Cultural Marxists, the proponents of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and identity politics have been rewriting and revising political science since I have been watching, studying and analyzing American politics.  And, my tenure of paying attention spans 41 years.  I have been paying attention to the political arena in this nation longer than most have served in DC.  I have seen them all come and go.  From that experience and not having been polluted by the captured audience mentality found in every place of education indoctrination in this nation, I have successfully adhered to the United States Constitution...for most of those years.  I goofed up once and voted for Jimmy Carter.

I ran across the book The Naked Communist in the early 1970s and discovered within those pages the List of 45.  That list is the framework and map the communists employed to get this nation where it is today - on the verge of civil war.  I drove my friends and family bonkers for many years in my quest to re-educate those I ran across as if I was John the Baptist being the voice in the wilderness.  Almost 40 years later, people are beginning to awake from their complacent slumber and ask questions akin to, "WTF?", or "what the hell is going on?", or "what do we do about this at this late moment in time?".  I won't get into my usual and canned answers at this time.  What I will get into is the revisionist history in the realm of political science.

In various colleges that I attended and the plethora of college classes that I attended in an auditing nature, I always made it my mission to confuse the political science professors.  It wasn't that hard at all and that's why I eventually got kicked out of class for being disruptive.  They could never ever tell me what the differences were between fascism, communism, socialism or any morphed form of either and at times, the merging of any of the afore mentioned political mind sets.  However, they ALWAYS said that fascism was far right and communism was far left.  I would then ask where anarchy would be placed and I was almost always informed that anarchy was far right - with the fascists.  More often than not, my reply was, "Step away from the bong before entering the classroom please, professor.  You are going to have to justify that one."

Please bear with me at this juncture because the meat of the subject has not yet been approached...we have a way to go.  I spent the vast majority of my adult life, practically all of it, as HUMINT.  For those familiar with that, you know what it means.  At times I also performed SIGINT.  I was an analyst.  I analyzed what I saw and witnessed and wrote reports.  I analyzed what I read and studied and wrote reports.  I studied body language of the people I was sent to "review" while those I accompanied spoke and "negotiated"...I more often than not didn't know the language spoken.  I was there to observe and detect tonal inflections and make note of their stances, hand gestures, eye movements and breathing patterns and not to "listen", per se.  I would then attend the debriefings where I would hear for the first time that which was spoken while viewing the videos that almost always were mysteriously taken.  With that being said, I have discovered something interesting.

It isn't anything new at all because I have said this on my Blog Talk Radio shows for nearly two years now and I have written on this subject hundreds of times on my web sites, forums and at other web sites.  I have often said that pretty soon, the Centrists will be redefined by the masters and scribes of revisionist history.  Sooner or later the far left, the far right and the center will be redefined.  As you will see in the pictures below, the game is on.

The first graph is defective and highly suspect in my estimation.  First off, the sources are as follows: Capitalist Conservative Republican Homepage and the Bill Clintongate Scandal PageThe first web site is from 2002 with a draft Ron Paul for Senate banner.  The second one is, well, self explanatory.  However, the graph they present places Libertarianism at the far right and there is no mention of anarchy and anarchy is absolutely no government.  Libertarianism recognizes the need for a government but is to the right of conservatism and neither even remotely comes close to fascism.  However, anarchy does have a commonality with the far left due to their hatred of the current government at hand, no matter the nation's form of government.  Fascism, socialism and communism hate their opposition and think that government is the answer to all that requires an answer.  Anarchists hate their opposition and think that government is in the way of "if it feels good do it" ignorance.  That's why I don't agree with the following.

I don't know what "tradition" they are refering to, do you?  I supose anarchists do not exist in their mind.

The next chart is, well, created by an idiot.  Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini are in opposite corners, for example.  Is that insane or what?  The following chart demonstrates how incoherent this system is for describing political ideology.

The creator of the above chart needs to get out more and study with their eyes and ears open for more than it takes to take a toke or two.  I am not exactly sure what the Amish are but I do know they aren't far left and, please note that communism isn't even mentioned.  They do mention those evil "corporate" people.

The next chart or bar graph is the very epitome of revisionist everything.  Behold.

The above chart is exactly what I have confronted political science proferssors about.  How in the hell is fascism to the right of "republican" and to the left of "totalitarian" and anarchy is once again removed from the discussion?  This, ladies and gentlemen is redefining the center and goes with the following chart.

Clear as mud yet?  Just wait.  The conclusion is coming shortly.

The next bar graph is presented as the "traditional" view, just like the first bar graph presented was said to be.  I find that interesting.  Two "traditional" bar graphs are exactly opposite.  Scroll up and check for yourselves.

Again, Fascism and Communism are at opposite ends of the spectrum and conservatism is close to fascism.  That is revisionist history.  However, Liberal is close to Communism but left-of-center and right-of-center has been redefined.  Interesting, isn't it?

The next one is the most blatant revisionist stupidity I have seen this for decades and I do remember this one being presented at more than one time and, surprisingly, most of the students told that professor that he was full of crap and I just sat back and smirked.

Good God Almighty, people.  This is the crap our kids are being subjected to on a daily basis.  Whoever the fool is that came up with that chart is obviously off its rocker and needs its own rubber room.

The next chart will lead to the purpose of this article.

The above chart does include anarchy and anarchy is the key, in my opinion and life's experiences, that throws a monkey wrench into the revisionist historian's job of muddying the Truth.  Far left proponents do not do well when Truth is spoken or revealed.  For some reason, they react to Truth in the same manner as they react when the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned.  Without anarchy in the equations of political science you can draw your charts or graphs anyway you so choose to distort Truth and redefine what Truth is.

Anarchy has many things in common with the far left and will often side with each other to affect the changes they lust for and in the end, will work out the details with each other when everyone in between has been eliminated.  They will eventually war with each other because they are opposites of each other but with common goals.  Neither can co-exist with each other in the same country.  One or the other has to go and because of the forced organization of the far left it requires to gain and then maintain control, anarchy eventually vanishes or is so insignificant that it becomes irrelevant.

With all of the above said and shortened in content, after hours of editing, and, having read in great detail the DHS reports defining what far right is and what far left is, I have concluded that Obama has redefiined the center once again.  The DHS reports are here: Far Right - Far Left.

As I was reading the DHS abortions, I often referred to the graphs presented here and about 30 others that I have.  I also noticed that anarchists are mentioned in both which, in my opinion, muddies the waters even further.  In the Right Wing report, anarchists were not mentioned as such but there was a "violence" level mentioned and the anarchists have a long history of violence.  However, in the Left Wing report, anarchists are singled out and lumped in with animal rights activists.  I don't get that connection.  Maybe you do.

Please recall that on the campain trail, Obama was said that he would be ready to rule on day one and that he would rule from the center.  Take a look at the last chart above and you tell me how Obama is ruling from the center.  He isn't and if we do not pay more attention, people, anyone disagreeing with Obama, from the right or from the left, will be dealt with harshly, by a centrist.  He is no more a centrist than I am a supporter of any Jihadi murdering scum or anyone that supports their ideology - like Obama does.  He approved and set into place Shari'a Law in Pakistan.  He set into motion, approved of and agreed to an Al Qaeda terrorist to lead Somalia.  And all of that was his interpretation of detente?  How has that worked out for the new centrist?  Pakistan is about to fall to the Taliban-Al Qaeda terrorists in the next two weeks and Kenya is now threatened by Somalia with Al Qaeda terrorists poised to take Kenya.

A Centrist used to be the moderates.  Not anymore.  At the moment, there are no moderates even if you call yourself one.

Wake up.  If we allow this new definition of Centrist to stand, this nation as a Constitutional Republic is over and it will take an armed response to take it back and restore the Republic.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (3)

Brilliantly written. I've long gone by that last model, even if I've never actually seen it on "paper".

With the 1st hundred under his belt and seeing the inroads he's made to making this an outright socialist nation, what are your thoughts on how to fight this trend?

May 2, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergreywolfe

Get ACTIVE and I don't mean that as just something to say. is the American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front.

We are an organization that is committed to taking our country back and we begin by re-educating America at the Grassroots level.

We also have to define the political science spectrum correctly and expose those that have redefined it as the frauds that they are.

Join us.

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