There's Those Distractions Again
Sat, May 9, 2009 at 21:06
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Live Free Or Die, Political Counter Terrorists, Take Our Country Back, Take Our Country Back

Which stories do we chase today?  I already wrote of the dangers of distractions but, what the heck?

Stix published the video on this site and his in regards to the merging of the libtardosphere and the Libtard Stream Media but I thought I would link to Hot Air as well.  Add that to the distraction list.  While your at it, check out Right Wing News.  Why not?  Here's the video.  And the libtards say we are in cahoots with the media?  I suppose they mean Fox.

Does anyone recall any "conservative newsie" writing on any web site other than their own or at Fox News?  However, when the Libtard Media writes at the Daily Marxinoff, Saloon, Huff and Spit or any other libtard Marxist (progressive) promoting site, that seems to be OK fine.  Odd how those libtard double standards keep popping up like cockroaches, isn't it?  Another distraction.  Hot Air calls it an unusually enlightening palate cleanser.  Twisted humor?  Perhaps.  Another distraction.

And, there is more.  I like to go back and view missed distractions because there were so many "back when" and are so many are still coming as the flood-gates of Obama stupidity spews forth like pissed off hornets when riled up by a stick wielding some dummy wondering what would happen if he smacked the hive just once.

Ed calls it Karma.  I call it turn around is fair play.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.  Or, what's good for the goose is good for the gooser and the goosee.  We all know that the terrorists use civilians as human shields.  However, during the Bush Administration, that was discounted as a right wing Bushie lie because, after all, terrorists are just pissed off because America sucks.  Dems and terrorists spoke the same language back then.  So, when a story pops up that the Obama Administration warriors killed civilians, per the request of the Afghan CIC, there is no moral outrage from the left.  Amazing, isn't it?  So, here, to the left,  is a political cartoon from the Brits and then, following, is a video of Obama lying his Marxist face off, evidently.  I wonder how long it will take for the Obamatards to start whining about this when all during the Bush "regime", cartoons like this were applauded and welcomed with open arms.  Personally, I think it is wrong-headed because I know what the terrorists do and this particular incident, like 99% of the rest, was a staged event...remember Haditha?  Here is a blast from the past.

For the next distraction, let's take a look at a real old piece about Ron Sims the transparency killer.  I find it odd that, fast forwarding from then to now, or at least last week, Ron Sims is still a liar.  Some things just never seem to change.  HUD.  Yet another unconstitutional quagmire that has resulted in, again, a dispicable failure.  I don't care which Party or politicians thought HUD was a good idea.  The fact remains, it is another example of an unconstitutional federal socialist give-away program replete with fraud, corruption and flat out illegal activity.  Another distraction.

I think we need another Cabinet position...Secretary of Distraction.  Just kidding.  Although, pretty soon, we will have a Secretary of ACORN.  Watch.  It's coming.

What about this one?  It's a shocker!  Lenders don’t like bill that allows unilateral reduction in mortgage.  I thought the unconstitutional Generational Theft and Rape of America Act was all about the little guy?  They were just kidding.  Need another distraction?  OK.

There is a shortage of doctors and that magical National Health Care (socialized medicine) just might not ever happen.  What now?  A doctor shortage?  Will we out source that as well?  I know.  We can get some Haji docs.  That will take care of quite a bit of the concerns from CAIR.  I suggest we make the Haji docs part of the medical benefit package for CONgress seeing how they admire the inmates at Club Gitmo so much.

How about the Obama "I have a gift, Harry" distraction?  Yeah.  He has a gift alright but it ain't his speaking abilities unless he is organizing a bunch of slum dwellers that are so dependent on the government tit, they have no mind of their own.  I have lived in the ghetto but was smart enough to get the hell out.  Most that stay there think everybody NOT living there is smarter than they.  So, when Czarbie comes along, he becomes their role model.  I wonder what they think of the bumbling buffoon now, seeing that on the international stage, without a teleprompter, the Brits call him President Panty Waste.  Behold:

Damn.  Any self-conscience person with stage fright could do better than that, don't you think?  Distractions.  I have a new Snooperism...DIC...Distraction In Chief. big ass mistake America?  Indeed.  (video from the Politico...another distraction source.)  Jammie Wearing Fool states: "He screws up even with the aid of visual devices and we're to believe he has a gift."  Distractions.  He does have a gift.  He can fool the most ignorant of the stupid and call it a good thing.

I know!  How about an eco-hypocrite of the week?  Now, there's a distraction we could all use right there!  Prince Charles, taking after the other eco-hypocrite Algore, is going to fly all over the world in order to save it.  That should fix something.  Surely, chasing down the myth of global warming climate change our deteriorating atmosphere will distract everyone enough away from the fact that there was a political coup last November and McCain helped.

Speaking of John McCain, apparently he is going to war again.  That one distracted me.  He is going to be the host of AMC's Memorial Day weekend marathon of war movies.  I hope they don't play those libtarded movies.  That will be a distraction that I don't need.

Yep.  That Vodka keeps on a-callin' but, I'll settle for some Winston vegetables and a cup of Joe.

See ya.  Remember!  Stay focused!

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