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Mon, May 11, 2009 at 4:41
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We all remember the alleged gaffe of the Übermessias Obama on the campaign trail where he said he hasd visited all 57 States with two more to go.  Correct?  Just in case you have "forgotten" or have chosen to purposefully forgotten or have chosen to just not acknowledge the "gaffe"...

I didn't believe back then it was a gaffe and if I had, back then, knowing what I know now about Obama and having witnessed his every public move and listened to most of his public verbiage utterances since the "gaffe", I wouldn't believe it was a gaffe at all now, today.

Recently, Obama and his clan of goons, primarily consisting of his Cabinet, have thrown Israel under the bus.  Good jew haters would do that.  During his campaign, he promised that he would continue the support of Israel.  How is removing strategic support of Israel to be considered "continuing the support" of Israel?  Just wondering.

The elections in Israel may have played a key reason why the about face...others call it the turn-coat maneuver... and judging from a very obvious hater of all things Jewish or Israel support related, Siun of Smoldering Cur Wadi went over the deep end when the poor libtard learned that libtards wouldn't be running Israel for the foreseeable future.  IT really hated the fact that a "progressive" (read that as a Marxist moron, much like ITSELF) wasn't going to make the grade.  Poor thing.  Israel will live another day, much to the chagrin of moron Siun.

Also, another contributing factor of screwing Israel over by Obama could have been that the libtard diatribes that Israel violated some rule in combating terrorists turned out to be just flat out wrong, and you can consider it a lie.  Again, the libtards failed in their mission to make Israel look bad and make it stick.  Must suck to be a moonbat, eh?  As a matter of fact, Israel fought the last "war" better than the one in 2006 with the Iranian backed Hizballah.  Damn the luck.  A libtard just can't cut a break.  Because of all that, a petition to the UN to charge HAMAS, another Iranian backed murderous cult, with war crimes.  Naturally, the UN hates Israel worse than Obama and Clan does so the petition went no where.

As I have known ever since Yassar Arafat, Ringo Starr's stunt double, came onto the playing field, there would never be a peace deal between Israel and the Fallestinians (Palestine doesn't exist and never has) ever.  Why?  Because there never has been a "nation" of Palestine.  They were made up.  As Richard Baehr discussed after the Israel elections, Israelis are finally coming to the same conclusion.  What took them so long?

The other night I was on Rick Moran's radio program  to discuss the Israeli election results with Professor Barry Rubin. The single most interesting observation offered by Professor Rubin, was that in Israel, across the broad political spectrum, almost no one thinks the Palestinians are a serious negotiating partner. There are very few Israelis who remain hopeful about the prospects of any peace process.

The Party, most associated with the "logic" of Israel withdrawing from West Bank settlements to foster the chance for peace and a two state solution, is Meretz. They won 3 seats of 120. This is a sign that Israelis understand the reality of their situation -- that the Palestinians are far more interested in negotiating an accord between Fatah and Hamas, than between Israel and the Palestinians. Israelis seem to understand that a withdrawal from the West Bank would more than likely bring the Gaza/southern Israel rocket situation home to millions more Israelis. That is not a definition of peace and security, or a two state solution. [...]

Only a foolish libtard, ergo Obama and Clan, would think otherwise.  C Hart writes:

The February 10, 2009 election results in Israel, while complicated and unresolved, are also revealing.  Those citizens who usually vote with left wing parties shifted their vote to the center. Those who normally vote with centrist parties shifted their vote to the right.  As of this writing, it looks like a national unity government will emerge, with a centrist-right emphasis. It depends, however, on whether Likud Chairman and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be given the task of forming Israel’s next government.  The invitation must come from Israeli President Shimon Peres, who will make his decision after the final election results are published on February 18, 2009. [...]

A correct assumption was made and that is why the gaggle of libtards are all wound up with panty-knots.  James Lewis writes:

[...] Israel's planners have to be thinking that with Obama and his crowd in power, the United States may simply pull out the rug from the democratic and modern state of Israel.

Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post has listed some of the moves that have already been made by America-hating regimes -- just in the first weeks of the Obama Presidency.

She writes,

Since coming into office, Obama has repeatedly tried to build an alliance with the "newly emboldened" Russian bear. A week after entering office, he announced that he hoped to negotiate a nuclear disarmament agreement with Russia that would reduce the US's nuclear stockpiles by 80 percent. ... Responding to these American signals, the Russians proceeded to humiliate Washington. Last week President Dmitry Medvedev hosted Kyrgyzstan's President ...  in Moscow. After their meeting the two announced that ...Kyrgyzstan will close the US Air Force base at Manas which serves American forces in Afghanistan.

Clear enough, right? But not to our media, who just haven't bothered to notice, choosing instead to stage the most butt-kissing display of presidential worship in history. [...]

Is the picture getting clearer for you yet?  It should be.  Since the coronation of the JHIC, Jew Hater in Charge, many nations have started in with their direct assaults on the character of Israel, following suit with the terrorists.  I suppose it is out of fear because they know Obama isn't going to help anyone but his fellow Muzzies.  He has to be a Muzzie.  No Christian would tell the world that the Nation he "rules" that professes to be nearly 86% Christian isn't a Christian Nation anymore.  What the hell was that all about?

Poison letters were sent to the Israeli Embassy in Norway and people were injured.  You can count on this: no Conservative or Christian did that.  Only a demented libtard or terrorist would do that.

Tzipi Livni who had hoped to be appointed to be Israel's minister delegate said that Israel has to give up more land for peace with a nation that doesn't exist and never will.  She got clobbered in the Israel elections.  Have they not witnessed what giving up more land results in?  Can they be that stupid?  Oh.  Wait.  They are libtards.  Never mind.

Ed Lasky writes:

Barack Obama is centralizing power in the White House, marginalizing Hillary Clinton and the State Department, while offering ever-clearer signs that Israel’s status as a close American ally is imperiled. Beneath what appears to be obscure bureaucratic maneuvers lies an apparent significant shift in America’s Middle East policy. [...]

He's a prophet.  As a side-bar, whose job was it to hire a guy named Jim Jones to be the "chairman" National Security?  Isn't that kind of odd?  Just sayin'.

Obama's friends the Jihadis fired rockets at Jews in Sweden.  What did Obama and Clan do?  Take a wild guess.  In the same nation, a sports event was canceled because, reportedly, 10K Jihadi scum, the friends of our democrats, threatened to attack the Jews attending.  What did Obama and Clan do?  Again, take a guess.  Hopefully, the Jews here in America that voted for Fraudbama will wake up and smell something not quite so kosher.

Some are shocked and others not so shocked.  Either way, they need to wake up.

[...] "Allah Willing, The Moment Will Come When... Not a Single Jew Or Zionist is Left on the Face of the Earth"; "Dogs And Pups Bark and Bite, and... Are Impure - That Is The Truth About the Jews" [END]

That was HAMAS, the people Hillary and Clan want Israel to negotiate with.  Nice, isn't it?  Israel's bumpy ride soon upon them is just now getting their attention.  Without US support, Israel stands alone.

From Atlas Shrugs:

Abandoning Israel seems to be the tip of Obama's spear in his overthrow of decades of US allies, friendships and alliances. He has thrown in with Castro, Ahmadinejad, Chavez - every evil despot in modern history - while showing contempt for Brown, Harper, Uribe ........... He holds American self interests in contempt but defers to the goals of the global jihad and demands we respect them. Those members of the axis of evil will eat him for lunch - and us along with him. [...]

And there is always this:

Having taken military action against Iran off the table, the Obama administration is considering ways of punishing Israel if it attacks Iran to end its nuclear arms program (and prevent a second Holocaust).

In other words, having failed to contain Iran, the United States is concentrating on restraining Israel.

Administration contingency plans include condemnation of Israel, support for a United Nations Security Council resolution that could include sanctions on Israel, and suspending or seriously cutting military aid to the Jewish State. [...]

Obama has given up trying to talk to Israel's enemies without pre-conditions and has pretty much thrown Israel to the wolves.  Good job, bonehead.  Good job.  To add insult to injury...and Obama does what, exactly?

Fars News reported:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday called on certain world powers which played a role in the creation of the Zionist regime to dismantle the regime or accept arrangement of a referendum to determine the fate of the occupied Palestine by its own residents.

Addressing a large gathering of people in the city of Karaj in Tehran province, Ahmadinejad referred to Israel's deadline to the Palestinians to leave their houses, and said the regime aims to force the oppressed Palestinian people to leave their houses while the UN Secretary General and those who claim to be advocates of democracy and human rights do not hear the voice of the Palestinians.

"If bullying powers don't desist from (their) crimes, they should know that nations will uproot them," he added.

Addressing the bullying powers, Ahmadinejad said, "You have always defended the Zionist regime and called Palestinians' elected government terrorist for showing resistance and defending their rights, but the era for the bullying of your fake regime has come to its end and you have no choice but to accept the reality."

A call for the end of Israel comes from Iran - AGAIN - and the Obama Clan does what?  They tell Israel that support from the US will come if and when they negotiate with the non-nation of Palestine for a two-nation State.  And then...

King Abdullah: 'This is not a two-state solution, it is a 57-state solution'

57 States solution.  I don't think that was an Obama Freudian slip at all.  King Abdullah was talking about the Organisation of the Islamic Conference which, by the way, is all about the United Nations screwing Israel.  I recall UN vehicles and ambulances being used in the Gaza War to carry and transport anti-Israel fighters and the UN is now demanding reparations for vehicles and buildings lost to Israeli action?  Screw the UN.  The OICObama's budsObama's pals.  Such a nice Jew hater Obama is, eh?  No wonder the libtards love him.

 America: The Enemies Within and Without

I hope Israel does what it needs to do and takes out Iran, Syria and anyone else they need to and I hope they do it soon.


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