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Sun, May 10, 2009 at 20:27
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There is another story, in a long list of stories, of stupid, dumb, ignorant and perhaps retarded Obamabots or, if you prefer, Obamatards.  Loki sent it via IM and I could not believe it when I read it.  Looking into it deeper, I found that it is true.  It seems a particular woman had a particular picture of Obama and two other women wanted it more than the woman that owned it.  So, what did the other two conspire to do?  Steal it.  Yes.  They conspired to steal it, assaulted the owner and are now in jail.  The really sad part is one of the Obamatards had her three-year-old with them as they made their getaway and the mother has been charged with endangering her child.  I hope they are satisfied.  Liberalism.  It's a mental disorder.  When was the last time a conservative stole a picture of Ronald Reagan or some other conservative or a Republican, for that matter?  Couldn't they have just downloaded it from the internet somewhere?  Aren't there pictures of Obama anywhere?  The distraction is here.  Marla is in the pic to the right and Tamika is in the pic to the left.

Marla Anderson wanted that Barack Obama picture.

So much so that Wyoming police say she walked into a Grove Avenue home Friday to take it.

She struggled with the owner, who called police for help.

Anderson lost and ended up in the Hamilton County jail – without the photo.Officers arrested her getaway driver, 31-year-old Tamika Cornwell, of Colerain, about 10 hours after the crime.

She’s accused of being an accomplice to the burglary, tampering with evidence and putting her child in danger.

Her 3-year-old son was there when the women fought over the picture.

Anderson, 24, of Wyoming, is facing the same charges.

Both women are scheduled to appear in court Monday.

The mentality of that is beyond me.

Take a stroll to the wild side and read about the federal government stealing land for the monument honoring Jihad in Pennsylvania.  Isn't it swell that Flight 93 with be honored by honoring those that murdered them?

Or, you can read all about a brave soul daring to go up against the global warming climate change "our deteriorating atmosphere" morons at the Obamedia MSLSD.  Incredible.  The blind leading the blind and the head blind dweeb, Algore, is making millions off of the morons that believe his crap.

How about going John Galt in England?  That's a good one.  It all boils down to this folks...the world has just now started to realize that the Marxists, socialists and other morons are just mentally retarded.

This is a good one.  Someone on Obama's "faith council" (whatever in the hell that is) has openly stated that Obama just plays lip service to the unborn.  Where ya been, cowboy?  Scales falling from the eyes now?  Idiot.  Others that once supported the Fraudbama ain't all that happy with the jerk either.  Um, that doesn't include the Hollyweird anti-Americanists or the members of the Obamedia, though.

How about Obama's new movie, Enchanted?  That's a good one.  Coupled with that is a story explaining or exposing Obama's Jocobinisms, ie fantasies.  The poor fool is actually taking heed to the fraud and fake conservative Andrew Sullivan.  Liberalism.  It's a mental disorder and the liberal pathology is dangerous to say the least.  The Politico writes about this as well and, as the story unfolds, either Obama lied or he read an article that Andrew Sullivan wrote that is packed with lies.  Either way, Obama is a liar.  Good job moron.

Enough distractions?  I think so.  For now.

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