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Obama's Memogate Part 2

My first article on this can be read at your leisure.  This issue of alleged torture via water boarding is not going away thanks to Nancy Pelosi from San Fran Nannystan.  She is a liar on top of being a fraud and the violator of both the Smith and Logan Acts.  She belongs in jail.  My study about her being directly responsible for American deaths and wounding in the current war is an ongoing project.  She aided and abetted the enemy in a time of war.  She says she supports the Troops but her actions do not support her rhetoric.  Remember when she thanked Iran for bringing the peace in Basra?  I do.  If you haven't heard her make that claim, listen here.

Nancy visited Iraq on Mother's Day on the heals of her international embarrassment in regards to the Obama Memogate, getting caught lying about her knowledge, in a vain attempt to distract.  We are no longer distracted and she needs to resign and banned from public office.  She also went to Iraq, in my opinion, to show that the Troops do really like her and don't really want to see her in an elevator with loaded weapons (snicker snicker snort snort).  "See?  I care about you.  I came all the way to Iraq just to show my support."  She is a fraud and fought like hell to lose the war front in Iraq.

She tries to give the impression that she cares about the Troops and gives the impression that she is all about Veteran's benefits and Troops returning from war.  She is a liar and her voting record proves it.  From my friend Donald Douglas:

[...] See Captain Ed's post for the details of the dereliction of high office by the Democrats' second-in-line to the presidency, "More Confirmation That Pelosi Lied":

Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to evade responsibility for her role in approving the use of waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques took another hit today in the Washington Post — and this time the fire comes from her side of the aisle. Pete Hoekstra upped the ante as well, demanding the release of precise minutes of Congressional briefings, and Leon Panetta has promised to make them available, at least to Capitol Hill ...

Pelosi tries but fails to latch onto Representative Jane Harmon's timeline for CIA briefings:

Pelosi’s attempt to weasel onto Harman’s objection fails when one looks at the briefing notes. Both Pelosi and Sheehy attended a briefing on September 4, 2002, five months before Harman attended her first briefing. That 9/02 briefing specifically covered EITs and their use on Abu Zubaydah. Harman raised her objection in 2003, not in 2002, as she had yet to attend one of the EIT briefings.

Captain Ed concludes:

Since Eric Holder and Barack Obama have opened the possibility of legal action against people in the loop on waterboarding and other techniques, we have seen competing leaks that give small slices of the overall picture. The act of releasing the OLC memos, while not a leak, was another politically selective act intended to give only a small part of the picture for the administration’s purposes. We need to see all of the documentation, with only the most sensitive information redacted, in order to know exactly what was done, who ordered it, who approved it, and who knew about it — and what we discovered as a result of it.

See also, Astute Bloggers, "The Downside of Waterboarding Nancy Pelosi." [...]

Nancy Pelosi isn't alone in her "fibs" about the issues now surrounding Obama's Memogate.  This "scandal" that the libtards tried to pin on President Bush in an attempt at Third World retroactive prosecutions and persecutions of former opposition politics, has bitten the IIC, Idiot in Charge, "right" on his Muslim backsides.  I wonder what hand he will wipe with now.

From Hot Air:

[...] The leak clearly shows that some in the CIA have resolved not to take the heat for waterboarding all by themselves, and shows what a miscalculation Obama made by releasing the legal memos. Until that time, the CIA appeared content to let people talk about Bush-era tactics in academic terms, especially since the agency had dropped the procedures in question several years earlier. After the release of the OLC memos prompted talk of prosecutions, that all changed, and now Obama knows how Bush felt when the CIA decided to leak damaging information to the press. [...]

It all boils down to this, putting to rest the spinmeister lies from the Huff and Spit.  The Marxists under Obama "demanded truth" and were at one time calling for a Truth Commission (laughable at best) and now they have the Truth and it scares the hell out of them and has join Nancy is a liar, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Pete Hoekstra said that he has seen the secret CIA documents revealing and explicitly detailing just what the briefings Nancy attended were precisely about and he is now calling for Nancy to "be put on the stand".  If that happens and she swears on that damn Bible, it would not surprise me if a bolt of lightening just eviscerates her existence on this planet.  After all, the Vicar in Rome says she is going to Hell anyway.

Seeing that Obama has cherry picked key documents and will not release the documents that will embarrassment the cretin, Justice demands that they all be released.  Then and only then will Truth be revealed.  The Marxists cannot afford that so, look for this issue to merely fade into the black hole of democrat failed policies and corruption.  It's their culture of lies and deceit to bury anything and everything that sheds too much light on their deceptions and lies.

Sister Toldjah seems to agree...put her on the stand!

Chalk this issue up as yet another international embarrassment for the moron in the White Marxist House.

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