The Fourth of June
Tue, May 12, 2009 at 0:09
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Fourth of June, I Support Israel, Israel, Obama FIC Fraud In Chief, Obama International Embarrassment, Six Day War

Two days before the international embarrassment that is Obama visits Normandy, closed to the public because he is a coward, a futz and effete, he plans on giving a speech at the mosque of mosques in Cairo, Egypt.  June 4th is the "anniversary" of the start of the Six Day War where Israel creamed their enemies...the Jihadis.  They have been in a state of war ever since.  And Obama, the Jihadi sympathized that he is, is going to spit on Israel.  And he "supports" Israel?  What a fraud.

Obama is sending coded messages, in my opinion.  The DHS classifies his opposition as domestic terrorists and does not a damn thing about the 35+ Jihadi training camps in the USA.  He mentions at the Obamedia bash last week that in his next 100 Days, he will get everything accomplished in 72 days and rest in the 73rd day.  72.  Ring a bell?  What do the Jihadis get when they die murdering?  72 virgins.  He mentioned 57 states on the campaig trial and there are 57 Nations of Islam in the OIC, sucking up to the UN.  Obama loves the UN.

Connect the dots.

While Obama is in Egypt, praising Islamic Jihad and screwing Israel, I just wonder what is going to happen here in the USA.  Hopefully nothing but, I am prepared for whatever it is to be.

Obama.  An international disgrace.  Obama.  An international embarrassment.  Obama.  An international laughing stock.

Have a nice day.

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