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A Moron Sends Email

It is all so obvious that libtards don't kow how to read and, if they do know how to read, theur levels of comprhension are indicative of a failed public education system.  Perhaps too many hours playing video games is at fault?

Messages like this never cease to amaze me.  It obviously thinks that I am a Republican.  Please.  Stop with the insults.  I am no more a Republican than the libtard that took the time to send this message has an ounce of operating cranial matter.

Better off with Obama?  I suppose that is true if one just loves communism and government control of everything there is to control.  I suppose we would be better off with Obama if we didn't have a Constitutional Republic based upon the Founding Document called the United States Constitution.  Funny how not one single libtard or enlightened idiot cannot reconcile the action of Congress since President Reagan left office with the US Constitution.

Global Warming Climate Change Our Deteriorating Atmosphere is a myth and everyone that has a decent and honest bone in their body knows it.  I guess this particular libtard hasn't received the memo yet.  IT still uses the term "global warming" and that term has been changed, by fellow libtards with "our deteriorating atmosphere".

IT also hasn't received the memeo yet that the reason the country is in the fix that it is in is BECAUSE of the Democrat and Republican Parties.  Wake up, dufus.  It's all about the United States Constitution.

Exit question: if the retarded and unconstitutional Hate Speech-Crime Bill goes through, can I have libtards arrested for these kinds of emails?

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Reader Comments (13)

{Exit question: if the retarded and unconstitutional Hate Speech-Crime Bill goes through, can I have libtards arrested for these kinds of emails?}
Sound fair to me Snooper.M

Sounds fair to me as well. However, the libtards say that they don't conduct anything hateful.

Just to let people know, I am a conservative libertarian. That is the closest thing I could come up with to categorize myself as to the beliefs I hold.

So, IT knows how to use email.

May 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

Independent Conservative libertarian, deliberate on the lower case *L*...

I laugh my ass off at these moonbats that think anyone not drinking the Libber puke *must* be a neocon Republican...

I am NOT neo anything, I have been Conservative for a long time. I was Conservative before the Dems went off the reservation and became the party of *MURDER on demand*, faggot marriage forced on all of us and a few other lesser issues...

I was Conservative BEFORE Reagan got elected...

I was Conservative when the RNC moved so damned far to the left that you can't tell the difference between the players on the DNC and the RNC teams without a play card...

Twits like *methoactor* can't grasp ANY of that, and I am guessing his name may be a clue... METH...

May 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexasFred

And that is about the only claim to fame that I can derive from its message CP.

Exactly so Tex and Carter cured me of my "libtard slant". As soon as I heard what Reagan was all about, I was converted to Conservatism not the Republican party.

And, yes, Conservative libertarian with the lower case "L" is indeed more appropriate.

I always thought you were exaggerating about the quantity and quality of stupidity aimed at you via email from idiots. Sorry!

If you were in Englanistan, we could try to nail one under the Protection from Harassment Act (which would be the simpliciter offence) and then ratchet it up a notch with your being targetted as a white man as the aggravating feature.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterkris

I get a lot of this stuff and sometimes my friends, like you Kris, get caught in the cross-fire. If you ever do, just let me know. It isn't intentional.

I don't always publish the messages I get. I am selective and this one is extremely mild.

Libtard enemies like numbnuts-methodone can shit and fall back in it before they slither back to the cesspool they were born in. Let them continue to swill the poison handed out by their handlers.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

So, what are you trying to say, #9? LOL

LMAO. Let them eat shit and die.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

That's what I thought you were saying.

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