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It is silliness such as this story at Hot Air, written and published by ALLAHPUNDIT which identifies the root of the problems in this Nation.  Some are afraid to call a spade a spade all in the name of wanting to go along to get along.  Too many of us still have our gloves on and are under the illusion that playing nice with the enemy is going to get you somewhere.  In a way, it will get you some where…in the history books of obscurity.  Do you really want to go there?

Where have the spines gone?  Where has courage to fight gone?  No battle has ever been won where the enemy was not accurately identified and localized.  Period.  Listen to this crap.

Stupid: RNC to pass resolution rebranding Democrats the “Democrat Socialist Party”

Just the sort of smart, sober gesture we need to convince Americans of the party’s new seriousness of purpose. Even Michael Steele — Michael Steele — sees the publicity trainwreck a-comin’, although he’s powerless to stop it.

Oh well. The base will love it, and that’s all that matters. […]

Go read the rest of that lunacy and then come back and read how the story should have been written.

The story was published in the Politico and another was written in the NY Daily News.  The interesting thing about the NY Daily News article is that the title does in no way match the poll results it cites.  I wonder if the elite bloggists noticed that one?  The title of the article is, “Many Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, new poll finds” which, is fine and dandy.  However, the polls reveal that the vast majority of Americans prefer Capitalism OVER socialism by 53 to 20.

[…] Asked whether capitalism or socialism is a better system, 53% of American adults cited capitalism, 20% said socialism and 27% said they weren’t sure. […]

And ALLAHPUNDIT says it is wrong to identify the enemy as to their true identity?  I don’t get it.

Anyway, this is how the article at Hot Air should have been written:

Stupid: RNC to pass resolution rebranding Democrats the “Democrat Socialist Party” when the GOP wants to move further left

The title tells it all, doesn’t it?  What is it with half-measures?  Let me ask a question here.  If the GOP wants to move more to the left, ie liberal, and the DNC has already been there for decades going flat-out communist, why would the voters want to choose the “new” liberals over the seasoned liberals?  Setting aside the novice Obama for a moment, why vote for a novice liberal in the GOP when a seasoned liberal in the DNC, actually a front group for the CPUSA, is already storefront merchandise?

Perhaps ALLAHPUNDIT should have said that the whole premise of the RNC was RETARDED because the GOP is packed full of democrats in drag.

Just sayin’.

Let’s take our gloves off and fight for our very survival as a Free People, please?  Call the RNC out the proper way, OK?  When they, the RNC, labels the DNC as the Democrat Soiclaist Party, we all laugh because the RNC/GOP is not far behing them at all and we are not swallowing your misinformation or your disinformation.  It seems to me that the RNC has already fallen into lock-step with the CPUSA, aka the DNC, by calling someone else what they are already in a distraction maneuver.  SOunds all libtardish to me.

Screw the GOP and the RNC for calling the Democrats what they are themselves.

The GOP = “The Democrat Socialist-Lite Party”.

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Reader Comments (2)

Is it just me?? I have had some serious problems with Hot Air, Allahpundit and Malkin... A lot like Pam Geller... Shrill, reactionary, fires so damned many shots that at least a few are going to hit a target...

Is it just me or does anyone else see it too??

May 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexasFred

I don't see it as shrill. I see it as wanting to go along to get along and to be seen as a "viable" source of opposition.

Pam Geller, IMO, gives 'em hell and I like that. I have had her on my show a few times and she is usually dead nuts on target.

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