The Communists FEAR the Conservative Tsunami
Wed, May 13, 2009 at 0:24
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Conservative Tsunami, Live Free Or Die, Take Our Country Back, Take Our Country Back

Make no mistake about it.  Obama and his Clan of communists live in fear of the reactions and responses they have conjured up from the Silent Majority.  They live in fear of the Tea Parties.  They live in fear of the rising tide of conservatism.  They live in fear of the Christians that have seen the light, as it were.  Why else would they be attacking us as they are?  If we were as effete as they say we are, why all of the attacks?

If conservatism is indeed dead, why all the attacks on it daily?  If conservatism is dead, why do they fear it?  If the democrats in drag within the republican party is so sure that conservatism is dead, why attack it and say we have to be more liberal?  Because they, being democrats in drag, fear it.

As for the neocons, the laughable term for conservatives, they need to rejoin the democrat party as well because that is where they came from.  The neocons came to the GOP during the Reagan years to infiltrate the GOP.  We know who you are, Specter being one of them so, please, follow in his footsteps.  Be honest with yourselves.  And, take those morons Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan with you.  You deserve each other.

Miss California will keep her crown for expressing the EXACT SAME sentiments about marriage as has Obama on the campaign trail.  Yet, the communists attacked her for her views and have left Obama alone.  Why is that?  I don't expect any communist to respond to that question because they are afraid of its content.  A semi-brave soul might respond on the communist side of cowardice  but, it won't be a reasonable response.  If they respond at all, it will be vitriolic in content or the silence will be loud enough.  Either way, I win and it drives them insane.

For the five years, going on six, that I have been on many forums, blogs and chat rooms, not one communist, socialist or Americanized Marxist has taken me up on this challenge and I offer it up again.  This time, it will be more specific and appropriate to the current Congress and the current Marxist/Communist/Unknown hack and semi-closeted muzzie now living in the White Marxist House.

Name me on- JUST ONE - Constitutional Bill that has been passed since 1.20.09.  Just one.  If any of the Leftinistra offers up an answer, it must be substantiated with the United States Constitution via chapter and verse, not an "opinion" from some other anti-Americanist.  I say anti-Americanist because communism is in fact anti-American because the principles of communism, socialism, Marxism and other "ism" contrary to conservatism cannot co-exist in the same country that has the current United States Constitution as its founding document.  If any answers come, they will not pass muster.

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