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Distractions You Can Bereave In

I suppose you can call this Snooper's Distractions Series and the latest distraction hasn't gone unnoticed, at least by me.

In my previous article, "Obama Is The Distraction" written 10.6.08, I made mention that the shear lunacy of the Obama cult was a cove-up of an extreme magnitude that most would make the proclamation that I was a Black Helicopter Republican.  The cover up was the communists pretending that Obama wasn't a communist.  And, yes, the Black Helicopter Republican meme did come.  I just had to laugh, having read the book.  I wonder what they are thinking now.  You know, the ones that brought that subject up.  Methinks their crow meals are getting "Rather" bothersome.

I also referred to Obama as a domestic terrorist.  Why?  Because he is one.  He is doing what he did back in October only 100 times worse and at a faster pace.  Go check out the article and compare it to what it is taking place today.  Get ready for chilled bones...I must be a prophet or, I must be paying attention.  It's in my blood, as it were.

Other articles of distraction are "Deflection, Distraction: Reagan and Torture", "One Distraction After Another Covers the Marxists' Agenda", "There's Those Distractions Again" and "More Distractions To Make Your Day".

All the Obama disinformation and media propaganda ministry is all about is distractions.  They hope to have everyone running to and fro, frothing at the mouth at every Cabinet member that failed to pay their taxes but are chasing after those other tax cheats that are following the law that the inept and unconstitutional congress passed into law.

They hope to have everyone run around fighting the social security issue in mortal hand-to-hand combat.  Everyone with half a cranial synapse still firing on all cylinders knows that Social Security funds are depleted via congressional embezzlement and the criminals should be arrested, tried, convicted, thrown in jail and all of their assets distributed to the people that have paid into the largest Ponzi scheme ever dreamt of.  To use the liberal's own verbiage, it would be called reparations.  They are big on that even when it doesn't apply.  The Constitutional fix for Social Security is to end it once and for all.  I challenge anyone to prove the Constitutionality of Social Security.

They would like everyone to be at each others' throats over Government Motors while the country disintegrates all around us.  The Constitutional fix for the current auto industry rape is for the federal government to cease and desist.

They would prefer that we debate over just what the hell ACORN is doing while ACORN coontinues its illegal and unethical practices.  The Constitutional fix for ACORN is to follow the law and cease government funding to a group of people that constantly contribute to voter fraud and stolen elections by getting dead people to vote and for groups of live people to vote in multiple precincts.

They would "Rather" us all debate and chime in about the government take-over of just about every bank in the United States while the Federal Reserve goes unchallenged.  The Constitutional fix for this issue is the liquidation of the Federal Reserve and the end of tax payer's money to fix the banking industry.

They would be thrilled if everyone was focused on the ins and outs of the 2009 budget and the pathetic budget cuts.  The Constitutional fix for the federal budget would be for Congress to actually follow the guidelines as stated in the United States Constitution.

And, what about the constitutionality of the federal government mandating National Health Care?  I hear and read a lot about the debates and discussions about the merits of it all but not one "pundit" or politician has even brought up the limitations of the federal government to do anything about health care in accordance with the united States Constitution.  The solution?  The Constitutional solution?  Cease and desist on the federal level because it is in fact unconstitutional.

So far, every issue this year hasn't been debated on the constitutionality of anything, save the discusion of the unconstitutionally appointed Secretaries of the Interior and State Depatment.  And then, they violated the Constitutioin to unconstitutionally confirm the positions.

Do you get the HUGE picture here at all?  I sure hope so.

In the very first entry of this article, I mentioned that I haven't been distracted at all and that the latest distraction hasn't gone unnoticed.

The latest distraction was Obama's "flip-flop" or what some would call, a "change of heart".  It wasn't a flip-flop nor was it a change of anything.  He still believes that he has to release those alleged torture pictures.  I noticed his body language yesterday when he made the brief announcement that the pictures would not be released.  He was pissed off.  WHY?  That's an easy answer.

First, he couldn't stand the pressure and he had to come out and at least pretend he gave a damn about the Troops and America in general.  We all know he hates a Constitutional anything let alone a Constitutional Republic.  And the Troops?  They are in his way much like the United States Constitution is.

Secondly, he had to take the heat away from Obama's Memogate parts 1 and 2.

Thirdly, he had to, in some manner, take the heat off of Pelosi's self-induced Memogate Quagmire that she has created on her own and that idiot Senator Carl Levin is making worse.  I suppose we could call this Pelosi's Memogate as well and now Levin's Memogate.

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when he is talking to folks about the can of worms they have opened up upon themselves and the can of whoop ass that is coming in their direction.

Stay focused people.  The PRIMARY issue of EVERY issue is the constitutionality of ANYTHING ANYBODY wants to accomplish in the very dishonorable Halls of Dishevel, I mean Congress.

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That is one pissed off, mean lookin' kitty. He looks like I feel....LMAO.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDean-No.9-SgtJenz

The kitty is roaming to and fro to see what he can devour.

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