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More Distractions That Add To THE Big Picture

The Americanized Marxists have done a very good job at subverting justice and suborning blatant ignorance.  Case in point?  The criminal "justice" system, whatever in the hell that has turned into, in regards to the case against Ali Saleh Kahlah Al-Marri.  Gabriel Malor wrote about this travesty a while back now.  I bring it up now because the military tribunals have been brought back into play.  I guess folks have seen that Bush was right...AGAIN.  Unfortunately, he was wrong about a lot of things but his hawkishness on zapping the Islamofascists was spot on.  Ed also writes.

A local Conservative talk show host, Mark Davis, wrote a column in the Dallas Morning News back in April entitled, "Mark Davis: We will regret 'post-American' outcome".  Great Satan's Girlfriend wrote about it soon thereafter.

I used to say things like "never before" this that and the other but we cannot continue that meme any longer.  Now, in this day and age, the "never before meme" is now considered to be the "anti-American" meme in that there are groups both foreign and domestic that would just love for a post-American time.  I am sorry to disappoint but that ain't happening much to the chagrin of the Obamabots of today and the idiot children of the idiot flower children of the days of tore.  Read the above linked articles and escape for a while.

William "Jerk Off" Robinson, the great Jew Hater that he is, seems to think Israel is just like Hitler's Nazi Germany.  It must be the cilicybin that finds its way into the food or water out thee in the land of fruits and nuts.  I suppose I will never understand the Jihadi sympathizer mind set and I hope I never do.  I cannot afford the loss of that many brain cells.

Here's a surprise...The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that there will be no economic growth in the USA for quite a while.  Where's the outrage from the Obamabots?  I mean, many of us have said this way back when Paulson was hoodwinking President Bush and the rest of America.  Where have these people been?  Hindsight.  It's 20-15.  Fast forward now to the current timeframe where Obama confirms what I know I said several years ago.  I am a prophet.  So are all the other REAL Conservatives - unlike the FWC (fair weather conservatives) - that have been sounding the klaxons for years and even more so since last September.  I suppose it comes from the news that the deficit estimations were in error and not in the Nation's favor.  A 50% error in the WRONG direction just might be the root cause of no economic growth.  Methinks I would prefer those evil Bush policies that created pretty much unprecedented growth for neary 60 consecutive months.  Under Obama, he will surpass that consecutive record in the wrong direction and some are saying for nearly 120 months.  Good job, Moronbama.

It could be that inflation thing.  Douglas calls it the Obama Robber Baron Era.

And what about the fact that because Obama is less popular than Laura Bush, Michelle O says Americans are mean?  What's so mean about not liking a Marxist hack thug and liking the second best First Lady in history?

Here's a good one.  Texas is listed as a Foreign Nation on a list of places the Sec State has visited in her journeys.

And, there is now an Obama USB drive.  be careful.  That's "Rather" fitting seeing that Brazil is now set to do that "homophobe" thing.

Woops.  Some moron teacher - a libtard indoctrination troll of Czarbie - has proven that there is indoctrination.  Apparently, teachers scold students for having open minds.  How dare this student read Fox on the internet!

The Big Picture?  The creeping communist influence is no longer creeping.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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