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Is the GOP Toast?

Many on the left (sinister - do a word study) make the claim, without substantiation I might add, that the Republican Party is toast.  Loki asked the question and made the observation that when the Democrat Party lost elections no one of the right ( the opposite of sinister [dexter - right handed] - do a word study) was making the claim that the Democrat Party was doomed.  I suppose the sinister side makes that claim because they are void of intellectual viability.  Historically, sometimes the Democrats win and sometimes the Republicans win and the losses and victories are cyclical.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

The GOP/RNC is not dead yet but I will say, however, if the GOP/RNC leadership (and I use the term "leadership" loosely) do move further to the sinister, the GOP will come off of life support and go by the way of the Whiggs.

A while back, in May of 2008, a writer that posted as Sonlit Knight (no longer active) wrote a formula for victory.  As time has passed, I have determined that it doesn't matter which political party returns to Conservative values and principles that win every time.  And, historically, conservatism, when employed does indeed win elections.  Even the DNC runs "conservative" Democrats against liberal Republicans because the conservative candidate will win.  Do the math.

So, seeing that the original article no longer exists where it was originally posted, I will use the link where I had cross-posted it at VOX.  I have made a few modifications to the original article in the light of recent ramblings of all-of-a-sudden concerned about Conservative values and principles Republicans that before could  care less.  I am speaking of Eric Cantor, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Mitt Romney and a few others that seem to think Conservatives need to get a bigger tent.  Perhaps they should consider what Ronald Reagan did and use that as the model of Conservative Landslides instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and pretend they are Conservatives.  A "real" Conservative actually cares about the United States Constitution and actually live by it and debate issues with it.  A liberal abhors the United States Constitution because it limits the size, power and scope of the federal government.

Without further ado:

The same anti-Americanists who claim that Conservatism is dead watched the Conservative "The Corner" knock The Daily Kos from the #1 spot in bloggingdom. They have also watched every Conservative blog from Atlas (Shrugs) to (Weasel nut) Zippers rise astronomically.

Conservatism dead? Explain how we killed the Amnesty bill. Conservatism Dead? Explain how the Eagles took back the streets. Conservatism dead? Explain why every Democrat running for congress or the PTA can't run fast enough to get in a pickup truck and fire a gun.

Is Conservatism dead in America? Far from it. Conservatism in America is stronger than ever. Fully 2/3 of Americans say raising taxes hurts economic growth. 3/4 of Americans want the damn wall built on our southern border. No Amnesty for illegals, no mercy for child predators, finish the job in Iraq- the surge is working. 4% of Americans think "Climate Change" is one of the top pressing issues in 2008.


Conservatism isn't dead anywhere in America. It is far from dead in most of America. However, there is one place where it is on life support........

The Republican party.

Democrats hail loss after loss by Republicans as evidence of a rejection of Conservatism. Just the OPPOSITE is the case! It is a rejection of the rejection of Conservatism by the very people we sent to Washington to exercise it.

If America has suddenly embraced "Progressivism" (or whatever else the fascist socialists are calling it this week), Travis Childers wouldn't have run as the second coming of Trent Lott in Mississippi. When Conservative voters have to look left to look right, many of them stay home.

When Republicans are ready to win again, they should simply listen to me. I am bold and brilliant and a master tactician. My ability to thwart all liberal attempts at attack is the stuff of internet legend and, yes, I do have all the right answers.  My advice comes from a razor sharp intellect and a train load of real-life experience. In short, I always win, and so would any Republican, following my advice and running in a state or district with an electorate to the right of Stalin.

My advice is blunt and brutally honest. I spare no feelings and I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I advocate nothing Illegal and I certainly do not seek to cause pain. It's just that, when people get their feelings hurt by the truth...well...don't expect me to feel bad about that.

Here it is. My Twelve step program to a permanent Republican majority. I know it won't be implemented. It makes too much sense. In fact, *most of the tactics have been in practice by the Democrats for eons.

*1 - Fold the big tent up and burn it. Let's use John McCain as the standard. Any one that is not manifestly right of John McCain, gets no money or support. No tolerance for dissent from Conservative principles-economic, national security and social. Recruit only bonafides for candidates. Draft a rock rib Conservative platform and force prospective candidates to sign it or they get no support.

*2 - Follow our lead and scrap the New Tone. The principle thing that makes us different from other blogs is that we have absolutely no problem fighting libtards with their own nasty tactics. We suffer no foolishness from moonbats whatsoever. Liberals believe they are entitled to be heard. They aren't. The place for liberals is in the corner, dunce cap on, mouth shut.
Reagan wasn't nice to liberals. He laughed at them and made fun of them. He, then, steamrolled them. We need to do the same. Attack relentlessly and without mercy. Keep the Liberals on defense all the time by attacking them on the issues. Attack them in their own turf.

Pound the Americans daily with how liberal tax hikes will make their paychecks smaller, how environmental nuts they support make us import oil from terrorists and cost you $65 (or more) to fill your mini-van. Show Americans every day how the same party that talks ''healthcare costs'', kisses the backsides of trial lawyers who drive the costs up with bajillion dollar frivolous lawsuits. Make liberals defend all their wrong headed policies - every single one. Publish pictures of aborted fetuses. Show pictures of decaying schools from the districts of liberals who oppose school choice. Post pictures of children murdered by terrorists juxtaposed against the names and pictures of the gutless libtards who don't want to fight them. Produce videos of scientists deriding the folly of evolution and global warming theory.
Appeal to American's common sense.

3 - Follow the example of this year's Democratic primary season and pit liberal ''groups'' against each other. Divide and conquer. Use the racism and bigotry of liberals against them. Black vs White, Straight vs Gay, Old vs Young, Rich vs Poor. Fair? Maybe not. Nice? Certainly not.  I don't give a flip.
Rule #1- Win. Rule #2- See rule #1. If you have to use their cut-throat tactics, so be it. This means that every stupid comment a libtard candidate makes, gets played 100,000 times. The same goes for every attack on one lib by another during primary season.

4 - Promote fear of Islam. We are constantly accused of this. If only it were true.
Tell the truth of this barbaric religion of murder. Reject the politically correct idiocy that Islam must respected. It is a garbage religion. Say so. Emphasize daily that Islamic terrorists want to kill every American and the only way to stop them is to kill them and eradicate this malevolent religion of hate. Promise America that, if you are elected, you will put public school indoctrination into Islam to an end and vigorously oppose efforts to coddle Muslims (the flight 93 memorial). You will be ASTOUNDED at the level of support.

5 - Our policy re: Illegal Immigrants. Deport them. All of them. Fine the crap out of employers who hire them, even as subcontractors or subs of subs. Require a photo ID to vote, get a drivers license, go to a hospital or take a crap.  Build the wall 20 feet high and 6 feet thick and arm it with guards trained to shoot first and act questions second.  Again, advocate this policy and voters will line up 6 deep for miles to vote for you.

6 - Pedophiles. Get a rope. First offense. The end.

7 - Seditious bastards. See #6

8 - No liberal attack goes unanswered. Ever.

9 - Drill and Refine. Screw the Carabou and screw the liberals. Declare Oil blackmail to be a Clear and Present Danger to our National Security and command it by Executive order.

10 - Bomb Iran. Just bomb it. Quick, decisive, overwhelming. Dare anybody else to mess with us.

11 - Tell Israel to take off the gloves and do what they need to do.

12 - Cut taxes seriously for upper and middle class. Top rate down to 10% Eliminate the Marriage penalty and the death tax.

Implement my agenda. You will win 45 States in a Presidential Election and 2/3 majorities in both houses.

I guarantee it.

Unfortunately, with the current crop of pretend leaders, none of the above will be done if we do not replace the current crop of sycophants with by-God Conservatives.  Period.  End of discussion.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

I fully believe the GOP needs to die, it is NOT what it was... This nation must have a real, Conservative party and the GOP has gone so far off the reservation that it will NEVER be conservative again...

Support The American Conservative Party!! Why the hell not??

May 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexasFred

I am leaning in that direction Tex.

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