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BOHICA: bend over, here it comes again which means we're about to be screwed as usual.  I suppose that the country being led, ad hoc, by a Butter Bar is being hailed as being the advent of the communist ADVON.  Government take over of everything remotely related to that evil capitalism thing that the Ali Babas in DC whine about as they make their millions is quite a sight to behold seems to be right there next to God the Father.  Notice I said "seemed", ergo Obama's image (that he has not condemned or refuted) as Messiah.

Obama should be treated like the badgeless wonder or badgeless wanderer that he is.  What with his associates that we know about, he has ascended to his current unconstitutional position when he would not have been cleared for dog catcher security clearance otherwise.  And then, he dares pretend he gives a damn about the constitution he besmirched right up until he was coronated.  I guess that's the community organizer mentality that I will never accept as "the norm".  He has spent close to $1.2M fighting the "production" of his birth certificate and his media Pravda (all the Obamedia seat cushion sniffers) just lets it all pass by.

With all sarcasm duly noted, some are joking around about legalizing counterfeiting.  "Universal counterfeiting could be the entitlement program that ends all other entitlement programs and sets us free. It is time to stand up and tell our legislators we want universal counterfeiting. If they protest, "You cannot just print money," then promptly respond in kind, "Why not? It works for you."  Yeah.  It works for them and that's the problem.  Everything the Marxist Clans of treasonous thugs in DC talk about all looks good on paper but the practicality of their feigned patriotism is found wanting and waning in the face of reality.  Since FDR, the social programs enacted in this Nation have a track record of dismal failures.

To prove it, has anyone ever noted a successful social program that has had lasting benefits and pay outs?  I haven't.

As I reported earlier, the recent arrest of the terrorists plotting to blow stuff up in the name of the fraud god allah and his band of merry murdering pedophiles has resulted in fellow anti-Americanists claiming that they were set up and it is all a political hoax.  I suppose these same idiots are clambering to get to Disneys' Robobama Doll.  They whined about Glenn Becks' Obama Dashboard deal and Disney comes out with this.  No wonder I don't support Disney and haven't since Walter died.

Dip dunk Overbite is now claiming that Dick Cheney is as crazy as any terrorist.  Funny, that is.  At one time Overbite said that the terrorists were just pissed off and not what they were, murdering thug Hajis.  I wonder what changed his mind...hmmmm?

Air Obama is testing the waters again with low altitude fly bys.  This time, it is dumping fuel.  I guess they are getting us used to low level fly bys so when the real ones come, it will be business as usual, nothing to see, move along...then BOOM!

I suppose when we, as a Nation, lose our AAA Debt rating, that printing our own money will make up for the CHICOMS and Saudi Hajis parked in our driveways.

A man can certainly dream of retribution can't he?  Gateway Pundit seems to think so.  It gives David Feherty's article more class than I think it already has earned.  "SING YOU WORM!  SING!  WHEN DID YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNEW AND WHY DID YOU LIE ABOUT IT?"  Nightmares soon to follow.

Is it any wonder why both the Democrat and Republican Party affiliations are dropping like an F4 with dual engine failure?  Isn't it interesting that the Democrats and their Pravda-like media yammers on about how the GOP is on the decline but conveniently "forget" that the DNC is losing more affiliates than the RNC is.  I call that poetic justice.

I wrote just a few days ago about a report that stated the RNC and the DNC for the first time in almost forever in election cycle terms, both Parties were tied Even Steven at 45 to 45, taking into account the "leaners".  Without the "leaners", the numbers were 32 to 32.  That was an interesting story but I didn't put much credence in that report because it came from a polling group.  Pollsters are in one business and one business only and that is swaying public opinion in lieu of actually reporting on public opinion.  They invent straw men arguments.

In a report today, we are now being told that the RNC affiliates is down to 22, a loss of about 4 points.  This same report showed that the DNC affiliates is down to 33, a loss of about 6 points.  Also in the report, the Independent affiliates was up to 39, a gain of about almost 20 points during the same time frame the samplings were taken and compiled.  (I will publish the graphs when they come available - this is too new evidently)

I will be watching for the disparity to be explained from the results earlier in the week with the reports from today.

In the meanwhile, Nancy could learn from a Texas Mayor that got caught having a love affair with an illegal alien.  He answered questions via conference call from Mexico press meeting.  They took off to Mexico together because he couldn't bear having him deported.  Both men are now in Mexico doing whatever it is that they do.  He did the right thing and that was to resign because he was breaking the law.  Former Mayor J.W. Lown will wait until a legal visa is issued so they can return to the USA legally.  Kind of an interesting story and represents a politician doing the right thing, a rare occurrence.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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