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Wake Up GOP

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Allahpundit is Whining Again - To Be GOP Or Not To Be GOP

Story at Memeorandum:

Shut up, allahpundit.  Whining is something little spoiled brats Democrats.  Alahpundit is obviously a Republican because, well, er, uh, he's a Republican.  Being a Republican just to not be a Democrat used to be a good thing.  Not any more.  The two-party system is broke and one or the other has to go or, both have to go and be replaced with folks that have different views on "how to get there" but follow the guidance of the United States Constitution.  Currently, neither Party adheres to the Founding of this Nation.  Yeah, sure, they talk about it and refer to it once in a blue moon but, by their very actions and rhetoric, the United States Constitution is the last thng on their minds.  Wake up Allahpundit.

Macsmind tells him to "man up".  Also:

Enough of this "lets be nice otherwise the left will speak about us in a harsh way" crap. Man up Allah, one of the freaking reasons we're sucking wind at the ballot box is that we've been too busy apologizing for our existance to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Andrew Sullivan and other nutroots who wouldn't think twice of making the same comparisons.

No we don't always have to be so crass, but we don't have to walk around like we have our tails between our legs either. Why I don't relish the idea of a Botox-Incrusted 69 year old hag as "Pussy-Galore", the comparison in action is quite accurate.

Bravo to the RNC.

What was all this bantering about?  The latest RNC/GOP video.  Whereas the intent and message is correct, are they just delivering lip-service again or are they actually going to get the hint?  Macsmind mentioned a few alleged conservatives and I will add the lizards at the Little Green Turtle Turd site as well.  Charles Johnson is an egotistical and spiteful wretch - if you don't agree with the poor thing, he boots you from the site.  If he is a "conservative", I'm Kris Kringle.

Here's the video via the Politico:

Allahpundit is also whining about not having a stop-gap plan to stop the bleeding of the GOP.  The DNC is bleeding worse than the GOP but that doesn't stop him from whining about those "no-party" people.  He obviously doesn't like independent thinkers and seems to be a if-you-ain't-GOP-you-ain't-squat kind of a person.  Well, step aside "GOP HACKS" and watch our Independent Smoke take the country back from the Communists YOU GOPers allowed to take over while you were all playing nice-nice with those stomping you into the dirt and rubbing your faces in it for the last 4 decades.  Idiots.

Here's the video Allahpundit and other GOP ONLY allowed kind of people are whining about.



I watched this show and have written about this issue and the accompanying disparity with whichever pollster you read.  I give ZERO credence to pollsters as absolutes but they do point out a trend.  How accurate they are remains to be seen.  The only thing I can tell that is absolute is that there are no absolutes.

All of this Party Hack Whining will stop dead in its tracks if every politician in America returns to governance as mandated in the Constitution that they erroneously have sworn to defend and protect.  It is really hard to defend and protect anything when that anything you totally ignore every day is not even taken into account.  They ignore it every day of their lives...until it's inconvenient to ignore it.

Can The Silent Majority Be Waking Up?

Is the GOP Toast?

Open Letter to the GOP

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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