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More On That Overwhelming Obama Diplomatic Prowess Thing

Thanks Libtards/ObamaBecause of the Bush Derangement Syndrome, we now have to deal with the NORKS whereas before, dealing with the NORKS was considered to be war mongering and fear mongering.  Now, as reality of the real world sets in, Obama who is totally out of his element (the world isn't the south side of Chicago and community organizing doesn't work in the real world) now has to participate in war and fear mongering.  According to the Leftinistra, that would equate to Bush III, only worse.  I find that uneasily and disheartingly appalling as well as woefully interesting.

Earlier, I wrote an article entitled, "Obama's Brilliant Diplomacy In Action".  And yes, it was tongue-in-cheek.  I had intended for that article to include the recent NORK stunt that has Pyongyang laughing and bursting at the seams at our expense because of the blunderlust of Obama and his ilk.  However, it was all about the recent developments in Israel in regards to the USA's hands-off lunacy and Iran's saber rattling, again, that the Leftinistra had classified as BDS contrived war and fear mongering and some silliness about the 10 Years War in the region.  The Leftinistra claimed that Iran wasn't a threat to anyone.  Be that as it may, since then, Iran has turned up the heat even more coupled with the Iran-NORK non alliance alliance.  John Bolton described it well indeed.

[...] The curtain is about to rise again on the long-running nuclear tragicomedy, “North Korea Outwits the United States.” Despite Kim Jong Il’s explicit threats of another nuclear test, U.S. Special Envoy Stephen Bosworth said last week that the Obama administration is “relatively relaxed” and that “there is not a sense of crisis.” They’re certainly smiling in Pyongyang. [...]

Let's see.  The Big O Administration is relaxed and there is no sense of crisis.  This proves we live in a Nation upside down.  We all knew the economy was not tanking but we were told that it was so the latter months of the Bush Administration and now the whatever-it-is thing with Obama, they invented a crisis that didn't exist.  Now we are in a contrived crisis with no stopping it and a crisis brewing for years in regards to Iran and NORK now is not a crisis.  I smell something but cannot quite identify the odor.  I do believe the odor is related to what some refer to as bravo sierra but, don't quote me on that just yet.

But, wait!  Obama does now sense something so he is going to rely on that internatoinal community that has a very long history of producing what amounts to nothing and we expect a stern letter to be drafted soon.  I can hardly wait and neither can our allies that are about to kiss us a bon adieu.  Japan isn't very pleased with Obama's return of Paper Tiger status.

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese ruling party panel is to propose that pre-emptive strikes against enemy bases be allowed despite the country’s pacifist constitution, Kyodo news agency said on Monday, weeks after a North Korean missile launch. [...]

[...] Japan should have the ability to strike enemy bases within the scope of its defence-oriented policy, in order not to sit and wait for death,” Kyodo quoted the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) committee as saying in its proposal. [...]

Apparently, that pacifism thing has run its gauntlet in Japan and change is coming.  perhaps they sense that Obama has no intention of protecting Japan either.  So much for Treaties and that pesky ally thing when there is that American Constitution that has to be eliminated in its entirety.  Decisions decisions decisions.

Face it.  Thanks to the Leftinistra and the alleged "conservatives" that had some demented form of "principle" to protect, we now have an idiot in the White Marxist House that is as weak as anyone that has ever been in that building and our enemies know it and so do our allies.  You were all worried about our standing in the world before?  You ain't seen nuttin' yet, honey.

Japan will strike the NORKS.  Israel will strike Iran.  Iran will become a nuclear power and NORK is already.  Isn't that great?  Two terrorist Nation States going full speed ahead and Obama wants the United Nations to write a letter.

I wonder if that missile system program curtailment is still on the table now.  It cold be that we will see yet another failed campaign promise becaue Real Worlditis is setting in and all that fear mongering bravo sierra is exactly that - bravo sierra.  Sarah Palin wants to know and some folks are calling this NORK thing a nuclear groundhog day.

Naturally, the best diplomat known to libtards goes golfing and campaigning for another idiot, Harry Reid as NORKs set off nukes and Israel declares war on Iran.  What did the libtards say about Bush again?

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