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Brain Dead Libtards Take Offense to Name Calling

Too damn bad on that one.  If they can't stand the heat, perhaps they should get the hell out of the kitchen.  While I am on the subject of libtards, I also notice that the libtards take items that offend them and try to make the tactic that offended them as their own idea.  That reveals a character flaw which in turn classifies them as having no original thought.  Like Obama, for example.

For years now, Obama and his sycophantic seat cushion sniffers have said that holding enemy combatants was evil and bad.  Obama has stated that he is going to hold them under his "legal regime" of "indefinite detention".  So, that evil Bushie and Darth Cheney thing is now good.  Why?  Because now, Obama can say that he said it and following the tactic of the Leftinistra, nothing is a good idea unless "they" said it.  Ergo, no original thought patterns, taking the ideas of others and making them their own, calling the once failed and evil policies good.  The libtards aren't smart enough to figure that out.  That's OK.  That's why we are here.  Welcome to reality.

Libtards don't like being classified as the enemy and the poor troglodyte at brain dead in person is such a one.  The poor thing took offense at a comment I left over at American Power where Mr Douglas was explaining that the day and age of nice-nice is over.  All of a sudden, the libtards come out and whine about name calling, the very tactic their kind have been using for decades and is why the GOP is in the fix it finds itself in at this very moment in time.

Here is the comment I made:

The time to play nice-nice all in the name of getting along so we aren't talked bad about is long since over and done with.

I came back from the war, missing some minor parts, and for the first time I ACTUALLY realized what the Vietnam Vets experienced.

We are at WAR here at home GD it!

You must identify the enemy so you can defeat that enemy. If the enemy is NOT identified, your positions WILL be over run and the surprise is ALL on you.

SCREW a bunch of nice-nice idiocy.

So, to ALL that want to play nice-nice and the feces hits the oscillating air mover and YOU get over run, do NOT look to men or women that have embraced the suck for YOU to come bail your lamed asses out. We will be busy taking the country back from the people YOU turned it over to because you wanted to be NICE in combat.

GD it! Wake up!

When I had Haji in my sights, it was POP POP. NEXT! I didn't run up to them, get on my knees and offer them my WileyX glasses as a peace offering so they wouldn't talk bad about me.

I could care less what the enemy thinks of me. I want my enemies SCARED TO DEATH of me and I made DAMN sure they were. I don't want to go along to get along with anyone.

Thanks for sharing.

Sonia Sotomayor IS the enemy.

Barack Hussein IS the enemy.

Tye DCN and half the GOP IS the enemy.

It's about the United States Constitution that I fought for, got blown up for, carried my friends - dead and wounded for - and I'll be GD'd if I am going to listen to lectures from people that have no earthly idea WTF is going on.


End of discussion.

Sonia is a racist. Enemy identified.

Sonia is a bigot. Enemy identified.

Sonia holds unconstitutional "values". Enemy identified.


Poor things.  Please check out the comments at American Power and watch the libtards squeal as they are brought into the reticle of our scopes.  They are frightened and they should be.  We have been classified by Obama's DHS that any talk of Constitution, Sovereignty, Freedom or similar sentiments as domestic terrorists and the moron at "brain dead in person" also did the same.

If this classification is true, is it wise to piss us off?  After all, we outnumber them greatly perhaps not in numbers but in the will and experiences we have.

Another point that people need to consider is the cherry picking the libtards use to drive home an unsubstantiated "point".  Above, I cited the entire comment I left at American Power and the libtard used a little piece of it revealing ITS fear of that which is coming.  The key element of the comment leading up to that which the troglodite did cite is missing at ITS post.

They don't like being called out on the carpet.  It isn't "normal" for their opposition to use their tactics against them.  To that I say, get used to it and keep looking over your shoulders.  You cannot see us but we are there just the same.

And, as a side note: to the DHS and other "agencies" watching "us", you are using the tactics men like myself taught you...we didn't teach you everything and "we" are much better at it than you will ever be.  We know the satellite cycles and gathering tools.  After all, you used our reports to formulate the ins and outs.

Ruck up peeps.  The time has come.  We haven't been this politically split since the 1860s and look how that turned out.  Remember folks, it is all about Chaff, White Noise and Barack Obama.

Here is an excerpt from the poor thing:

[...] And to be fair, the guy wrote back immediately, realizing that he had been "over the top" and would be fine if his comment was deleted. But all the same, wow. This is not a good place for us to be. And while I suspect (hope) he was using rhetorical effect to exaggerate his case and was perhaps just letting off steam, I'm sure there are others like him that won't write this at a blog; but they think it and they infect others with this sort of thinking. And even if this guy would never go through with it, he could easily infect someone else who is unstable enough to do so.

After all, this is how the Federal Building in Oklahoma got blown up. And while I don't think this was meant as a direct threat of Obama or Sotomayor, it kind of sort of was. I mean, when you say you want to make "damn sure" that your enemies are "scared to death" of you and then list your enemies, including the president, a federal judge, and a large majority of our politicians...I don't know. I'm a bit creeped out by that. Particularly in the context of having just mentioned killing enemies in combat, without making a distinction between those enemies and these enemies. Not good. [...]

No, fool.  I said that if Mr Douglas thought the comment was over the top for HIS web site, I would understand.  After all, his web site is his and his alone.  I don't think it was over the top one bit and I wasn't merely letting off steam...I meant every word.  And, yes, Obama and the rest are in fact enemies within because there is nothing they represent that can be reconciled with the very document they have all sworn to defend and protect thus making them all liars.

And, silly ass, men like myself did not perpetuate or perpetrate the Oklahoma City bombing, you ignorant and pompous meat whistle.  Perhaps reading Thoughts To Ponder and Reflect Upon would do IT some good.  Here is an excerpt of that article, written by, well, me.

[...] Many people do not know that the Oklahoma City bombing was a Jihadi operation.  I knew.  I spoke up and was ignored and told to hush.  I hushed.  I still knew, though, and "they" knew that I knew as well.  Odd how that stuff eventually boils up to the surface, isn't it?

Today, on my show, we will broadcast an audio file produced from a video that has finally made it to the top.  The video can be viewed here and the reason I took the audio, with permission from Jeff Epstein, is because videos like these don't last very long.  That's OK.  I have the audio file now and have sent it to secure locations as well as saved on 5 hard drives and 5 zip-drives.  I'll not be silenced again.  I was "young" at the time.  Now I am old and take no crap from anyone.

History is now repeating itself but don't let the Democrats or the Democrats In Drag (Republicans) know.  It makes them all "oogy" inside and they get cold chills up and down their cowardly spines.  Now, all those that oppose The Plan of the neo Marxist whores of America, are classified as a Timothy McVeigh.  McVeigh was the scapegoat and was a tool of the Leftinistra to cover up the Act Of War upon this Nation. [...]

And there you have it.  the OKC bombing was not an "American" was Al Qaeda.

I grow weary of educating the numbskulls in this nation.  The Leftinistra are the enemies within, plain and simple.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (17)

Stupid brain dead moronic, gnat balled moonbat libtards. Ah...they are so easy to insult.

May 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJenn

The narcissists on the left always portray themselves as the big cheese-dick heroes. They have to justify their existence and lunacy somehow. Blame everybody else for the shit storm they caused from their own backed up sewers. But hey it ain't their fault is it. Just ask them. They'll tell you.

When the cities lie in ruins and the dust mixes with the suicides of ten million drug addicts, the air smells of sulfur and decay, the sky is a dirty amber choking those who dare breathe, will they then wake up to what THEY have caused?
Will the cities have to crumble and become waste lands overrun with 3rd world human garbage while the buildings crumble and pancake on themselves before they see?

A day of reckoning is coming to them, a reckoning they will not be able to hide from. The battle rages around us, awaken the warrior, his time has come.

May 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNo.9

Well stated Jenn and #9!

If the tree hugging, vegan libtards and closet cocksuckers don't like being called tree hugging, vegan libtards and closet cocksuckers, maybe they need to stop BEING tree hugging, vegan libtards and closet cocksuckers...

Just sayin'...

May 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexasFred

Exactly so Tex.

What in god's name are you talking about? I didn't object to you labeling us as "enemies" and don't mind at all that you call us "brain dead libtards." Your words don't hurt me, and I'm certainly not scared of any words you might use against me. What DOES scare me is your pseudo-threat of Obama, Sotomayor, and a large majority of Congress. That's what I was referring to, a point I made abundantly clear. Call us "enemy libtards" all you want and we'll keep laughing at you. But when you talk about making "damn sure" that your enemies (Obama and Sotomayor) are "scared to death" of you, after referencing how you killed your enemies...well, that starts getting into assassination threat territory. I assumed that wasn't what you meant, but didn't like how close to the line you were getting.

And geez, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assumed you were just venting. Now I see that this was a toned down version of your true thoughts. And of course, I'd like to point out to you that I was polite to you the entire time, and even assumed that you were writing that in good faith; and you returned the favor by pointlessly insulting me and misrepresenting what I wrote. You've seen the enemy, and it is you. I can understand if you want to insult people who insult you, but you can't even be nice to people being nice to you.

And just so it's understood, McVeigh fully confessed to bombing the Federal Building and insisted that it was a good thing, because he was pushing back against the government that was bullying guys like him. He was totally one of you guys and fully admits to it, and his only regret was that he didn't adopt a tactic that would have let him kill more people. And the irony here is that McVeigh blew up the building in order to protect people like yourself against the government which you identify as being "the enemy"; so by insisting that he was a scapegoat for jihadists, you only serve to undermine the legacy of someone who martyred himself on your behalf.

Oh, you wrote in that link that Clinton "did nothing" after the first WTC. FYI: We convicted four of the bombers in 1994, and two more in 1997; including the mastermind, Ramzi Yousef, who is currently serving a life sentence at the Supermax in Colorado. But hey, you were wrong about everything else, why start being right now?

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDoctor Biobrain

"If the tree hugging, vegan libtards and closet cocksuckers"

You guys are hilarious. First off, just so it's understood, most of the liberal "cocksuckers" are openly "cocksuckers" and the only ones left in the closet are self-loathing conservatives who don't want to admit that they enjoy sucking cock. I'm thinking Larry Craig here. I myself am a familyman and don't really understand the obsession yall have with what other people want to suck on; though I have my suspicions. And yeah, if yall don't want to look like homophobes, maybe you should stop obsessing so much on what homos do.

And just so you know, I'm a full-on omnivore. I eat meat every day, grill up steaks about once a week, even in winter, put cream in my coffee, and enjoy passing the pigskin. And while I've never actually hugged a tree before, I suppose I do enjoy the existence of trees; so you've got me there. And I am most definitely a "libtard," whatever that means.

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDoctor Biobrain

Hey Dave, just thought I'd share with you my rebuttal:
Sticks, Stones, and Conservative Insults

But hey, as long as we can keep this to insults and not have you blowing up buildings, like your buddy McVeigh the Jihadist did, I'm fine.

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDoctor Biobrain

Poor brain dead libtards. You obviously know not what you and your kind are talking about, fool.

We have sworn to defend and protect the United States Constitution and there isn't one thing that your kind want to take place in this nation that can be reconciled with that document.

So, go ahead and make your inane and retarded "connections" with patriotism to domestic terrorists, asshole. That only confirms your brain dead stature in life.


Fascinating that you would think conservative leaning bloggers like yourself are more manly or something. Your buddy the Professor of American Power showed the unmanliness of himself and others like him by banning my kind and rational self from his site. I find you nether tough or inciteful Snoopy.

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTruth101

Snoopy? ROFLMAO! Case closed, moron.

"He (McVeigh) was totally one of you guys and fully admits to it,"

He is nothing like us, and if you believe he was, then you know NOTHING about Snooper, myself or other conservative bloggers I know.

Snooper just made a post about how idiotic it was for someone to suggest that the president be assassinated. Most of you libtards cannot say the same about Bush as most of you wanted him dead and were glad to say so.

And Raoul (Truth101) ye of so many nics, you would think you would get a life outside of stalking those of us who love America. Blog posts, YouTube videos, new blogs designed just for us (Snooper, Dean, and I). Maybe we could hire you as our personal PR firm, but oh yeah, we would only pick up about 7 hits a day on our sites. Never mind!

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

So I looked at Truth 10's bio and maybe it's not Raoul, but IT certainly acts like him!

May 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

Most of the libtards get their marching orders from the same place so they are all apt to act alike.

To Dr. braindead biobrain

Go pee on yourself elsewhere!

June 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWandafay

I don't make a habit of linking right wing fools who are too shitheaded to know they hate America. But if you pray real hard pastor Eddy, I'll consider it a personal favor to you and Jesus.

Continued success to you, Snoopy and the rest of the gang.

June 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTruth 101

That's kind of "odd" non-truth moron, but we cite chapter and verse of the United States Constitution and your kind never do. So, take your own advise and reconcile anything you believe in with the USC. Try it and I will tear you apart. Have a nice life Stumpy.

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