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Keep Terrorists Out of America Act

We do not have the number for this piece of legislation yet but it is sure to piss off the libtards in our midst.  In some manner, they seem to think that the United States Constitution applies to everyone in the world.  Funny how they don't give a damn about the United States Constitution when it is being completely ignored by the vast majority of the politicians AND the libtards that support them.

The bottom line of the legislation is this: the Obama Goons would have to tell each state Executive who the terrorist is and what their destination would be.  Then, the State legislature would have to agree.  Methinks no terrorists would be released into the United States.  Which Gov and which legislature would have to be held accountable for their actions by the very citizens they are accountable to?  It's kind of odd that for decades, Govs just blamed DC for the "forced" policies.  I feel confident that this would pass and that would piss Obama off.  Good.  He's been waffling on this already.  Then again, his waffling is due to foreign nations are rejecting taking the prisoners...they don't want them either.

I say set them sail on an old tanker due to become razor blades with just enough fuel to get to the middle of the southern Atlantic where it runs out of fuel.  They can swim the rest of the way.

'What Is The Attorney General Hiding?'

It's one thing to release terrorists into the general population. It's quite another to ignore requests as to why. Considering this is the most transparent administration ever, one must wonder what they're hiding.The Obama administration is reportedly set to announce the release onto U.S. soil of at least some of the 17 Uighur detainees currently being held at Gitmo. [...]

Holder: Terrorists Won't Be Set Free

Sure they won't. Except for the terrorists that he deems may not be terrorists.Make sure you read the fine print on anything this administration has to say.Attorney General Eric Holder says the United States will not release anyone considered a terrorist into the country. Holder was testifying Thursday at a Senate hearing. [...]

It seems as though Holder, like all the other Marxists cannot make up their minds and remember what they said one minute to the next.

Republicans Fight Against Obama’s Terrorist Release Program

Far too often we hear the complaint that the GOP leadership isn’t doing anything to combat loony left Obama policies. Much of the time, the real truth is that GOP efforts to block liberal insanity goes unreported. Not here.

GOP Senators prepared this video to highlight the Obama plan to release terrorists at Guantanamo Bay into the United States: [...]

Obama's Gitmo Mess

[T]he antiwar left wants terrorists treated like garden-variety criminals in the civilian courts or maybe military courts martial…the Administration risks losing all control once enemy combatants set foot on formal U.S. soil, which the courts could determine entitles the terrorists to the same Constitutional protections as U.S. citizens. One federal judge has already ordered that 17 detainees — the Uighurs, a Chinese ethnic minority — be released domestically. [...]

Screw that unconstitutiona ass and let the terrorists live with him.  Moron.  I sure hope this Club Gitmo thing turns into another Waterloo for the Marxist Obama.

U-Turn on Gitmo?

The jihad sympathizer in the White House did not think through his plan to close GITMO. No one will take those savages. No country wants them. B. Hussein will be forced to keep Gitmo open and continue with tribunals. This is not just a rumor. It seems they will not prosecute the Bush Administration as well :)

Further, there is a better than good chance that the "torture" pictures won't be released. My source on this  is very good. The spin is that it will be the decision of this DOJ task force so that Obama's name will not be associated to his three exec orders he signed on the second day he was in office without a plan.

The President is all smoke and mirrors (literally). We just have to fight fight fight every seditious action. It will be an exhausting four years, but what choice do we have? [...]

Exactly.  Our numbers are growing and it scares them.

Obama Administration: Hey, Um, You Know, Um, Maybe We'll Do Those Military Commission Things After All

The most in over its head administration continues to realize the world is a wee bit more challenging than a campaign of just words ( to NY Times). [...]


Why is Obama betraying our soldiers? Why is Obama, President of these United States, betraying America and protecting Islamic jihad? [...]

Answer: Obama hates this Free Nation and the Troops that stand in his way to bring about a Socialist State and he fears the vast majority of us.  Thus, the DHS reports that were intended to scare us into submission but failed.  Screw that Jihadi sucking Marxist bastard.

Dems Hate Gitmo but Won't Fund Obama's Closure Plan

It’s funny how that works. Democrats also hated the liberation of Iraq but did fund it. [...]

[...] It would appear that the practicality of the Democrats’ agenda isn’t quite so practical, particularly on national defense. [end]

Dems don't fund bid to close Gitmo

House Democratic leaders Monday dropped President Obama's request for $81 million to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, bowing to strong Republican criticism that the administration lacks a plan to relocate terror suspects detained there.

Mr. Obama requested the money as part a spending bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Democratic appropriators left it out of the bill circulated Monday among House Appropriations Committee staffers.

Republicans have been criticizing Mr. Obama for rushing to keep his campaign promise to close the prison camp at the U.S. Navy base on Cuba without a plan for what to do with the roughly 240 terrorism suspects currently held on the island.

Closing the prison "just never stood up to logic. There is no place on the planet to take the worst of the worst that would treat them as well as they are treated at [Guantanamo]," said Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, who visited the facility a month ago.

"The bottom line really is that [if the prisoners are released], innocent people will die and some of them likely will be Americans," he said.

Democratic leaders were not immediately available to comment. [...]

Democratic leaders were not immediately available to comment.  Really?  I guess they didn't want to get snared in ANOTHER lie.

Obama Flippin' And A Floppin' On Tribunals

All of sudden these commissions set up by the Bush administration don't look so bad after all..once again proven as gullible SUCKERS, particularly when it comes to exterminating evildoers around the world, something George Bush did as good as our founders did cleaning the landscape of the enemies of the state and union......

Remember this little tidbit from January 20th or so folks, I'm sure you all do...the left wing jumped for joy as did our so called Eurotrash allies who torqued us every step of the way securing freedom for 50 million Muslims who still hate our guts and always will by the way. [...]

Go check out the video.  Apparently, Obama won't be able to keep ANOTHER campaign promise because he was talking out of his ass from the get go...I thought I smelled something funny.

Doesn’t Look As Bad Anymore

"The more they look at it," said one official, "the more commissions don’t look as bad as they did on Jan. 20."

Ya think?  Idiots.

Obama to Bring Back Military Tribunals Which He Opposed As Professional Candidate

Another day, another evil Bush policy brought back without an iota of resistance or even complaint.

"The Obama administration is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, which was a target of critics during the Bush administration, including Mr. Obama himself."

Pretty amazing.  Why won't he just come clean and admit he was just all talk and no walk?  Why dosn't he just come out and admit what we have known from the start that he is in way over his head?  This isn't the south side of Chicago.  Obama.  Not ready to rule from day one, obviously.

Change. Obama Brings Back Military Trials He Opposed

Candidate Barack Obama promised to shut down the military tribunals of Gitmo detainees.  Obama wanted US trials for the Islamic terrorists.

His first day in office Obama announced that he would close Gitmo and put a halt to the military tribunals: [...]

[...] But after reviewing things President Thin-Skin has decided that tribunals are the way to go. [...]

Ha Ha

Sorry, that’s all the commentary I can spit out, with the Cheerios flying at the computer screen and the milk coming out my nose. NYT: US May Revive Military Courts at Guantanamo. What are we on, Day 103? I think that Change shark just officially got jumped. [...]

Any day now, the new conventional wisdom will emerge: Obama has turned around Bush’s failed war on terror because he’s had the courage to do the tough things that, while not always attractive, are ruthlessly effective.

Hot Air cruelly notes the Friday night timing of the leak. For those not fully versed in the Dark Arts, that’s the potter’s field where bad news and awkward admissions get buried. [...]

Obama's Gitmo Mistakes Will Later Be Titled "The Anatomy of an Attack"

Obama and his minions have now overridden advice to not release these dangerous Gitmo Terrorists inside the US for the second time, so it's now up to Americans to make sure the only place these killers are allowed to roam should be inside the borders of Washington DC and given apartments right there on Capital Hill since they're so non threatening. [...]

Go here for my growing collection of Club Gitmo articles.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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