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Democrats In Drag (RINOs): Please Take Arlen's Lead

OK.  I have surprised myself.  I actually agree, to a large extent, to what Gov Huckabee said (story at Memeorandum).

Alexander Mooney writes at CNN, "Huckabee warns GOP could become ‘irrelevant’"

Days after national Republicans launched a new campaign to broaden the party's outreach, former upstart presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says the GOP is at risk of becoming "irrelevant as the Whigs."

In an interview with the California newspaper The Visalia Times-Delta, Huckabee said the GOP would only further decline in influence should it alienate social conservatives — largely considered the most energetic and loyal faction of the party. [...]

If I would be allowed to speak to the GOP and RNC leadership, I wouldn't bring up the "Three Legs of Conservatism" because as far as I am concerned, Conservatism has one foundation and one foundation only.  And, that single foundation is the United States Constitution.  If the GOP or the other Party would adhere strictly to the United States Constitution, in less than a year's time, 90% of the issues in this Nation would vanish.

What we have within the GOP/RNC are Democrats in drag and I do believe that Huckabee is one of them.  He could very well be Conservative-lite and I do not trust the luke-warm anything.  Either you are hot or cold.  Period.

[...] "Throw the social conservatives the pro-life, pro-family people overboard and the Republican party will be as irrelevant as the Whigs," he said in reference to the American political party that largely disbanded in the mid 1800s.

"They'll basically be a party of gray-haired old men sitting around the country club puffing cigars, sipping brandy and wondering whatever happened to the country. That will be the end of the party," he said in the interview published Thursday.

Huckabee's comments come the same day former Vice President Dick Cheney warned his party's leaders not to moderate their views as they launch an effort to regain control in the nation's Capitol [...]

For further reading on the GOP going MORE left, contrary to what that idiot Colonoscopy Powell said, please travel to this article.

So, please, to the Lindsey Grahams, the John McCains, the Eric Cantors, et al...please follow in the footsteps of Arlen Specter and go ahead and become what you really are...Democrats.  Be gone with you and the sooner the better.

Christianity is under attack in this Nation.  Why?  Because Christianity is the ONLY "faith" that requires and demands its proponents to be and to adopt personal responsibility.  Please take note that I said "faith" and not "religion".  Religion is man-made and faith is not.  There is a major difference.

Coupled with that, the United States Constitution demands strict adherence to its instruction and philosophy.  The parallels between the United States Constitution and Christianity is obvious and that is why both our Constitution and Christianity is hated by the Marxists that dwell amongst us.

The vast majority of this Nation professes to be Christian and the Putrid School System, run by and regulated by the unconstitutional Department of Education, has spent decades indoctrinating our children against Christianity and against our Constitution.  They want automatons not free or critical thinkers.  End of discussion.

Exit question:  Why?

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