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One Distraction After Another Covers the Marxists' Agenda

Yesterday on my BTR show, I read and then we discussed the article at the American Thinker entitled, "Wanted: Political Counter-Terrorists".  As is explained in the article and as I have talked about on the air for at least two years, we cannot get caught up in all of the distractions put forth by the architects of the political coup that took place in November of 2008 - and the two or three years before that.  Make no mistake, it was a political coup.  For the first time in our history, a known Marxist was chosen to sit in the once White House, now known as the Marxist House.  The Marxist sitting in the Oval Office is a complete unknown, an individual that no one knows about or where he is from or, for that matter, where he came from let alone whether or not he is a naturalized citizen or a natural born citizen.  No one in "power" seems to care and I mean no one.

So, please follow along as I try and display that which I am talking about.  The links I provide, if you click on them, please right click and open in a new tab if you so desire.  I do not know how to make a link automatically open up in a new tab or page.  People have tried to explain it to me but, alas, my thick Texican skull just doesn't get it.

Mr Nobody, quite possibly a Jihadi sympathizing Muslim came along and through his words, works and deeds has managed to portray himself as a non-killer of Muslims because he said so yet, he is still killing Muslims.  The day that story breaks and folks run off to look into it, we get an anti-war radical socialist appointed to the Pentagon.  What's up with that?  So, off we go checking that odd story.  How can we reconcile still killing Muslims and have anti-war radical socialists running the Pentagon?

As we saunter off chasing down the possible connections to the above, we discover that people did not elect a president but chose a saviour.  A saviour of whom and to what means?  Another distraction.  How can one lone citizen journalist keep up?  We have a saviour killing Muslims with a socialist in the Pentagon.  Socialists kill Muslims too?  Taking a short break to get a cup of coffee to try and make some sense of the obvious conflict, we then find out that there isn't a difference really between Obama and Bush, some call Obushma.

At the same time, we find the Muslim(?) in the Marxist House just might want to investigate a US Congressman for having ties to, er, Muslims?  No.  Wait.  That's not it.  We find that a sitting US Congressman is actually having secret meetings with "radical" Muslims.  Interesting.  Which story do we chase?  The radical socialist in the Pentagon, the origin of Mr Nobody or the secret meetings of a Congressman?

Suddenly, out of the blue, as we wrestle with which story to go after comes yet another interesting bit of odd news.  A known Jihadi is running for political office in Virginia, referred to by some as Virginistan.  Upon the decision to forget about the confused signals above, it is decided to go check out a story in regards to fighting the onslaughts of the alleged tolerance of the so-called anti-conservative types successfully, someone puts a hitch in the get-along with a story about illegal aliens, or someone, stole blank copies of official birth certificates right when another story kind of broke about Mr Nobody trying to "age" another birth certificate  to make it look authetic because the last effort failed the "look at me" test.

Low and behold, Mr Nobody and his Shadow Group causes someone to write a story about the post-American world.  Surely THAT story needs a follow-up and a WTF look-see.  Yes?  Maybe.  But, what about the question, can layoffs, bankruptcies and scared consumers bail out Obama?  What the hell kind of question is that?  What about the Mr Nobody, stolen birth certificates, forged and aged Mr Nobody birth certificates, Muslims in the Marxist House, Congressman meeting with Jihadis, socialists in the Pentagon and Jihadis running for office in Virginistan?  Virginistan.  Where in the hell is that on a map?  Ah.  Hell.  Screw all that.  Let's take a look at Hillary Clinton praising a known bigoted racist and proclaiming what a national hero her friend is.  Comparing Margaret Sanger to Thomas Jefferson?  Mr Jefferson would spin in his grave if he could upon hearing that.  DAMN!  Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood, aka American Birth Control League.  Murdering the unborn for political power makes one a National hero?  Isn't there something else to cover?  What about the United States Constitution.  Is anybody paying attention to that anymore?  A eugenicist is a hero.  Wow.  My head hurts.  Screw all of that.

Health care.  I'll look into health care.  Surely that is as straight forward as one can get.  Right?  Let's see.  The Democrat’s Intend On Pushing Health Care Reform Through The Senate Whether Republicans Are On Board Or Not.  What?  Aren't we in the Hopenchange of bipartisan something?  Like working together and seeing if programs being discussed are Constitutional and stuff?  What is this "if you like it or not" talk?  This story looks a little tense to me.  So, trying to determine just what to write about, opine about, cry about or just flat-out give up on, along comes a story about everyone has to tighten the belts with the follow-up to that is a $300K+ flight of the standby AF1 (AF2) photo-op, buzzing Battery Park scaring the holy shit out of NYC citizens as it appears to be slamming into more high-rise buildings - "chased" by American Fighters.

But, the good news is this.  Iraq captures a terrorist that reveals there IS/WAS a connection to the terrorists and the regime of Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  Hussein.  Barack Hussein.  Naw.  Can't be a family thing there.  No way.  Disregard last transmission.  At the same time, thinking that this story will sprout legs and take off running with everyone realizing that it was the democrats lied and thousands died, we learn that Team Obama miscalculates US GDP growth by nearly half a trillion dollars.  WTF?  There's another WTF moment.  What story do I drop and which story do I chase?  Or, should I just switch from coffee and drive down and get some of that "special" Vodka?  How in the hell does Mr Nobody and his Team of socialists in the "Pentagoon", tax cheats in the Cabinet, Jihadis running for office and any manner of other oddities, miss a GDP by $500B?  Are they kidding me?  And, what about that $1T dollars the treasury printed that has come up missing?  Missing?  Another WTF moment.  Yes?  Vodka's sounding pretty damn good right now, eh?

While going about figuring out where to go and who to contact about this stuff, we find out that gun sales and ammo sales are going through the roof.  What did I miss?  Should I go out and get that Vodka or should I just stay home, not go to work and turn the damn computer off?  And, who in the hell is the elitist, effete Pinch Sulzberger?  Where'd that come from?  Oh.  Yes.  The television was on and I heard it squawking out a story about the New York Slimes (some folks call it) and the owner's name is Effete something.  What's an Effete?  I had to look it up.  Effete = ineffectual.  WTF again?  Why would someone name their kid Effete?  Oh.  Wait.  His name is Pinch.  Pinch?  I suppose that's better than Effete, I guess.  I get it.  Karl Rove was referring to the NY Slimes guy as being ineffectual, probably because the NY Slimes leaked State Secrets to the enemy.  Yeah.  I remember now.  No one gave a damn.  Is this a story again?  My head hurts.  I suppose if my name was Pinch, I'd be an effete as well.  I would also hate my Mom.  My vision is blurring.  Yours?

Let's MoveOn.  I've heard that somewhere, haven't I?  So many questions but not one damn answer.  Oh?  What was that Mr TV?  Our National Security is in disarray?  No way.  Damn.  Way.  And, did Al Gore lie again?  Yes.  Again.  What the hell am I supposed to go after?  The stories are all jumbling together and nothing is making any sense and just what in the hell is going on and where is all the money going?  I thought we were getting out of debt?  Bad guessing about the GDP, missing trillions and now the fastest debt accrued in our history?  And then, skewed polls saying the economy is on the right track?  How can that be with a bad $500B guess and missing trillions?  Again, WTF?  Screw all that crap.  Damn.

Hate speech.  Should be straight forward.  OK.  In Canada, theoretically our role model in this endeavor, they punish talk against Jihadis but tolerate death threats against American bloggers and American Republic VPs.  And, here I was told that no one on the left does that kind of thing.  I wonder if they care about voter fraud in Canada...the USA doesn't seem to give a damn.

In the mean time, who is watching the barn?  Heading out for that Vodka.  Screw it.


The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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